Brennan Families in Roundfort Catholic Parish with Spouse's Surnames G-I

Regarding Surname Hathway: Kate's surname is difficult to read, it appears to be Hathway as does that of the witness, Michael Hathway for Bridt's baptism that appears to take place before June 9, 1872. I am only able to make out the first four letters of her husband Michael's surname (Bren) that I believe to be Brennan.

Bushfield is a Townland that is centrally located in the Civil Parish of Kilcommon.

Date Event Brennan Spouse Townland Child
8/8/1906 M Brennan, Margaret Gibbons, Michael    
6/16/1907 B Brennan, Maggie Gibbons, Michl   Mary
8/1/1908 B Brennan, Margaret Gibbons, Ml Bushfield Margaret
6/?/1872 B Bren?, Michl Hathway?, Kate   Bridt