Brennan Families in Newport Roman Catholic Parish, County Mayo, Ireland

I have completed Microfilm number 1279207, items 9-11 for Newport Roman Catholic Parish. Burrishoole Civil Parish is part of Newport Roman Catholic Parish and Burrishoole Barony. There were only a few Brennans in this parish register that did not begin until 1872. I will present them alphabetically by the Brennan Spouse's Surname.

Regarding Surname Chambers: The marriage record for Brennan/Chambers was listed under the year 1900, no sponsors, or other details was given. I think this might be a late recording of the marriage of Patricio Jno Brennan and Catharina Chambers, but I can't be sure. Brigida Brennan was born 9/15/1896. In Brigida's Baptismal record it was difficult to read her father's name. It appears to me to be Patricio Jno Brennan, but they list Brigida's surname as McMannon (which would make Jno Brennan McMannon instead). I think it is probably a typo, especially in light of the later marriage record for Brennan/Chambers that is quite clearly written, so I am including it here in the Brennan section.

An Ellen Brennan witnessed the baptism of Timothy Davitt, son of Lawrence Davitt and Julia Hoban, on May 6, 1916 in the Town of Newport, and unfortunately that was the extent of the Brennan line documented in Newport Roman Catholic Parish film 1279207.


Date Event Brennan Spouse Townland Child
9/16/1896 B Brennan, Patricio Jno Chambers, Catharina Sramma? (possibly Srahmore?) Brigida
7/8/1900 M Brennan, ? Chambers, ? ?  
8/12/1896? B Brennan, Michael Moore, Margarita Newport Jacobus