The James Brennan and Mary Henry Family of Bradford, Yorkshire, England- An Analysis of their Migration from the Western Part of County Sligo, Ireland (Rue, Kilmacteige Civil Parish or Tobercurry, Achonry Civil Parish)

James Brennan, the son of Luke appears to have left Ireland for England sometime before he married Mary Henry on August 3, 1889 at St. Anne's Church in Bradford, Yorkshire England. His father Luke was deceased at the time of his marriage. Mary's father Patrick Henry appears to have been still living. This GRO marriage record is available through the GRO for quarter ending September 1889, Bradford Volume 9b, page 366. Of interest, there was a boarder James Dunn living with widowed Mary and her children in the 1911 census which would have made it seemed likely that he might have married Mary Ann Dunn (the other Mary that was married on the same day in Bradford like him, Mary Henry and Peter Darcey). The GRO marriage certificate that a Boocock descendant has obtained of James Brennan clearly indicates otherwise that he married Mary Henry.

James and Mary first appear together in the Bradford East End 1891 Census living at 31 Birk Street. The surname on this census was indexed under "Branan" . James, a 36 year old Brick Laborer is living with wife Mary a 27 year old Machinist Combminder of Worsted; both were born in "Tubrycurry" Ireland. Son Luke age 9 months born in Bradford is living with them as well. Son Luke appears to have been born in the quarter ending September 1890 in Bradford, England (Volume 9b; page 49). This census year documents their origins were in "Tubrycurry" Ireland likely indicating Tobercurry, a Townland in Achonry Civil Parish in the western part of County Sligo, Ireland. Kilmacteige, Civil Parish just west of Tobercurry, in the Townland of Rue (written as Rhue) is where Mary indicated she was born in the 1911 Bradford, Yorkshire, England Census. Kilmacteige Civil Parish is covered by Tourlestrane Catholic Parish and Tubbercurry (Cloonacool) covers Achonry Civil Parish; these would be good places to start in searching for church microfilm records on this family. Also, their appears to be a great rootsweb resource on County Sligo that has quite a few online Brennan records from Curry, Sligo (a townland just southwest of Tobercurry). The close proximity of the Mayo border parishes (such as Charlestown) might be a good place to pursue further in the event records aren't uncovered in the Sligo records. I have heard from a descendant of Patrick Brennan (brother of James) and have noted an online tree from a descendant of James (the son of James and Mary) the Boococks from Haworth.

Ten years later when the 1901 Bradford Census was conducted, James (48) a Plaster's Laborer and his wife Mary 39 (both born in Ireland) were living on Calendonis Street in Bradford, East Bowling, Yorkshire with their 3 sons Luke (10), James (9) and Patrick (6) and two daughter Ellen (4) and Annie (2).

By the time the 1911 Bradford, Yorkshire, England Census is conducted, Mary Brennan 50 is listed as a widow born in Rhue County Sligo, Ireland. The following single children live with her at 66 Bombay Street: Luke (20, Dyer's LAborer), James Willie (19, wool comber), Patrick (16, Dyer's Laborer), Ellen (14 Spinner of Worsted)and Ann (12 in School).

A search through the Free BMD did not reveal any obvious death records for James Brennan. The closest possibility was a James Brennan who died at age 47 in Bradford in the quarter ending 1908 but he was only 47 (he should be 63 based on his marriage record stated age if correct). Another James Brannan age "0" died in Bradford quarter ending March 1901 but that appears to have been a newborn based on the age listed). There was a James Brennan 65 who died in Leeds March 1906, a James Brannan 61 who died in N. Bierley and a James Brennan who died in Huddersfield at age 66- all nearby but not in Bradford.

Children of James Brennan and Mary Henry (Grandchildren of Luke and ? Brennan):

  1. Luke Brennan. According to a descendent of Patrick (his brother), he was killed in actrion in WWI around 1918. There was a military record in the compilation "UK Soldiers who Died in the Great War 1914-1919 for a Luke Brennan born in Bradford, Yorkshire who registed there, died March 24, 1918 in France/Flanders of wounds suffered. He was a Gunner for the Royal House Artillary and Royal Field Artillary. Regiment #196887. This may or may not be the same Luke Brennan from Bradford. The online family tree seems to indicate that he died on May 4, 1917 in Savona Italy. A death record would discern which one was the Luke from this family.
  2. James Brennan. He appears to have married Elizabeth Bennett (according to the England and Wales Marriage Index 1916-2005) in Bradford on December 1921 (Volume 9b, Page 376). There were six children listed on the Free BMD England for Bradford, Yorkshire as having been born with the Surname Brennan and mother's maiden name of Bennett between March 1920 and December 1936: Patrick, Mary, Charles A, Doreen, Jean and Violet P. They may or may not be related to this family.
  3. Patrick Brennan. Patrick age 16, a dyer's laborer was living at home with his mother Mary and siblings in the 1911 Bradford Yorkshire, England Census. There were two potential marriage records from Bradford, Yorkshire on the Free BMD index that could be this Patrick: Patrick Brennan married a Marie Carroll in Bradford quarter ending June 1919 (Volume 9b, page 443) and a Patrick Brannan who married a Mary J Ross in Bradford December 1922 (Volume 9b, page 390). The Carroll Family Tree implies that a Patrick Brennan married Marie Carroll of Bradford making this marriage the most likely match. An actual GRO marriage record or Church marriage record could provide definitive proof of this. There were three Brennans born between March 1919 and December 1938 in Bradford, Yorkshire who had the surname Brennan and mother's maiden name Carroll: Agnes (Dec 1919, volume 9b, page 155) Ellen (June 1921, volume 9b page 155) and Joseph (June 1929, Volume 9b, page 153).
  4. Ellen Brennan. Ellen age 14 was a Spinner of Worsted living with her mother and siblings in the 1911 Bradford, Yorkshire Census. There were three different marriage records on the Free BMD England for Ellen Brennan in Bradford between 1911 and 1940, none of which may be her however, they are worth ruling out. They include a quarter ending June 1927 marriage to William Claven (Volume 9b, page 456), quarter ending September 1932 to James Grennen (9b, page 495) and one for an Ellen Brannan to William Bywater quarter ending March 1939 (Volume 9b, page 139).
  5. Annie Brennan. Ann Brennan was a 12 year old scholar living with her mother and siblings on Bombay Street in Bradford when the 1911 census was conducted. At this point I have no further evidence of her existence after this record. If she survived, remained in Bradford as her siblings appeared to and married there are 6 different Annie Brennans who were married in Bradford between March 1915 and December 1940 and are worth ruling out. The following records are for the quarter ending and are: Annie E Brennan married Launcelot Dunn June 1920 (volume 9b, page 561), Annie S Brannan married Ernest Stubbs March 1921 (9b, page 313), Annie Brennan married Thomas Preston June 1926 (9b, page 415), Annie Brennan married Michael Lennon December 1931 (Vol 9b, page 375), Annie E Brannan married Ernest Barrett June 1934 (9b page 374) and Annie E Brannan married George A Hudson March 1940 (Vol 9b, page 222).

I have not found James or his father Luke in the earlier Bradford records that I have poured over thus far. I am uncertain if Luke ever left Ireland for England at this point.