The Brennan Surname and Variations Documented in the "Evicted Tenants in Ireland" (compiled by the Estate Commissioners Office in 1907) for County Roscommon

This resource is a compilation of the applications submitted to the Estate Commissioners Office in Dublin in 1907 by evicted tenants. It is part of the Trinity college of Dublin Library Collection. This CD ROM is available through Archive CD Books Ireland and is part of their Archive CD Books Project.

The following information is provided by this compilation:

  1. The Evicted Tenant who submitted the application and their address
  2. The Estate from which they were evicted
  3. The Townland in which the Estate and their parcel was located
  4. The area or amount of land from which they were evicted (in acres, roods, and perches). (If this terminology is unfamiliar to you check out my unfamiliar terminology page for clarification
  5. Their rent prior to Eviction in Pounds, Shillings and Pence.
  6. The present occupier of the parcel
  7. The circumstances in which the evicted tenant finds themselves.

There was one Brennan documented in the County Roscommon (Connaught Section) of this compilation:

  1. Brennan, Bridget, Chapel Street, Boyle
  2. Harmon King Estate
  3. Townland of Tonroe
  4. The area held was 6-0-0 (6 acres)
  5. The Rent prior to Eviction was 3-16-0 (3 pounds, 16 shillings)
  6. The new occupier of the parcel is B. Naughton (tenant purchaser)
  7. Bridget Brennan was a widow with one daughter at home and sons in England. (Estate Commissioners Office, 1907; 2009, p. 204-205).