Brennan and Corcoran Families (and all Surname Variations) from the Townlands of Sroove and Falleens, Kilcolman Civil Parish, County Sligo, Ireland in the Ballaghaderreen Church, Ireland Census, Griffith's Valuation and other Records

Falleens was composed of 433 acres and Sroove of 1,670 acres when the Griffith's Valuation was conducted in 1858. Falleens is slightly less than 2 km northeast of Sroove and Sroove is about 1.8 km northeast of Monasterredan, another Townland in Kilcolman Civil Parish, County Sligo with Corcoran Families.

Sroove was part of Coolavin Electoral Division when the 1901 Ireland Census and appears to have changed to Gurteen Electoral Division when the 1911 Ireland census was conducted. The Sroove 1901 Ireland census had 3 Corcoran families as did the 1911 Census. Falleens was part of Coolavin Electoral Division in 1901 and Gurteen Electoral Division in 1911. There was one Corcoran Household (with two Brennan Nieces) in the 1901 Falleens Census and none in 1911.

There were no Brennan or Corcoran parcel occupiers documented in the Falleens, Kilcolman Civil Parish, County Sligo Griffith's Valuation, but there were three different Corcorans identified as occupiers in the Sroove, Kilcolman Civil Parish Griffith's Valuation. They included Patrick Corcoran, Senior, Patrick Corcoran and Michael Corcoran.

Please contact me if you feel your Corcoran or Brennan ancestors (or any of the surname variations) may have been from the Sroove, Falleens or the general area around Ballaghaderreen and Monasterreden, so that we can put the pieces of the puzzles together. It is clear after researching the Irish microfilm for several years that the vast majority of Irish families in the mid 19th century were large, often as many as 8-10 kids. Somewhere out there are descendents of our Irish ancestor's siblings researching their individual branch of the tree. Working together we will all get our trees back further!

This is a work in progress and will be added to over time as I uncover other records to add to this compilation.

Brennan or Corcoran Surname or friend whose record they witnessed in Sroove or Falleens Spouse Townland; Record Source Event Date Child; Misc. Info.
Corcoran, Patrick, Senior occupier of parcel   Sroove, Kilcolman Civil Parish Griffith's Valuation 1858 Patrick Senior held parcels 68a with Land, House and Offices 7 acres, 3 roods; and parcel 69 with 11 acres, 1 rood and 26 perches; total valuation 8 pounds, 10 shillings; Thomas and Roderick McDermott Landlord
Corcoran, Patrick, Senior Occupier of a parcel   Sroove, Kilcolman Civil Parish Griffith's Valuation 1858 Patrick Senior also held parcel 70, 8 acres, 3 roods, 5 perches of land balued at 3 Pounds, 10 Shillings (Thomas and Roderick McDermott Landlord)
Corcoran, Patrick, occupier of a parcel   Sroove, Kilcolman Civil Parish Griffith's Valuation 1858 Patrick held parcel 81b, Land, House and Office, 9 acres, 7 perches that he shares with Thomas Taylor; Patrick's Total Valuation 2 pounds (Thomas and Roderick McDermott Landlord)
Corcoran, Michael, occupier of a parcel   Sroove, Kilcolman Civil Parish Griffith's Valuation 1858 Michael held parcel 81c, a garden and a house, area 1 rood, 24 perches, Total Valuation 10 shillings, Thomas and Roderick McDermott Landlord
Kelly, Ellen, occupier of parcel   Sroove, Kilcolman Civil Parish Griffith's Valuation 1858 Patrick Corcoran and Thomas Taylor were the landlords for Ellen Kelly who held parcel 81d, a House valued at 6 Shillings
Corcoran, Bridget, Head 65 yr old widowed Farmer's Sister? born in Sligo (she also has a lodger, Farm servant living with them, Mary Gallagher 65 from Sligo) Widow Falleens, Coolavin DED, County Sligo, House 24 1901 Ireland Census   Brennan, Bridget, 28 yr old unmarried niece born in Roscommon
          Brennan, Catherine, 20 yr old unmarried niece, Farmer's Daughter, born in Roscommon
Brennan, Bridget Downs, Pat   B 9/3/1858 Catherine
" " Fauleens B 5/25/1866 Darby; there was also a Pat Brennan/ Mary Downs marriage in 1871- no Townland noted
Corcoran, Margaret Rogers, Mathew Falleens B 2/23/1894 birth and 3/4/1894 baptism William Joseph
Corcoran, Margt " Falleens B 8/7/1898 birth and 8/15/1898 baptism Mary Ellen
Corcoran, Honor, Head 50 yr old widowed farmer born in Sligo (this could be Honor Rogers wife of Joseph Corcoran at bottom of page with son Terrance but dates are off ) Widow Sroove, Coolavin DED, County Sligo, House 120 1901 Ireland Census   Corcoran, Terrence, 21 yr old unmarried farmer's son, born in Sligo
          Corcoran, Nora, 20 yr old unmarried farmer's daughter, born in Sligo
          Lukeman, Annie, 6 yr old grand daughter born in New Belford, America, Scholar
          Lukeman, Lena, 4 yr old grand daughter born in New Belford, America Scholar
Corcoran, Hanoria, Head 69 yr old widowed Farmer born in Sligo Widow "Groove", Gurteen DED, County Sligo. (likely type- Sroove) House 75 1911 Ireland Census   Horan, Mary 13 yr old visitor, Scholar, born in Sligo
Corcoran, Andrew of Shroofe Coleman, Annie of Frasnadeffa   M 7/31/1899 Pat Corcoran of Shroofe was a witness
Corcoran, Anne, Head, 70 yr old widowed Farmer born in Sligo Widow Sroove, Coolavin DED, County Sligo, House 8 1901 Ireland Census   Andrew Corcoran, 27 yr old married Farmer's Son, born in Sligo
          Anne Corcoran, 30 yr old married daughter in law born in Mayo
Corcoran, Andrew Coleman, Annie Shroove B 11/8/1901 birth and 11/10/1901 baptism Jas; Pat Corcoran and Mary Anne Corcoran were sponsors
" Coleman, Anne Sroove B 11/17/1902 birth and 11/23/1902 baptism Patrick J; Terence Corcoran and Bridget Corcoran sponsors;
" " Shroof B 3/27/1904 birth and 4/3/1904 baptism Mary Anne
" Coleman, Annie Shroof B 9/18/1905 birth and 10/1/1905 baptism Andrew
" " Shroof B 11/10/1906 birth and 11/15/1906 baptism Bridget Teresa
Corcoran, Andrew, 37 yr old married Farmer born in Sligo Corcoran, Annie, 44 yr old wife born in Sligo, married 11 yrs, 6 kids, 4 living "Groove", Gorteen DED, County Sligo (likely typo Sroove) House 8 1911 Ireland Census   James, 9 yr old unmarried son born in Sligo
          Patrick, 8 yr old unmarried son born in Sligo
          Andrew F, 5 yr old unmarried son, born in Sligo
          Mary Anne, 7 yr old unmarried daughter born in Sligo
Corcoran, Thomas of Shroof ? Cathedral Ballaghaderreen B 11/7/1895 Lena Corcoran acquired a Certificate of Freedom 1919 (1920 in another rec) Lena of Irwin Gelia??
Corcoran, Thomas ? Cathedral Ballaghaderreen B 8/15/1876 James; James married Ellen Flaherty of Moygara 10/17/1912
Corcoran, James Flaherty, Esther? of G---en (is is Gorteen) Cathedral Ballaghaderreen M? 9/17/? (possible James in record above?) (see Garland family below)
Corcoran, Jacobi Flaherty, Ellenora Monasterredan B 9/5/1926 Desmondus
Corcoran, Desmondus of Shroofe Cooney, Catherine of Monasterredan   M 5/22/1950 Desmondus is the son of Jacobi Corcoran and Ellenore Flaherty of Shroofe; Josephus Corcoan of Shroofe was a witness; Desmondus was baptized in Monasterredan September 5, 1926
Corcoran, James of Shroove Flaherty, Ellen of Moygara   M 10/17/1912 James is the son of Thomas Corcoran of Shroove; James was baptized in Cathedral Ballaghaderreen August 15, 1876; Ellen in Gorteen Parish Church September 22, 1882;
Smyth, Thomas Flaherty, Honora Shruffe B 8/5/1889 birth and 8/7/1890 baptism Winifred; Thomas Corcoran was a sponsor
Woods, Dennis Foley, Anne Shroofe B 12/13/1883 Maria; James Brennan was a sponsor
Corcoran, Thomas Garland, Bridget   M 10/18/1873  
" ?, Bridget? (Garland, Bridget in 926005) Shroof B 12/27/1874 Patrick
" Garland, Bt Shroof B 8/?/1876 (looks like 8/15 in 926005 section 6) James
Corcoran, James Flaherty, Ellen of Mayfield Gorteen Cathedral Ballaghaderreen M 9/17/1912  
Corcoran, Thomas Garland, Bridget Grophy B 10/20/1878 Thomas
Corcoran, Thomas Garland, Bessy Shroofe B 3/14/1880 Joseph
Corcoran, Joseph Sharkey, Mary Ann Cathedral Ballaghaderreen M 4/26/1922 (926005)
Corcoran, Thomas Garland, Bridget Shroofe B 11/23/1887 Bridget; Bridget married Gust? or Garret? Larson in Holy Redeemer, Portland Oregon
Corcoran, Thos " Shroof B 7/6/1888 birth adn 7/15/1888 baptism Ann; Pat Corcoran was a sponsor
Corcoran, Thomas " Shrooffe B 9/8/1891 birth and 9/50/1891 baptism Honora; James Corcoran was a sponsor
" " Shroofe B 11/7/1895 birth and 11/12/1895 baptism Ellen Catherine; Joseph Corcoran and Bridget Corcoran were sponsors; Ellen married Patrick Gorman or Gowan? December 18, 1919 Cathedral BDereen
" " Shroof B 3/7/1898 birth and 3/20/1898 baptism Winifred; Margt Corcoran was a sponsor
Corcoran, Thomas, Head, 50 yr old married Farmer and Shop Keeper born in Sligo (likely match to Thomas Corcoran/ Bridget Garland family above) Corcoran, Bridget, 45 yr old married Housekeeper cousin? is this his spouse? Sroove, Coolavin DED, Sligo, Ireland; House 39 1901 Ireland Census   Patt, 25 yr old son, farmer's son, born in Sligo
          Mary A, 18 yr old unmarried daughter, farmer's daughter born in Sligo
          Bridget, 14 yr old unmarried Daughter, Scholar born in Sligo
          Ann, 12 yr old unmarried Daughter, Scholar born in Sligo
          Norah, 9 yr old daughter, Scholar born in Sligo
          Leney K, 6 yr old daughter, Scholar born in Sligo
          Winniefred, 3 yr old Scholar daughter born in Sligo
Corcoran, Thomas, Head, 64 yr old married Farmer born in Sligo Corcoran, Bridget, 54 yr old wife, married 37 yrs 10 children, 10 living Groove (typo? Sroove?) Gurteen DED, Sligo, Ireland House 39 1911 Ireland Census   James, 34 yr old unmarried son, National Teacher, born in Sligo
          Norah, 19 yr old unmarried daughter born in Sligo
          Lena, 15 yr old unmarried daughter born in Sligo
          Winnie, 12 yr old unmarried Scholar Daughter born in Sligo
Corcoran, Lena of Mt Irwin Gelia? ?   Certificate of Freedom 1920 Lena is the Daughter of Thos Corcoran of Shroof; Witness Wilm Corcoran of Shroof; could this be the lena in 1911 family above?
Corcoran, Jacobus Giblin, Anna   M 11/2/1865  
Corcoran, James Giblin, Ann (Anne in 926005) Shroof B 9/4/1874 Andrew
" Giblin, Anne Shroof B 1/17/1873 Patrick (same in 926005)
Giblin, Michael of Shroof Flaherty, M Anne of Shroof   M 1/20/1907 Jas Corcoran os Shroof is listed as Father of Michael Giblin?? typo or ?; Jas Corcoran was a witness
Corcoran, Mary Grady, Tom   B 5/7/1859 Mary; Bridget Corcoran was a sponsor
Corcoran, Mary Grady, Thomas (Tom in a repeat record) Clogher (C Lyon in a repeat record) B 9/6/1861 Margaret; Patrick Corcoran and Margaret Brennan Sponsors; Pat Corcoran and Peggy Brennan sponsors in repeat record
" Grady, Thos (Thomas in a second record) C Lyon in one record and no townland in another record B 6/19/1864 John; John Corcoran was a sponsor
" Grady, Thos Shroof B 1/25/1867? or 1868 Bt; same in 926005.
Corcoran, ? Grady, Tom Shroof? B 3/31/1872 ? (same info is repeated in 926005)
Corcoran, Mary Grady, Thomas Shroofe B 7/19/1874 Honoria; Patrick Corcoran is a sponsor (same info in 926005)
Corcoran, Honoria Gerity?, Francis of Illinois St Vincent's Church, Los Angeles California M 7/17/19--? 926005
Corcoran, Mary Grady, Thomas Shroofe B 11/26/1876 John; Pat Corcoran, Sponsor (same in 926005)
" " Shruffe B 2/16/1879 Patrick (same in 926005)
" Grady, Thos Shroofe B 7/29/1881 Eliza
          there was a Thos Edward Corcoran who married Winifred Grady 9/1919 at St Austin's Church, Chatto Head? St Helen's England; unsure if from Sroove; Thos was baptized 9/29/1896;
Rogers, Patrick Grady, Winifred Shroofe B 10/29/1871 (repeat of record looked like 11/?/1871) Bgt; Jas Corcoran sponsor (Bridget; sponsor Joseph Corcoran in a two other records-926005)
Corcoran, Thomas Halon?, El Shroof B 8/18/1876 James; James married Esther Flaherty of G--een? Gorteen? in Cathedral Ballaghaderreen 9/17/ USA?
Sharkey, Laurence Hannon?, Brigid Sheroofe B 5/30/1886 Mary Anne; Mary Anne married Joseph Corcoran in Cathedral Ballaghaderreen 4/16/1922
Druny?, John Kilgariff, Bridget Sharriffe? (Shruffe in 926005) B 5/28/1872; 5/12/1872 in 926005) Margt; Pat Corcoran sponsor
Foley, John of Shroof Lannan?, Maggie of Falleens   M 2/22/1909 James Corcoan of Shroof and Winnie Lannan of Falleens were witnesses
Corcoran, Winifred of Shroofe Mahon, Michael of Monasterredan   M 11/29/1926 Winifred was the daughter of Thomas Corcoran of Shroof;
Corcoran, Winifred Mahon, Michael of Monasterredan Monasterredan B 1/1/1931 Anna Christine; Anna married Patrick Kelly 4/9/1956; he was born in Knock, Mayo
" " Cathedral Ballaghaderreen B 1/14/1934? Winifred Angela; Winifred married Thomas Cawley 4/24/1958
Corcoran, Winifred Mahon, Michael B-Derreen B 3/12/1935 Michael; Michael married Mary Casey April 25, 1959
" " Ballaghaderreen B 2/16/? Brigid Mary; Brigid married Michael Anthony Grayston 12/27/1960
" Mahon, Michael of Monasterreden Ballaghaderreen B 10/29/1927 Elizabeth; Elizabeth married Thomas James Cawley 4/6/1953
Taylor, Pat Mannion, Ellen Shruffe B 4/7/1889 birth and 5/12/1889 baptism Maggie Anne; Thos Corcoran and B'd Corcoran were sponsors
Corcoran, Thomas of Shroofe Mulligan, Mary of Islands   M 2/13/1898 Thomas was the son of Joseph Corcoran of Sroove
Corcoran, Thomas Mulligan, Mary Loomcloon B 5/15/1900 birth and 5/18/1900 baptism Patrick; Terrence Corcoran and Kate Corcoran Sponsor
Corcoran, Thos " Loomeloon B 6/20?/1901 birth and 7/7/1901 baptism Joseph
" " Lumeloon B 7/28/1904 birth and 8/7/1904 baptism Mary Anne
Corcoran, Thomas " Lumeloon B 9/30/1905 birth and 10/8/1905 baptism Thomas
" " Lumcloon B 3/2/1910 birth and 3/13/1910 baptism Catherine; Terrence Corcoran and Kate Corcoran sponsors
" " Ballaghaderreen B 5/28/1911 Phillip Francis; Phillip married Mary? 8/11/1859
Horan, Michael of Shroove Plunkett, Catherine of Shroove   M 2/25/1895 Thomas Corcoran from Taunabrack witnessed wedding
Corcoran, Joseph Regan?, Honor (this could be Rogers, Honey below in a repeat rec?) (looks like Regan in a modern transcript of 926005) Shroofe B 9/3/1871 Thomas
Corcoran, Joseph Rogers, Hony (repeat rec says Honey)   M 1/28/1869  
" Rogers, Honey Shroof? B 9/3/1871 Thomas (same in 926005)
" Rogers, Oney Shroof B 3/23/1873 Bridget; Vance? Corcoran sponsor (looks like James is the Sponsor in 926005
" Rogers, Honor Shroof B 6/20/1875 Cath; Bridget Corcoran sponsor (same in 926005)
Corcoran, Joe Rodgers, Oney Shruffe B 12/1/1878 Terence (same in 926005)
Corcoran, Joseph of Shroof Sharkey, Maggey of Shroof (repeat record says Mary Ann) Repeat record says they were married in Cathedral Ballaghaderreen M 4/26/1922; 3 records for this marriage 2 say 4/26, one 4/16 Joseph is the son of Thomas Corcoran of Shroof; he was baptized BDerreen 3/14/1880
Corcoran, Biddy Taylor, Tom (1279232 says John)   B 1/2/1857 Patk; John Corcoran and Mary Corcoran were sponsors (926005) film 1279232 says Patt for child
Corcoran, Bridgt Taylor, Thos Shroof B 11/16/1860 (possible birth 31st ?) Bridgt (926005); Mary Corcoran was a sponsor