An Analysis of the Brennan and Corcoran Families from Monasterredan, Lomcloon and Islands, County Sligo Ireland found in the Ballaghaderreen Church, Ireland Census, Griffith's Valuation and other Records

The Townland of Monasterredan (also known as Annaghbeg) is less than 2.5 km northwest of the Townland of Lomcloon in County Sligo and just over 7 km from Ballaghaderreen where the Cathedral of Ballaghaderreen was located. Ballaghaderreen Church records identified Corcoran and Brennan families in Monasterredan, Lomcloon as well as a frequent reference to "Islands" in connection with two Townlands. I think that "Island" could be referring to the Islands of Lough Gara, a large lake that is located primarily in County Sligo, but straddles the Roscommon border.

Please contact me if you feel your Brennan or Corcoran ancestors (or any of the surname variations) may have been from this Monasterredan area so that we can put the pieces of the puzzles together. It is clear after researching the Irish microfilm for several years that the vast majority of Irish families in the mid 19th century were large, often as many as 8-10 kids. Somewhere out there are descendents of our Irish ancestor's siblings researching their individual branch of the tree. Working together we will all get our trees back further!

Regarding the Griffith's Valuation for Monasterredan, Lomcloon (spelled Lomcloon in the Griffiths), and Islands: There was one Corcoran occupier in Monasterredan, Kilcolman Civil Parish, County Sligo: Patrick Corcoran holding 114 acres. There was a graveyard listed in that Townland as well. There were no Corcoran or Brennan occupiers in Lomcloon, Killaraght Civil Parish, County Sligo, but there were many Flannerys and Drury's.

The Mary Brennan/Edward Sherlock Family of Lumcloon. Special kudos to Jenny Brown, a descendent of this line who has extensively researched this family (she has a fabulously detailed family tree on and generously shared her findings with me. Here is a brief synopsis of the first generation of this tree:

Edward Sherlock was born in Lumcloon, Kilaraght, Sligo in 1844 to Mathew Sherlock and Mary Drury. His wife Mary Brennan was born in Lumcloon, Killaraght, Sligo in 1854 to Patrick Brennan and Mary Spellman and was baptized in Ballaghadarreen in April 1855. They remained in Lumcloom, Sligo until their deaths (Edward on February 29, 1914 and Mary on April 4, 1904). Edward and Mary had six children:

  1. Patrick James Sherlock migrated to Staveley, Derbyshire, England around 1896 and married Martha Bladen at the Church of the Annunciation in Chesterfield, Derbyshire on April 21, 1903. They had 13 children. He was a Coal Miner who remained in Staveley, Derbyshire, England until his death on July 15, 1960. He was buried at Staveley Cemetery.
  2. John Joseph Sherlock was born March 27, 1881 in Annaghmore, Sligo, Ireland. He immigrated to the U.S. sometime between 1902 and 1907, settled in Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire where he married Margaret Ann Mulligan on October 6, 1909. They had 10 children and the family resided in Dover, Stafford through at least 1930. They were residents of Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts in 1940. John died in Boston, Middlesex, Massachusetts from Cancer of the Mouth on October 29, 1947 (and was a widoe at the time of his death). He was buried at St Mary's Cemetery, Dover, New Hampshire.
  3. Thomas Sherlock was born November 12, 1882 in Sligo, Ireland and baptized in Ballaghaderreen. He migrated to Staveley, Derbyshire, England with his brother Patrick working as a Filler in the Coal Mine. He married Alice Bate Brimelow in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England on November 14, 1919. They had six children. He did July 8, 1963 in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England and was buried in Staveley.
  4. Mathew Sherlock was born in early 1884 and baptized in Ballaghaderreen of February 3, 1884. He did not marry and remained in Lumcloon, Killaraght, Sligo throughout his life, and inherited the family farm when his father Edward died. He apparently suffered from epilepsy and died at the age of 55 in Lumcloon, Sligo in 1939.
  5. Peter Sherlock was born about 1886 in Ireland. He was living with his family in Lumcloon, Sligo when the 1901 Ireland Census was conducted. He died at the age of 18 in 1904 from a boating accident.
  6. Margaret Mary Sherlock was baptized on April 17, 1892 in Ballaghaderreen and was born earlier that year? in Lumcloon, Sligo. She immigrated to the U.S. at the age of 18 leaving via Queenstown Ireland, sailing on the Arabic May 6, 1914 enroute to Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire. She married William Ferguson Shayes in New York in 1922 at the age of 27. They remained in Syracuse, Onondaga, New York through at least 1940, had 4 children and moved westward to Los Angeles, California sometime before 1948. They remained there through at least 1954. Margaret died on March 28, 1967 in San Diego, California. Her husband William died a year prior in 1966.

This is a work in progress and will be added to over time as I uncover other records to add to this compilation.

I will present the Griffith's Valuation records at the beginning of this compilation as I am uncertain to which families they below due to the commonality of given names. The Brennans and Corcorans (and all variations) I have identified thus far that resided in Monasterredan, Lomcloon or Islands are as follows:

Brennan, Corcoran Surname or Friend whose record they witnessed Spouse Townland; Record Source Event Date Child; or Misc. Info.
Corcoran, Patrick, occupier of a parcel   Monasterredan, Kilcolman Civil Parish, County Sligo Ireland Griffith's Valuation 1857   Patrick held parcel 2a with Land, House and Offices; 114 acres 1 rood and 22 perches valued at 14 pounds; Landlord Charles McDermott
Corcoran, Patrick of Monasterredan     Certificate of Freedom issued 2/21/1903  
Brennan, Michael Brennan, Ann   M 2/18/1875 James Brennan and Cath Brennan were witnesses
" " Annagh? (Same in 926005- likely Annagh Beg in Monasterredan) B 1/23/1876 John; John Brennan and Bridget Brennan were sponsors
Brennan, Michael Brennan, Anne Monasterredan B 12/2/1877 Thomas; Edward and Kate Brennan were sponsors (926005)
Brennan, Michl Brennan, Anne Annagh Beg (aka Monasterredan) B 10/4/1879 Mary; Martin Brennan was a sponsor (same in 926005)
Brennan, Michael Brennan, Ann Islands B 4/16/1882 Pat; James Brennan was a sponsor
" " Annagh Beg B 10/24/1884 Catherine
Brennan, Michl Brennan, Anne Annabeg B 11/14/1886 Margaret Anne; Thos Brennan was a sponsor
Brennan, Michael Brennan, Anne Islands B 9/28/1888 birth and 9/23/1888 baptism James;
" Brennan, Annie? Annaghbeg B 8/24/1890? birth and 8/30/1890 baptism Bridget; John Brennan and Margaret Brennan were sponsors
Brannan, Michael Brannan, Anne Islands B 2/11/1893 birth and 3/34/1893 Baptism Bridget; Pat Brannan and Mary Brannan were sponsors
Brennan, Michael Brennan, Anne Islands B 5/29/1895 birth and 6/9/1895 baptism Winifred; Mary Brennan was a sponsor
Brennan, Michl ?, Anne The Islands B 4/14/1897 birth and 4/25/1897 baptism Lizzie; Kate Brennan was a sponsor
Brennan, Michael, 65 yr old married Farmer born in County Sligo Brennan, Anne, 49 yr old wife Monasterredan, Coolavin DED, House 2, County Sligo 1901 Ireland Census   Mary, 20 yr old unmarried daughter born in County Sligo
          James, 11 yr old unmarried son, scholar born in County Sligo
          Bridget, 9 yr old daughter, scholar born in County Sligo
          Winnifred, 7 yr old daughter, scholar born in County Sligo
          Eliza, 4 yr old daughter, scholar born in County Sligo
Brennan, Michael, 78 yr old married farmer born in Sligo Brennan, Annie, 57 yr old wife born in County Roscommon; married 37 yrs, 11 kids, 10 living Annaghbeg or Monasterredan (Gurteen) Sligo House 2 1911 Ireland Census   James, 22 yr old unmarried son, blacksmith, born in Sligo
          Bridget, 18 yr old unmarried daughter born in Sligo, Lacemaker
          Winnie, 16 yr old unmarried dtr, scholar, born in Sligo
          Lizzie, 14 yr old unmarried scholar daughter born in Sligo
Brennan, Martin of Loomcloon Carberry, Kate of Gorteen   Certificate of Freedom 2/17?/191?  
Brennan, Martin Carberry, Catherine of Curlans? Gurteen? Gurteen Church M 1/15/1912 Martin was baptized 10/22/1876
Brennan, Martin Carberry, Kate Monasterredan B 3/29/1914 Mary; Mary married John Flannery of Islands Monasterredan April 27, 1943
" Carberry, Catherine   B 2/15/1918 Martin; Martin married Mary Flannery April 14, 1952
Brennan, Margt Casey, Patrick Monasterredan B 10/29/1865 Patrick; Pat in a second record (same in 926005)
Brennan, Peggy " (second record in 926005 says Pat Casey) Monasterredan B 10/13/1867; second record with same date Anne
" Case--?, Pat Monastiedan? B 10/13/1869 Anne
" Casey, Pat (Patrick in 926005) Monasterredan B 6/18/1871 James (same in 926005)
Brennan, Margret " Monasteridan B 7/6/1873 Catherine (same in 926005)
" Casey, Patrick Monasterredan B 1/27/1876 (looks like 8/27/1876 in 926005 and in section 6 of that film as well) Thomas
Brennan, Margaret " Monasterredan B 9/14/1879 Michael (same in 926005)
Brennan, Margt Casey, Pat Monasterredan B 9/22/1881 Thomas Joseph
Branan, Ellen Casey, Pat Cross (about 3 km south in Roscommon) B 2/5/1890 birth and 2/8/1891 baptism Andrew
Brennan, Ellen " Cross B 4/19/1894 birth and 4/22/1894 baptism Elizabeth
" " Cross B 3/4/1896 birth and 3/14/1896 baptism Mary Kate
" " Monasterredan B 1/9/1898 birth and 1/16/1898 baptism Winifred
" Casey, Patt Cross B 9/4/1899 birth and 9/17/1899 Baptism James
" Casey, Pat Cross B 2/10/1901 birth and baptism Patk Joseph
Brennan, James Coleman, Bridget   M 11/19/1874 Michael Brennan was a sponsor
" " Monasterredan B 9/26/1875 Mary; Mary Brennan and Patritius Coleman were sponsors (same in 926005)
" Coleman, Beesy Annaghbeg B 10/22/1876 Martin; Martin married Catherine Carberry of Curlans, Gurteen February 15, 1912 (see this family at top of page) same info in 926005)
" " --cloon? (probably Lomcloon in Sligo) (looks like Lumcloon in 926005) B 8/2/1878 Bee; Bee married Martin Finn of ? in Cathedral BDreen June 2, 1912
" Coleman, Bridget Annagh B 11/28/1880 Pat (same in 926005)
" " Islands B 9/16/1883 John; Coleman sponsors
Brennan, Bridget, Head, 55 yr old widowed farmer born in County Sligo (possibly the family above?) Widow Monasterredan, Coolavin DED, County Sligo; House #1 1901 Ireland Census   Martin, 25 yr old unmarried son, born in Sligo
          Bridget, 22 yr old unmarried daughter born in Sligo
          John, 17 yr old unmarried son born in Sligo
Brennan, Bridget, Head, 72 yr old widow born in County Mayo; married 36 yrs, 5 kids, 5 living Widow Annaghbeg or Monasterredan (Gurteen) Sligo; House #1 1911 Ireland Census   Martin, 34 yr old unmarried son, famer born in Sligo
          Bridget, 32 yr old unmarried daughter born in Sligo
          John, 27 yr old unmarried son, born in Sligo; he is documented as an imbecile.
Brennan, Mary Flannery, John Cathedral M 4/27/1943  
Brennan, Dominick Flannery, Mary of Ballinagreagh? Monasterredan Church M 9/5/1923 repeat of this record says Dominick Brennan of Townabrack; He is the son of James Brennan of Drumacoo
Brennan, Martin of Lumcloon Monasterredan Flannery, Mary of Lumcloon Monasterredan   M 4/14/1952 Martin was the son of Martin Brennan and Catherine Carberry of Lumcloon; Martin Was baptized Feb 15, 1918 at Ballaghaderreen
Brennan, Mary Flannery, Michael Lum--? B 3/25/1877 John; John Brennan and Catherine Brennan were sponsors
" " The Islands B 10/16/1879 (looks like 10/14/1879 in 926005) Michael; Michael Brennan and Catherine Brennan were sponsors
" " Lumcloon B 6/29/1882 Bridget; Martin Brennan was a sponsor
" " Lumcloon B 7/10?/1884 James; James married Catherine B---? St Patrick's Church, Liverpool August 16?, 1915?
" " Lumcloon? B 6/6/1886 Catherine; Catherine Brennan was a sponsor
" " Lumcloon B 11/3/1888 birth and 11/4/1888 baptism Thomas
" " The Islands B 8/26/1891 birth and 8/30/1891 Baptism Mary
" " Lumcloon B 12/25/1897 birth and 12/26/1897 baptism Lucy
Flannery, Michael, Head 60 yr old farmer born in Sligo Flannery, Mary, Wife, born in Sligo Lumcloon, Killaraght Sligo DED, House 8 Lumcloon 1901 Ireland Census   Michael, 21, yr old unmarried son, ag Lab born in Sligo
          James, 15 yr old unmarried son, scholar, born in Sligo
          Thos, 12 yr old unmarried son, scholar born in Sligo
          Patrick, 5 yr old son scholar son born in Sligo
          Kate, 13 yr old unmarried daughter, scholar born in Sligo
          Mary, 9 yr old daughter, scholar born in Sligo
          Lucy, 3 yr old daughter born in Sligo
Casey, Pat Gara, Honoria Monasterredan B 2/13/1898 Mary Cath; Mary Brennan was a sponsor
Casey, Pat O'Gara, Honoria Monasterredan B 1/17/1904 Margaret, a twin; Dominick and Margaret Brennan were sponsors
Casey, Pat O'Gara, Honora Monasterredan B 6/19/1910 Michael Thomas; James Brennan and Winnie Brennan were sponsors
Corcoran, Catherine Kenny, Henry Annagh B 4/25/1879 John; Anne Corcoran was a sponsor; John married Kate Croghan? in St Mary's Carrick on Shannon October 7, 1905
Corcoran, Winifred of Shroofe Mahon, Michael of Monasterredan       (most records for this family werer in Ballaghaderreen- only one baptism in Monasterredan see Ballaghaderreen)
Mahon, Michael of Monasterredan County Sligo Mary Casey of Cloonaney?, County Sligo   M 4/25/1959 Michael Mahon was the son of Michael Mahon and Winifred Corcoran of Monasterredan; Michael was baptized in BDerreen
Kelly, Patrick Francis of Ballaghaderreen Mahon, Anna Christine of Monasterredan   M 4/9/1956 Anna Christine is the dtr of Michael Mahon and Winifred Corcoran of Monasterredan; she was baptized in Monasterredan County Sligo January 1, 1931
Cawley, Thomas of Ballaghaderreen Mahon, Winifred Angela of Monasterredan   M 4/24/1958 Winifred is the dtr of Michael Mahon and Winifred Corcoran of Monasterredan; she was baptized January 14, 1934 in Cathedral Ballaghaderreen
Corcoran, Thomas of Shroofe Mulligan, Mary of Islands   M 2/13/1898 Thomas is the son of Joseph Corcoran of Shroove;
Corcoran, Thomas Mulligan, Mary Loomcloon? B 5/15/1900 birth and 5/18/1900 baptism Patrick; Terrence Corcoran and Kate Corcoran were sponsors
Corcoran, Thos " Lumcloon B 6/20?/1901 birth and 7/7/1901 baptism Joseph; Mulligan sponsors
" " Lumcloon B 7/28/1904 birth and 8/7/1904 baptism Mary Anne
Corcoran, Thomas " Lumcloon B 9/30/1905 birth and 10/8/1905 baptism Thomas
" " Lumcloon B 3/2/1910 birth and 3/13/1910 baptism Catherine; Terence Corcoran and Kate Corcoran sponsors
" " Ballaghaderreen B 5/28/1911 Phillip Francis; Phillip married Mary ? August 11, 1959
Corcoran, Phillip Francis of Lumcloon, Monasterredan McHugh, Mary of Island Rd, Monasterredan   M 8/11/1959 Phillip was the son of Thomas Corcoran and Mary Mulligan of Monasterredan; He was baptized May 28, 1911 BDereen; Patrick Corcoran of Slinoff witnessed the marriage
Corcoran, Honoria of Lumcloon Campbell, Michael J of Maryboro?   M 1/5/1938 Honoria's parents were Thomas Corcoran and Mary Mulligan; Phillip Francis Corcoran of Lumcloon and Veronica Josephine Corcoran of Lumecloon were sponsors; Letter of Freedom was issued
Corcoran, Thomas, Head, 29 yr old married Farmer born in Sligo Corcoran, Mary, 27 yr old wife born in County Mayo Lomcloon, Killaraght DED, Sligo, House 14 1901 Ireland Census   Patrick, son born in Sligo
Corcoran, Thomas, Head 39 yr old married Farmer born in Sligo Corcoran, Mary, 35 yr old wife born in Mayo, married 12 yrs, 6 kids, 6 living Lomeloon, Killaraght DED, Sligo, House 12 1911 Ireland Census   Patrick 10 yr old unmarried son, scholar born in Sligo
          Joseph, 9 yr old unmarried scholar son born in Sligo
          Nora, 8 yr old scholar, daughter born in Sligo
          Mary, 6 yr old daughter born in Sligo
          Thomas, 5 yr old scholar son born in Sligo
          Kathleen, 1 yr old daughter born in Sligo
John Flannery Quinn, Mary Islands B 11/27/1904 birth and 12/5/1904 baptism John; John married Mary Brennan in Cathedral April 27, 1943
Brennan, Mary Sherlock, Edward   M 12/1/1876 Flynn, Flaherty sponsors
" " L----n? B 1/6/1878 Pat; James Brennan was a sponsor; according to Jenny Brown, Genealogist descended from this line- he went to England with brother Thomas and Patrick married Martha Bladen. Special kudos to her for sharing this info!
" " Islands B 3/13/1881 John; John married Margaret Mulligan? in St Marys Doug.? NH October 6, 1909
" " Lumcloon? B 11/12/1882 Thomas; Bridget Brennan was a sponsor
" " Lumcloon B 2/3/1884 Mathew
Brennan, Mary Sherlock, Ned Lumcloon? B 4/12/1891? birth and 4/7/1892 baptism? Margaret; Martin Brennan was a sponsor
Sherlock, Mary (Brennan?) 30 yr old wife of Edward born in Sligo Sherlock, Edward, Head, 56 yr old married farmer born in Sligo Lomcloon, Killaraght DED, Sligo, House 2 1901 Ireland census   Mathew, 16 yr old unmarried son born in Sligo
          Peter, 15 yr old unmarried son born in Sligo
          Maggie, 9 yr old unmarried daughter, scholar, born in Sligo
          Sherlock, Mary, 87 yr old widowed mother in law (should be mother?) born in Sligo
Surlis?, Thomas of Palmfield Carracastle Anne Maria Flannery of Ballaghaderreen   M 8/12/1959 Thomas is the son of Terence Surlis? and Nora Corcoran of Monasterredan; Thomas was baptized in BDerreen April 29, 1923
Flannery, Edward Versey, Margaret Lumcloon B 9/16/1906 birth and 9/30/1906 baptism Edward; Bridget Brennan was a sponsor;