Brennan Families Traveling from Connacht Ports in Galway, Sligo and Mayo to the Port of New York, U.S.A. Documented in Ship Passenger and Port Arrival Lists

A large percentage of the Irish that emigrated from the Connaught areas of Mayo, Roscommon, Galway, Sligo and Leitrim departed from the Liverpool Port in Lancashire, England, but I also have been documenting a significant concentration of Irish departing from ports in Galway, Sligo and Westport, Mayo in the Passenger Lists for the Port of New York. The ship passenger lists are an important part of our genealogical research-the link that "gets us across the pond" from America to Europe. It is perhaps the biggest gap in my own Brennan genealogical research that I have yet to find them in the "Famine Ship" passenger lists. The Surname Brennan was one of the 25 most prevalent surnames in Ireland so the task can be a bit intimidating, but none the less an important search to undertake! has an incredible database of Irish passenger lists and there are an assortment of other online sites and books that provide passenger manifests to fill in the gap if you are unable to find them in's collection. Keep in mind that I am only documenting the Brennans that I identify in these records. They may be traveling with friends or cousins that I have no way of knowing they are connected to that may help you confirm your ancestral connection. If you feel that you have found your family in this compilation I would suggest you check out the actual database to scrutinize the passengers on the manifest in greater detail as they sometimes list baggage, deaths at sea and other information.

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