An Analysis of the Brennans, Corcorans, Coffeys and Gahagans (and all variations) from Banada, Keel Banada and Lung, County Roscommon Ireland in the Ballaghaderreen Church, Ireland Census, Griffith's Valuation and other Records

The Townlands of Lung, Banada and Keelbanada border each other and the Lung River traverses through all three. Lung was one of 21 Townlands transferred from Castlemore Civil Parish, County Mayo To Roscommon as a result of the Local Government act of 1898. Lung was composed of 855 acres and is part of Castlereagh Union, Ballaghaderreen Electoral District. (Handran, 2006 p. 108,109). A Compilation on the statutes of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland listed act (CAP LXXVI) imposed on August 7, 1840 that appears to annex the Townlands of Aughalustia, Lission, Cappagh, Roosky, Banada and Keel Banada from Mayo to Roscommon as early as 1840. (Great Britain, 1840, p. 453-454). This annexation statute appeared to be created in the process of surveying for the Griffith's Valuation. When the Griffith's Valuation was conducted in 1856 for Banada and Keelbanada they both appear under County Roscommon and not County Mayo unlike Lission, Roosky and the other towns listed above. Later in the Local Government Act of 1898 all of these townlands among numerous others are officially listed as transferred to County Roscommon. The significance of Banada and Keelbanada's inclusion in the County Roscommon Griffith's Valuation in 1856 vs County Mayo requires more extensive research.

According to the Valuation Cancelled Books housed at the National Valuation Office in Dublin, Banada was composed of 580 acres and Keel Banada of 1047 acres. Both Banada and Keelbanada are part of French Park District, County Roscommon, Buckill Electoral Division and Kilcolman Civil Parish. (Handran, 2006, p. 109).

These three townlands lie just north of the road that runs between Ballaghaderreen and Tibohine with Lung being only about 2.8 km from Ballaghaderreen. On a trip to Ireland in September 2011, while driving on the N5 that lies between Tibohine and Ballaghaderreen I stopped three times to ask for directions to Lung, Banada and Keelbanada (and one of the stops was a pub with multiple people to consult). None we consulted had heard of these three towns! It appears that over time they have become "absorbed" into what is now the Ballaghaderreen area, losing their separate identities! The townlands of Banada, Keelbanada and Lung are unique in my genealogical research in that all four of my surnames Brennan/Corcoran/Coffey and Gahagan are represented and appear as neighbors, sharing parcels in the Griffith's Valuation and are sponsors for some of the same baptisms in the Ballaghaderreen Catholic Church records. I am in pursuit of (who I believe to be) my third great grandparents Michael Brennan and Biddy Coffee of Roscommon (according to an England Marriage Record) and Patrick Corcoran and Mary Gahagan of Mayo (according to the same marriage record). The fact that the Ballaghaderreen catholic parish straddles three different counties: Sligo, Mayo and Roscommon increases the probability of my family coming from the surrounding border area.

There were no Brennan, Coffey, Corcoran or Gahagan "Occupiers" (or Variants of the surnames) in the Banada, Kilcolman Civil Parish, County Roscommon Griffith's Valuation when it was conducted in 1857, but there were many Quinns and Colemans. This doesn't imply that there were none of these families there only that there were no documented occupiers of parcels with a landlord. There were no Gahagans or Coffeys in the Keelbanada Griffith's Valuation but there was a James Brannan and a Patrick Corcoran. In Lung there were no Coffey or Corcoran occupiers but there was a George Geoghegan and a Michael Brennan that shared a parcel.

There were no Brennan, Coffey, Corcoran or Gahagan entries in the 1901 Lung, Ballaghaderreen DED, the 1901 Banada, Buckill DED or the 1901 Keelbanada, Buckill DED, County Roscommon, Ireland census records. There were still many Coleman and Flynns in Banada and Farrels and Colemans in Keelbanada in 1901.

There were no Brennan, Coffey, Corcoran or Gahagan (or variations) in the 1911 Banada, Buckill DED (though there were many Flynns and Colemans), the 1911 Keelbanada, Buckill DED (though there were many Farrells, Cooney and Colemans) or the 1911 Lung, Ballaghadareen DED Ireland Census Records (although there were numerous entries with the Durr surname.

Please contact me if you feel your Brennan/Corcoran/Coffey or Gahagan ancestors (or any of the surname variations) may have been from this Ballaghaderreen area so that we can put the pieces of the puzzles together. It is clear after researching the Irish microfilm for several years that the vast majority of Irish families in the mid 19th century were large, often as many as 8-10 kids. Somewhere out there are descendents of our Irish ancestor's siblings researching their individual branch of the tree. Working together we will all get our trees back further!

This is a work in progress that will be added to over time.

The records will be presented with Banada, followed by Keelbanada and then Lung. I will present the Griffith's Valuation records at the beginning of each section as I am uncertain to which families they belong due to the commonality of given names. The Brennans, Coffeys, Gahagans, Corcorans (and all variations) I have identified thus far that resided in Ballaghaderreen are as follows:

Brennan, Coffey, Corcoran, Gahagan Surname or friends Spouse Townland; Record Resource Event Date Child; Misc. Info.
Brennan, Kathleen of Charlestown Coleman, Patrick of Banada Barrack Street   Certificate of Freedom 9/16/1936  
Coleman, Jas (Large concentration Colemans in Lung, possibility Julia Geoghegan is from Lung) ?, Margt   M 9/7/1859 Coleman, Jas and Geoghegan, Julia witnesses
Flynn, Michl Kilgallen, Bridget Banada B 6/20/1875 Margaret; Michl Corcoran sponsor and Cath C-man sponsor
Brannan, James, occupier of parcel   Keelbanada, Kilcolman Civil Parish, County Roscommon Griffith's Valuation 1857   James held parcel 6, Land, 1 acre, 3 roods, 20 perches, 15 shillings total valuation; Arthur R Costello Landlord
Corcoran, Patrick, occupier of parcel   Keelbanada, Kilcolman Civil Parish, County Roscommon Griffith's Valuation 1857   Patrick held parcel 14a, House and Land, 8 acres and 5 perches valued at 4 pounds, 5 shillings.
Corcoran, Marg'ta Farrell, Andreas   M 11/?/1853; repeat of this record looks like 2/8??1853 Pat Corcoran was a witness
Corcoran, Margarita Farrell, Andreas Keelbanada B 8/28/1860 birth and 9/21/1860 baptism Andreas; Patricius Corcoran sponsor
Corcoran, Peggy Farrell, Andrew Banada B 8/12/1865 Winny; (Winifred in a repeat record) this appears to be a twin of Mary) Pat Corcoran sponsor
Corcoran, Peggy Farrell, Andrew Banada B 8/12/1865 Mary (this appears to be a twin of Winifred); Pk Corcoran, Mary Corcoran and Margt Towey sponsors
Corcoran, Winifreda Hopkins, Edwardus Keelbanada B 9/30/1861 birth and 9/?/1861 baptism Michael; Honora Coleman is a sponsor
Geoghegan, George, occupier of parcel   Lung, Castlemore Civil Parish, County Mayo, Ireland Griffith's Valuation 1857   George held parcel 7 that he shared with Michael Brennan, land, 20 acres, 1 rood, 9 perches, his total valuation was 4 pounds, 10 shillings; Laurence Waldron Landlord
Durr, Thadeus (I think there is a high probability that this is the George noted above) Butter, Anna ? M 11/12/1831 Georgius Gahagan Sponsor;
Raffey?, James Mierne?, Margaret Lung B 5/4/1873 Maria; Mary Coffey Sponsor
Durr, Thomas Flynn, Brgt Lung B 7/30/1876 Eliza; John Brennan, Sponsor (looks like 7/30/1876 in 926006)
Brennan, Michael, occupier of parcel   Lung, Castlemore Civil Parish, County Mayo, Ireland Griffith's Valuation 1857   Michael Brennan shared parcel 7 with George Geoghegan, land, 20 acres, 1 rood, 9 perches, his total valuation was 4 pounds, 10 shillings; Laurence Waldron Landlord