Brennan Families in Claremorris Catholic Church Records with Spouse's Surnames O-R

Surname Regen: There were two different records in item 29 with variations on the baptismal date (10/2, 10/5) and the child's name, Thadeus Princious Michl and Frances Princious Michel. The record was nearly impossible to read.

Date Event Brennan Spouse Townland Child
12/25/1847 M Brennan, Francis O'Connel, Bridget    
8/12/1905 B Brennan, Joseph Prendergast, Ellin Drumneen? Mary Francis
6/14/1908 B Brennan, Joseph Prendergast, Eileen   Bridget Joseph
7/25/1863 M Brennan, Thomas Prendergast, Mary    
10/2/1905 B Brennan, Mary Margaret Regen, Michl   Thadeus Princious Michl?
10/5/1905 B Brennan, Mary Margaret Regen, Michl   Frances Princious Michel?
4/16?/1842 M Brennan, Martin Roach, Margaret    
1/5?/1845 B Brennan, Martin Roach, Margaret   Shelby?
8/24/1848? B Brennan, Martin Roache, Margt Cloonconnor Patt