Brennan Families in Claremorris Catholic Church Records with Spouse's Surnames A-C

Tawnaghlahard is a Town in Kilcolman Civil Parish. I believe that this may be the town referred to in the birth of James Concanon in 1852. Brgt Brighton is listed as being born in Mace; Kilcolman Civil Parish has Mace Lower, Mace Middle and Mace Upper.

Martin Brennan's parents were listed as Pat and Mary Brennan. There is no way to determine if Brennan is her maiden name or not.

Kilcolman has a Town named Carrrwnaskeha; I believe that this is probably the town that Patt Brennan, Mary Connor and their daughter Mary were living in. The towns listed for their next 6 children (Kileen) do not resemble any towns in the Kilcolman Townland list; however, there is a Carrowkilleen in this Civil Parish.

Kilcolman has a Cloonmore Upper and a Cloonmore Lower; I believe that the town that Jas Creaton, Mary Brennan and their son were living in is Cloonmore Upper.

Kilcolman has a Town named Carrowkilleen; I was unable to find a town named Kileen where Patt Brennan and Mary Connor were documented as living when Mich'l and John were born.

Surname Cleary: A baptismal record for Martin Cleary in 1906 stated that he married Catherine Brennan in St Marys Abbey on November 15 or 25, 1949.

Surname Costello: In the side margin of the Baptismal record for Mary Delia Costello, it states that she married Patrick F Brennan on October 19, 1930 in St Paul's of Jersey City.

Date Event Brennan Spouse Townland Child
3/7/1906 B Brennan, Thomas Belle, Mary Jane   Patrick Antony
3/30/1839 B Brennan, Luke? Bly-?, Bridget   Luke?
9/1/1878 B Brennan, John Brennan, Mary   Mary Margaret
8/7/1855 B Brennan, Pat Brennan, Mary Cloonmore Martin
2/11/1855? B Brennan, Mary? Brighton, Patt Mace Brgt
3/16/1866 B Brennan, Brigt Carroll, James Mace Mary
6/16/1867 B Brennan, Bridget Carroll, James M. Middle John
1/24/1869 B Brennan, Bridget Carroll, Jno M. Middle Cath
11/20/1870 B Brennan, Brigt Carroll, Jas M. Middle Brigt
4/28/1872 B Brennan, Brigt Carroll, Jno Mace? Ellen
5/31/1903 B Brennan, John Clarke, Sarah   Delia Mary
11/15?/1949 M Brennan, Catherine Cleary, Michael    
1/30/1870 B Brennan, Bridget Comer?, Jas? M-Lev? Cath
2/26/1851 M Brannon, Honor Concannon, Martin    
9/30/1852 B Brennan, ? Concanon, Martin Ranaghard? James
1/7/1855 M Brennan, Patt Connor, Mary    
2/15/1857 B Brennan, Patt Connor, Mary Carnaskehee? Mary
9/5/1858 B Brennan, Patt Connor, Mary Killianpanagh? Judith
9/26/1861? B Brennan, Patt Connor, Mary Kell Faml? Pat
9/24/1862 B Brennan, Patt Connor, Mary Kileen? Mich'l
6/5/1866 B Brennan, Patt Connor, Mary Kileen? John
5/3/1868 B Brennan, Patt Connor, Mary Kelleentauch? Thos
4/3/1870 B Brennan, Patt Conor, Mary Kileen? Joseph
5/26/1872 B Brennan, Patt Connor, Mary Killeen Michl
9/17/1841 M Brennan, Thomas Conway, Sarah Emily    
1/1/1843 B Brennan, Thomas Conway, Sara   Mery
1/1/1843 B Brennan, Thomas Conway, Sara   Letitia
4/25/1895 M Brennan, Bridget Corliss, Michael    
1/13/1836? B Brennan, Edward Cosgrave, Bridget   Mary
2/7/1903 B Brennan, Anne Costello, Martin Cuiltibo Mary Delia
9/23/1906 B Brennan, Anne Costello, Martin Cuiltibo Maggie
7/12/1908 B Brennan, Anne Costello, Martin Cuiltibo Michael
4/3/1910 B Brennan, Anne Costello, Martin Kiltibo Thomas Francis
9/6/1857 B Brennan, Mary Creaton, Jas Cloonmore U. Jas
10/20/1860 B Brennan, Mary Creighton?, Patt   Ann
8/21/1865 B Brennan, Mary Creighton, Patt L. Cloonmore Cath
11/27/1870 B Brenan, Mary Creighton, Pat L. Mace Thos
11/16/1913 B Brennan, Maggie Cunningham, John Raith? Mary
6/11/1819 M Brenan, Catharine Cusac, Pat'k