Brennan Families in Bekan Roman Catholic Parish with Spouse's Surnames A-C

There are individuals listed here that had Brennan as the name for both husband and wife (no maiden name was given). Please note that there is a John Maccaffrey and Anne Brennan under the M-N section that may be the same as John Caffrey listed below.

Date Event Brennan Spouse Townland Child
7/26/1835 B Brennan, John Bearns?, Ann   James?
5/26/1841 B Brennan, John Bearns, Anne   Brigt Cath
10/21/1866? B Brennan, John Bains?, Anne?   Anne
10/7/1838 B Brennan, Whm Banis?, Mary   Jas
11/8/1857 B Brennan, Ellenora Beasty, Guiliemi   Thomas Joseph
3/24/1859 B Brennan, Ellenora Beastly, Gullielmus   Joannis
11/1/1860 B Brennan, Ellenora Beasty, Gullielmi   Catharina
1/25/1862 B Brebbabm Maria Beasty, Gullielimi   Michael
11/16/1864 B Brennan, Ellenora Beasty, Gullie?   Margarita Ellenora
4/4/1866 B Brennan, Ellenora Beasty, Gill   Elizabeth
9?/18/1844 B Brennan, John Boyers, Anne   John
6/6/1856 B Brennan, James Brennan, Cath   Catherine
11/14/1854? B Brennan, Pat Brennan, Cath   Martin
6/1/1866 B Brennan, Patritius Brennan, Catharina   Catharina
1/2/1892 M Brennan, James Brennan, Catherine Scregg  
7/24/1869 B Brennan, Jacobi Brennan, Margarita   Jacobus
8?/4/1844 M Brennan, Thady Brennan, Margt    
3/5/1893 B Brennan, Michael Byrne, Catherine   Patrick
8/15/1846 B Brennan, Ells Byrne, Jos?   Mary
8/19/1848 B Brenan, Ells Byrne, Jos   Cathn
3/12/1850 B Brenan, Ells Byrne, Jas   Pat
3/5/1893 B Brennan, Michael Byrons, Catherine   Patrick
4/7/1835 B Brennan, Anne Caffery, John   Cath
6/30/1853 M Brennan, Bridget Clynes, Pat    
6/6/1870? M Brennan, Bridget Clynes, Pat    
5/14/1871 M Brennan, James Comber, Brigt    
2/3/1833 B Brennan, James Concannon, Brigt   Mary
6/28/1836 B Brennan, James Concannon, Brigid   Catherine
2/5/1838 B Brenan, ? Concannon, Brigt   Pat
12?13/1840 B Brennan, Jas? Concannon, Brigt   Brigt Cath
7/8/1849 B Brenan, Jas Concannon, Brigt   Mary
12/21/1847 B Brenan, Jas Corican?, Brgt   Anne
10/6/1851 B Brennan, Jacob Crawley, Catharine   Michael
9/27/1851 B Brennan, James Crawley, Catherine   Michael
4/17/1853 B Brennan, Jacobus Crawley, Catharina   Maria
6/6/1856 B Brennan, Jacobi Crawly, Catharina   Catharina
3/20/1860 B Brennan, Jacobi Crawly, Catherina   Margarita
4/27/1862 B Brennan, Jacobi Crawley, Elizabetha   Elizabeth
6/20/1857 B Brennan, Gernes? Crawly, Cathe   Clearfrette?
10?/26/1837 B Brennan, Martin Crean, Kitty   Mary
11/15?1841 B Brennan, Peggy Cunningham, William   Pat