Brennans in Ballinrobe Roman Catholic Parish Records, County Mayo, Ireland

I have completed microfilm number 1279209 that includes items 8-10 on Ballinrobe Catholic Parish. Ballinrobe Roman Catholic Parish covers Ballinrobe Civil Parish and is part of Kilmaine Barony. These records began in 1850 and concluded in 1903. There are some marriage records to a later date of 1911. There appear to be both Brennans and Browns in this film and at times they can be difficult to distinguish. In the top section of this document you will find notations on all of the records witnessed by Brennans that were not included in the table below, and any other unusual data that may be of interest.

Thos Brannen was a sponsor for the baptism of James Tougher (son of Boyles? and Sarah Tougher) on March 12, 1853.

Mary Brennan was a sponsor for the baptism of Michl of Tom and Margt Gany? in March 1855 in the Townland of --drum?

Mary Brennan was a sponsor for the baptism of Margaret Catherine Connor?, daughter of John Connor? and Anne Corcoran on February 17, 1876, and Mary and Martin Brennan witnessed Margaret's parents wedding two years earlier on Sept 10, 1874.

There was a Thomas Brennan who witnessed the baptism of John S. Lydin son of John Lydin and Margaret Stanton on October 29, 1899; unfortunately, a Townland wasn't given.

There was a Mary Brennan who witnessed a baptism for Mary Moran, daughter of Patk and Peggy Moran; unfortunately, a Townland wasn't given.

Regarding Brennan/Rabbit Family: There is a notation in the margin that states that Cath Brennan married ---ple? at B. Robe.

Reverend M Brennan is documented in records as a priest (CC) in 1865, 1866, 1867, 1869 and 1870.

Bridget Brennan sponsored the baptism of Anne Casey, daughter of Martin Casey and Sabins Commins in Ballinrobe on September 21, 1869.

Mary Brennan witnessed the marriage of Michl Beneneto? and Mary Gibbins on May 29, 1861 (No Townland given).

Mary Brennan sponsored the baptism of Thos Ruane, son of Michl Ruane and Mary Gubberis? on July 25, 1863 in the Townland of Ballynew (I Think that this is most likely Ballynakillew or Ballinaya.)

There is a marriage record for a Bridget Brown (I don't believe it is Brennan, but I can't be sure) to a Thos Conry on August 24, 1879 and one for a Magt Brown? to Martin Geraghty in 1872.

Regarding the marriage of Thos Brennan and Mary Josephine Murphy: Thos was listed as a servant at Thos Evans.

Regarding Walsh/Brennan: This is listed under the marriage records of item 10, but lists no details other than "for Fr Prendergast."

Regarding Michael John Brennan: There is a notation in the margin between this and the record above that states that they married Mary Anne Murphy 2/16/1926 in Cork. I am unsure if this is referring to Michael John or the record that was on the page above it, so I have decided to include it just in case.

I will be presenting these records alphabetically by the Brennan Spouse's Surname.

Date Event Brennan Spouse Townland Child
9/16/1892 M Brennan, Thomas Burke, Mary (of the Neale?)    
4/20/1879 B Brennan, Magapie? Byrne, Christopher   Julia Catharine
11/15/1892 M Brennan, John Gibbons, Mary Westport (John)  
8/29/1869 B Brennan, Mary Holeran, John Carrowmore? Thomas
11/29/1869 B Brennan, Mary Hallaran, John   Catherine
7/26/1864 B Brennan, Mary Joyce, Martin   Mary
11/17/1901 B Brennan, Michael Kearney, Hannah   Michael John
11/9/1902 B Brennan, Michael Carney, Hanna B. Robe Mathew Patrick
3/16/1853 B Brannan, Ellen MacCormick, John   Mary
7/20/1852 B Brennan, Bridget McHugh, Martin   Ml (Michael)
9/14/1861 B Brennan, Patrick ?, Bridget Abbey Road??? Mary
7/17/1898 M Brennan, Thos Murphy, Mary Josephine Ballinrobe  
4/22/1874 B Brennan, James Prize?, Cathe ? Patrick
6/21/1865 B Brennan, Pat Rabbit?, Biddy   Cath
6/20/1900 M? Brennan, Mary Walsh, William