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A Register of Trees, Co. Cork
1790 - 1860

By Donal P. McCracken and Eileen McCracken

Journal of the Cork Archaeological and Historical Society
Vol. LXXXI, 1976

Until the mid-eighteenth century there was little incentive for a tenant to plant trees on his leased land for the trees were legally the property of the landlord. However, between 1721 and 1765 by a series of parliamentary acts the tenant's position in this matter was progressively improved so that by the latter date he was entitled to all the trees he had planted, or their value, on the expiration of his lease. To prove his ownership it was necessary for him to register the trees, within a year of planting, with the clerk of the peace for the county. The registrations of trees planted was recorded at the quarter sessions, published in the Government Gazette and eventually entered in a ledger. These ledgers, entitled A Register of Trees, have survived for thirteen counties. That for Londonderry is in the Public Record Office, Northern Ireland, and those for Cavan, Cork, Kildare, Kilkenny, Limerick, Longford, Louth, Monaghan, Offaly, Sligo, Tipperary and Waterford are in the Public Record Office, Ireland. The information entered in these ledgers varies from county to county but that for Cork is extensive. (P.R.O.I., ID. 1.25, A Register of Trees, Co. Cork, 2 vols.)

The entries are in chronological order and state the names of the tenant and landlord, the location of the plantation (usually the townland and parish), the date of registration and the number of each type of tree put in. It must be stressed that the information contained in these ledgers relates only to tenant planting, for a landlord had no need to prove possession of his trees.
Excerpt of Trees Planted in the Mallow Area
Parish Townland Name of Planter Year
of Trees
BallycloughBallyquishionAlex Frayneame18369,330
BallycloughCoolmanaghCornelius Egan18281,000
BallycloughNewtownChristopher Ardmore1811510
BallyhoolyConvaJos Delany1806-1543,500
BallyhoolyConvaHon. Rich Hare18191,820
BallyhoolyConvaWm Henry Mayo18571,900
BallyhoolyGortrocheRobert Ed Gibbings185923,500
BallyhoolyKillattyCornelius Foley1823490
ButtevantBallybegJohn O'Brien1812320
ButtevantBallybegMich Sheehan182920,600
ButtevantBallybegGeo Furlong Lowe18451,050
ButtevantCastleviewBarry Gregg1824-3211,580
ButtevantCastleviewRev. Cornelius Buckley18462,920
ButtevantDuncarryThos Hefferman18321,600
ButtevantLisgriffinMaurice Magrath1834-4214,180
ButtevantPoulnareaghaJohn Mich Wriseon18384,500
CastlemagnerBluepoolMary Collins1810370
CastlemagnerCoolamaghTim Cronin18415,610
CastlemagnerTwo FreeilsWm Becker182511,250
CastletownrocheBallindagueJos Sherlock18191,260
CastletownrocheBallindagueRich Storey18344,000
CastletownrocheBallydoyleCharles Oliver18258,340
CastletownrocheBallydoylePat Nagle1826360
CastletownrocheConnaberryFrancis Fosberry18163,360
CastletownrocheConnaberryPat Claney18202,870
CastletownrocheCullenaghJohn Swanton1831200
CastletownrocheGloreThos Claney18102,140
CastletownrocheGlandonaghueLaurence Magner18261,070
CastletownrocheKilcummerJohn Foley1818190
CastletownrocheRahardGeo Smith18373,000
ChurchtownChurchtownFreeman Croft18124,570
ChurchtownDrumcorbrittsJas Glover18366,600
DoneraileBallinreeJohn Grave18054,890
DoneraileBallyandrewGeo Stawell1812-3917,870
DoneraileBallyvonearJohn Harold Barry181438,640
DoneraileCarker Mt.Ralph Evans183477,900
DoneraileCastlepookMichael Creagh1821-3767,700
DoneraileCastlepookWm Creagh1835-724,500
DoneraileKilbrackMichael Creagh1806-2639,560
DoneraileKilcolemanJohn Harold Barry181876,700
DoneraileKnocksrahanArthur O'Keefe18101,630
DoneraileNewtownNicholas Evans18521,850
DoneraileOld CourtJonas Stawell18261,090
Doneraile[na]George Grehan Rutland[na]183,000
GlanworthBallycloughJoseph Reali181622,600
GlanworthBallycloughJas Makely18372,670
GlanworthBallycloughRedmond Reali1838-5010,100
GlanworthBallycloughThos Barry18561,000
GlanworthBallyleganJohn Roche18395,200
GlanworthCarrigangroughGeo Ryall1826970
GlanworthCornhillGeo Ryall18264,000
GlanworthGlenacloughFrancis Baily183811,360
GlanworthNew GroveJohn Montgomery18258,100
KilldorreryMonecralaneRoger Sheely Bourke18031,320
KilldorrerySpringvaleJohn Casey18431,010
KilworthBallinvoherJohn Casey1839410
KilworthDowningRedmond Reale185143,000
KilworthGragueEdward Whitefield1811370
KilworthKillabyI. Wilson1795190
KilworthKillabyJeremiah Ennis18151,500
KilworthKilworthJohn Pigott1814310
MallowBallydakinRev Wm Jones182812,000
MallowBallygarret UpperJohn Carmichael1831550
MallowBallyvanterJonas Stawell18268,050
MallowCarrigoonJohn Ahern1831380
MallowCloughlucasJohn Shirror18052,320
MallowGooldshillMich Jones18386,160
MallowKilnockinRich Harris18323,200
MallowNewtownDaniel Madden18164,020
MallowSpa GlenCharles C. Haines1846-583,550
Mourne AbbeyBallyknockaneJohn Moonan18354,050

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