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Famine Orphans from County Cork to Australia

The following records of young girls sent to Australia between October, 1848 and August, 1850, are taken from Irish Famine Orphans in Australia by Valda Strauss, published 1993 in Volume 11 of the Mallow Field Club Journal.

Material for this article was taken from the book Barefoot and Pregnant? by Trevor McClaughlin. Additional information on individuals on this list, as well as lists for other parts of Ireland, can be found in McClaughlin's book, which was recently reprinted. Contact Trevor McClaughlin for information on how to order, or about the second volume, which is available in softcover from The Genealogical Society of Victoria.

Locations transcribed from the original records are assumed to be as follows:
for Kingsale, read Kinsale
for Roscarvie, read Rosscarberry
for Charlefield, read Charleville
for Cross Avon, read Crosshaven
for Casline, read Castlelyons
for Manway, read Dunmanway
for Drumtarnie, read Dromdowney
for Liskell, read Lisgoold

The Earl Grey arrived at Sydney 6th October, 1848
The William & Mary arrived at Sydney 21 November, 1849
The Lismoyne arrived at Sydney 29 November, 1849
The Panama arrived at Sydney 12 January, 1850
The John Knox arrived at Sydney 29 April, 1850
The Tippoo Sahib [Tippoo Sail?] arrived at Sydney 29 July, 1850
The Maria arrived at Sydney 1 August, 1850
The Lady Kennaway arrived at Port Phillip 6 December, 1848
The Pemberton arrived at Port Phillip 14 May, 1849
The Eliza Caroline arrived at Port Phillip 31 March, 1850

Unless otherwise stated (m. in Cork) both parents are dead.

Ahern, Susan171850KanturkJames & Eliz.R.C.Maria
Armstrong181850KanturkChas. & Cath., m. in CorkR.C.Maria
Barrow, Ann171849MallowR.C.Pemberton
Barrow, Mary141849MallowR.C.Pemberton
Barry, Catherine181850MiddletonRobert & NancyR.C.John Knox
Barry, Mary161850KanturkBen & AnnR.C.Maria
Barry, Mary171850MiddletonJohn & Cath., m. in MidletonR.C.John Knox
Bath [Best], Susan211850CorkC.E.Eliza Caroline
Bird, Martha181850CorkC.E.Eliza Caroline
Brien, Catherine151850MiddletonJohn & ElizabethR.C.John Knox
Brien, Johanna171850BandonPatrick & Judith, m. in BandonR.C.John Knox
Briskell, Mary191850SkibbereenR.C.Eliza Caroline
Broderick, Ellen191850FermoyJohn & Johanna, m. in FermoyR.C.John Knox
Buckley161850Cork CityR.C.Eliza Caroline
Buckley, Ann161850KanturkDon. & Nancy, m. in KanturkR.C.Maria
Buckley, Ellen171849CastletownJohn & EllenR.C.Lismoyne
Buckley, Jane181850Cork CityR.C.Eliza Caroline
Cahill, Johanna171849Mallow & DoneraileLawrence & CatherineR.C.Pemberton
Cahill, Ellen141849Mallow & DoneraileLawrence & CatherineR.C.Pemberton
Callaghan, Catherine1711850KanturkJohn & Cath.R.C.Maria
Callahan, Ann181850KanturkJohn & AnnR.C.Maria
Cambridge, Alice181850CorkdeadC.E.Panama
Casey, Nancy171849KingsaleMichael & AnnR.C.Lismoyne
Casey, Catherine141849KingsaleMichael & AnnR.C.Lismoyne
Cavanagh, Margaret161849MallowR.C.Pemberton
Cleary, Ellen181849CrossavenPatrick & BettyR.C.Lismoyne
Clenane, Mary171850ManwayR.C.Eliza Caroline
Coakley, Johanna171850KanturkJohn & Cath., f. in KanturkR.C.Maria
Collins, Ellen171850SkibbereenR.C.Eliza Caroline
Collins, Mary171850CorkR.C.Eliza Caroline
Co[n/m]arty, Christina151849CorkC.E.Pemberton
Connell, Catherine171849KingsaleJohn & MaryR.C.Lismoyne
Connell, Catherine181850CorkJames & MaryR.C.John Knox
Connell, Ellen161849KingsaleJohn & MaryR.C.Lismoyne
Connell, Johanna151850FermoyPeter & MaryR.C.John Knox
Connelly, Bridget141849CorkHenry & BridgetR.C.Lismoyne
Connelly, Catherine161850CorkR.C.Eliza Caroline
Connelly, Catherine161849KingsaleWilliam & MaryR.C.Lismoyne
Connor, Ellen161850CorkC.E.Eliza Caroline
Connor, Mary Ann171850CorkThose & Isabella, f. in CorkR.C.John Knox
Connors, Ellen161850KanturkCornel & Ellen, f. in LiverpoolR.C.Maria
Conron, Mary181850CaslineEdmund & JohannaR.C.John Knox
Corbell, Catherine181850CorkR.C.Eliza Caroline
Cotter, Margaret181850CorkJohn & JaneR.C.John Knox
Coughlan, Catherine171850SkibbereenR.C.Eliza Caroline
[Coughlan?], Julie171849CorkC.E.Pemberton
Co[u]ghlan, Mary171850SkibbereenR.C.Eliza Caroline
Courcy, Catherine151849LispatrickDaniel & Mgt., m. in LispatrickR.C.Lismoyne
Cowley, Mary161849CharlefieldThose. & Mary, R.C.Lismoyne
Crowley, Catherine191850BandonR.C.Eliza Caroline
Crowley, Catherine161850BandonCornel. & Sarah, m. in BandonC.E.John Knox
Crowley, Elizabeth171850BandonJohn & MaryR.C.John Knox
Croneen, Catherine171849KinsaleDennis & Catherine, R.C.Lismoyne
Croughlin, Julie171849CorkC.E.Pemberton
Curtin, Margaret171849MallowR.C.Pemberton
Curtin, Mary161850FermoyMich. & Marg., m. in FermoyR.C.John Knox
Cushen, Bridget201849RoscarvieEdward & Ellen, R.C.Lismoyne
Daly, Bridget171850Skilivan?R.C.Eliza Caroline
Daly, Elizbeth181850FermoyChas. & Cath, m. in FermoyR.C.John Knox
Davis, Ellen191850CorkMichael & JohannaR.C.John Knox
Davis, Mary181849CorkC.E.Pemberton
Dawley, Mary151850BandonDennis & Mary, f. in BandonR.C.John Knox
Dawson, Bridget181850MiddletonThose. & MaryR.C.John Knox
Deasey, Mary181850BandonCornelius & HonoraR.C.John Knox
Delane, Mary161850CorkR.C.Eliza Caroline
Desmond, Ellen151850DrumanwayR.C.Eliza Caroline
Desmond, Mary161850DrumanwayR.C.Eliza Caroline
Desmond, Mary Anne181850BandonJohn & ElizaR.C.John Knox
Dogherty, Ellen171849MallowR.C.Pemberton
Donahoe, Honora161850KanturkJohn & Ann, m. in KanturkR.C.Maria
Donavan, Bridget181849KinsaleJohn & Eliza, f. livingR.C.Lismoyne
Donoghue, Maria161849CorkR.C.Pemberton
Donovan, Bridget191850CloyneDennis & Mary, m. in CloyneR.C.John Knox
Donovan, Catherine181850BandonJohn & MaryR.C.John Knox
Donovan, Catherine171850DrumanwayR.C.Eliza Caroline
Don[n]ovan, Ellen161850CorkR.C.Eliza Caroline
Donovan, Eliza191850CorkR.C.Eliza Caroline
Donovan, Margaret141850CorkR.C.Eliza Caroline
Donovan, Mary191850SkibbereenR.C.Eliza Caroline
Donovan, Mary191850SkibbereenR.C.Eliza Caroline
Donovan, Johanna181850BandonJohn & HanoraR.C.John Knox
Donovan, Margaret161850CorkTimothy & EllenR.C.John Knox
Donovan, Margaret161850FermoyJohn & Mary, m. in FermoyR.C.John Knox
Dorney, Julia161850SkibbereenR.C.Eliza Caroline
Dowden, Catherine201850MiddletonJohn & Mary, m. in MiddletonR.C.John Knox
Doyle, Mary171849CorkR.C.Pemberton
Drady, Mary181850MiddletonJohn & Mary, m. in MiddletonR.C.John Knox
Driscoll, Ann191850CorkR.C.Eliza Caroline
Driscoll, Bridget151850SkibbereenR.C.Eliza Caroline
Driscoll, Johanna161850SkibbereenR.C.Eliza Caroline
Driscoll, Judy191850SkibbereenR.C.Eliza Caroline
Driscoll, Margaret151850CorkJohn & Mgt.R.C.John Knox
[Driscoll?], Mary191850SkibbereenR.C.Eliza Caroline
Driscoll, Mary181850CorkJas. & Cath, m. in CorkR.C.John Knox
Duane, Eileen191849CorkR.C.Pemberton
[Duannan?], Eileen191849CorkR.C.Pemberton
Dudley, Mary181850CorkJohn & Johanna in N.S.W.R.C.John Knox
Duffy, Mary181850CorkJas. & CharlotteR.C.John Knox
Dunbar, Ellen141849CorkC.E.Pemberton
Dunn, Eliza171848City of CorkC.E.Lady Kennaway
Dwyer, Catherine181850CorkThose. & AnnC.E.John Knox
Evans, Mary171849CorkC.E.Pemberton
Falv[e]y, Jane171849OatlandThose. & Ann, m. in KinsaleR.C.Lismoyne
Farissey, Johanna151850BandonPat. & Mgt., m. in BandonR.C.John Knox
Fielding, Mary Ann181850St. ?, CorkRichard & JaneC.E.John Knox
Fitzgerald, Alice151850Cork CityR.C.Eliza Caroline
Fitzgerald, Ellen171850SkibbereenR.C.Eliza Caroline
Fitzgerald, Mary171850BandonDavid & Marg.R.C.John Knox
Fitzgibbon, Catherine181850KanturkWm. & JudithR.C.Maria
Fitzgibbon, Elizabeth191850Kanturk, Limerick?Wm. & JudithR.C.Maria
Flagherty, Catherine171849Cross AvonDavid & Mary R.C.Lismoyne
Flavin, Nancy181850MiddletonPat. & MaryR.C.John Knox
Fleming, Johanna171850MitchellstownThose. & Ellen, m. in M'townR.C.John Knox
Flynn, Bridget181850CorkDennis & Cath.R.C.John Knox
Flynn, Eliza181850KilvartPat. & Eliza, m. in KilvartR.C.John Knox
Ford, Margaret181850DrumtarnieJohn & MaryR.C.Maria
Fraher, Catherine161849KilfinninMichael & BridgetR.C.Lismoyne
Galvin, Mary151850FermoyJohn & Mgt.R.C.John Knox
Gehan, Margaret151850CorkR.C.Eliza Caroline
Glover, Ellen151849MallowR.C.Pemberton
Green, Rose161850MallowC.E.Panama
Grogan, Johanna161850CorkJohn & MaryR.C.John Knox
Guinea, Ellen161850KanturkOwen & EllenR.C.Maria
Hall, Mary Elizabeth151849CorkC.E.Pemberton
Hall, Mary171849CorkC.E.Pemberton
Hannan, Eliza181850CorkR.C.Eliza Caroline
Harrigan, Honora181850CorkR.C.Eliza Caroline
Harrington, Honora171850BandonJohn & JohannaR.C.John Knox
Harrington, Margaret141850SkibbereenR.C.Eliza Caroline
Harris, Jane171849CorkC.E.Pemberton
Hatch, Catherine171850BandonRichard & Ellen, m. in BandonR.C.John Knox
Hayes, Mary171849KinsaleJohn & MaryR.C.Lismoyne
Hegarty, Mary171850SkibbereenR.C.Eliza Caroline
Helen, Mary171850SkibbereenR.C.Eliza Caroline
Hellen, Ellen161850BandonThose. & Mary, m. in BandonR.C.John Knox
Henigan, Catherine151850BandonThose & HannahR.C.John Knox
Hick, Mary181850CorkR.C.Eliza Caroline
Hill, Ellen161850BandonGeorge & ElizaC.E.John Knox
Hogan171849CharlevilleThose. & Mgt., m. in Ch'villeR.C.Lismoyne
Hogan, Honora161850MitchellstownJohn & Johanna, m. in M'townR.C.John Knox
Hogan, Honora171850FermoyDavid & Ellen, f. in FermoyR.C.John Knox
Horigan, Johanna171850KanturkPat. & HonoraR.C.Maria
Hurley, Ellen171850DrumanwayR.C.Eliza Caroline
Hurley, Honora171850DrumanwayR.C.Eliza Caroline
Hurst, Mary Ann151850KanturkHenry & EllenR.C.Maria
Jones, Jane171849CorkWm. & MargtR.C.Lismoyne
Keane, Margaret181850CorkJohn & CatherineR.C.John Knox
Kearney, Mary161850BandonJohn & Mary, m. in BandonR.C.John Knox
Keating151849MilfordJames & MaryR.C.Lismoyne
Keefe, Catherine181849MallowR.C.Pemberton
Keeffe, Honora181850CaslineMich. & MaryR.C.John Knox
Keeffe, Mary171850CorkPat. & Ellen, m. in CorkR.C.John Knox
Keeffe, Mary161850MiddletonWilliam & Eliz.R.C.John Knox
Kehoe, Mary181850DanginJohn & Mary, m. in DanginR.C.John Knox
Keily, Honora161850KanturkTim & HonoraR.C.Maria
Keife, Mary171850DromtarriffArthur & MaryR.C.Maria
Kelleher, Catherine161850DonomorePatrick & MaryR.C.John Knox
Kelleher, Johanna151850DonomorePatrick & MaryR.C.John Knox
Kelleher, Honora161850MacromeJohn & PegR.C.John Knox
Kennefick, Elizabeth161850MiddletonWilliam & MaryR.C.John Knox
Keogh, Ann171849KinsalePeter & Ellen, m. in TraleeC.E.Lismoyne
Kinealy, Hannah171850MacromeJhn & HannahR.C.John Knox
Leary, Ellen181850CorkR.C.Eliza Caroline
Leary, Jane181850SkibbereenR.C.Eliza Caroline
Leary, Margaret161849KinsaleTim & Mgt.R.C.Lismoyne
Leonard, Anne191850CorkR.C.Eliza Caroline
Leonard, Ellen161849Kinsaledeserted when youngC.E.Lismoyne
Leonard, Mary171850CorkR.C.Eliza Caroline
Linehan, Mary181850MiddletonMich. & Marg., m. in MidletonR.C.John Knox
Lordon, Ellen171850BandonJeremoah & EllenR.C.John Knox
Lucy, Catherine171850MacromeMichael & CatherineR.C.John Knox
Lynch, Margaret181850MacromeCornelius & MargaretR.C.John Knox
Lyons, Ellen171849NovilleDaniel & HonoraR.C.Lismoyne
MacCartey, Bridget171849MallowR.C.Pemberton
MacManus, Harriet171849ButtevantR.C.Pemberton
Mahon[e]y171850DrumanwayR.C.Eliza Caroline
Mahoney, Ellen181850BandonJames & MaryR.C.Maria
Mahoney, Ellen171850CorkAndrew & MaryR.C.John Knox
Mahoney, Hanora171850Eaveleary?Dennis & Ellen, m. in CorkR.C.John Knox
Mahoney, Johanna171850MillstreetDan & Cath.R.C.Maria
Mahoney, Johanna181850Eaveleary?Dennis & Ellen, m. in CorkR.C.John Knox
Mahoney, Margaret181850LondonBartholomew & Ellen,
m. in Fermoy
R.C.John Knox
Mahoney, Margaret171850KilcourRichd & Mgt.R.C.John Knox
Mahoney, Mary161850DrumanwayR.C.Eliza Caroline
Mahoney, Mary191850MiddletonManeus & MaryR.C.John Knox
Mahoney, Mary161849KinsaleJohn & EllenR.C.Lismoyne
Ma[h/l]oney, Mary151849MallowR.C.Pemberton
Manning, Margaret181849KinsaleTimothy & EllenR.C.Lismoyne
Manning, Cathy181850FermoyJames & MariaR.C.John Knox
Marks, Ann151849CorkC.E.Pemberton
Martin, Catherine191850CorkJames & MaryR.C.John Knox
Martin, Eliza171850CorkJames & MaryR.C.John Knox
Matthews, Mary191850CorkThose & AbigailR.C.John Knox
McAvoy, Mary161850Dungarvon, Waterford & DrumanwayR.C.Eliza Caroline
McCarthy, Anne191850CorkCharles & MaryR.C.John Knox
[McCarthy?], Bridget171849MallowR.C.Pemberton
McCarthy, Ellen181850CorkR.C.Eliza Caroline
McCarthy, Honora171849KinsaleTimothy & EllenR.C.Lismoyne
McCarthy, Judy181850DrumanwayR.C.Eliza Caroline
McCarthy, Margaret171850CorkR.C.Eliza Caroline
McCarthy, Mary161850LataculleenFelix & Mary, m. in Co. CorkR.C.John Knox
McCarthy, Mary171850MiddletonJeremiah & Ellen, m. in M'tonR.C.John Knox
McCarthy, Mary191849KinsaleJeremoah & Joh.R.C.Lismoyne
McCarthy, Mary Ann181850CorkCharles & MaryR.C.John Knox
McCarty, Mary161850CorkR.C.Eliza Caroline
McLean, Mary Ann191850CorkR.C.Eliza Caroline
Merryman, Ann171849CorkChristopher & MaryR.C.William & Mary
Miller, Catherine181850YoughalEdmond & KateR.C.John Knox
Minahan, Eliza181850DrumanwayR.C.Eliza Caroline
Minean, Ellen171850DrumanwayR.C.Eliza Caroline
Minnahan, Mary171850SkibbereenR.C.Eliza Caroline
Mooney, Judy181850SkibbereenR.C.Eliza Caroline
Moylan, Mary171850CorkPatrick & EllenR.C.John Knox
Mulcahy, Julia161850KanturkThomas & BessyR.C.Maria
Mullane, Mary161850CorkJohn & JohannaR.C.John Knox
Mullins, Mary161850KanturkJohn & MaryR.C.Maria
Mullowney, Catherine191850MillstreetWm. & Honora, f. in KerryR.C.Tippoo Sahib
Murphy, Bessy161850KanturkJohn & JaneR.C.Maria
Murphy, Catherine161850MiddletonJohn & Mary, m. in MidletonR.C.John Knox
Murphy, Ellen181850CorkDennis & AllanR.C.John Knox
Murphy, Ellen181849CorkR.C.Pemberton
Murphy, Ellen151850CorkDenis & MaryR.C.Tippoo Sahib
Murphy, Eliza161850MiddletonJohn & Mary, m. in MidletonR.C.John Knox
Murphy, Hannah181850CorkR.C.Eliza Caroline
Murphy, Johanna191850MiddletonJohn & Mary, m. in MidletonR.C.John Knox
Murphy, Margaret171850CorkJohn & EllenR.C.John Knox
Murphy, Margaret181850MiddletonJohn & Mary, m. in MidletonR.C.John Knox
Murphy, Margaret191850MiddletonJames & Norry, m. in MidletonR.C.John Knox
Murp[h]y, Margaret181850SkibbereenR.C.Eliza Caroline
Murphy, Mary161850MacroomJohn & Mary, m. in MacroomR.C.John Knox
Murphy, Margart181850BandonPatrick & EllenR.C.John Knox
Murray, Catherine151850FermoyWm. & EllenR.C.John Knox
Murray, Catherine181848CorkJames & MargaretR.C.Earl Grey
Murray, Catherine141849KinsaleLawrence & MaryR.C.Lismoyne
Murray, Mary171849KinsaleLawrence & MaryR.C.Lismoyne
Nagle, Ellen181850FermoyWm. & CatherineR.C.John Knox
Neigle [Nagle], Ellen161849CorkC.E.Pemberton
Neille, Mary171850CorkCornelius & MaryR.C.John Knox
Nelligan, Eliza171849MallowR.C.Pemberton
Nelligan, Ann181849MallowR.C.Pemberton
Noonan, Mary161850LiskellDennis & MaryR.C.Maria
O'Neill, Mary181850MiddletonWm. & Anna, m. in MiddletonR.C.John Knox
Pratt, Belinda181850CorkJames & Isabella, f. in CorkR.C.John Knox
Purcell, Catherine171850ArballaghJob & MaryR.C.John Knox
Quill, Mary181850MilfordPatk. & FannyR.C.Maria
Quinlan, Margaret151850CorkR.C.Eliza Caroline
Quinlivan, Ann181850KinsaleDonovan & HonoraR.C.Panama
Quin[n], Ellen191849MallowR.C.Pemberton
Quinn, Mary171849KinsaleWilliam & HonoraR.C.Lismoyne
Rathcliff, Mary161849CorkC.E.Pemberton
Reardon, Margaret181850FermoyThose & BridgetR.C.John Knox
Regan171850CorkPatrick & CecilyR.C.Panama
Regan, Honora161850FermoyTim & Alice, m. in FermoyR.C.John Knox
Regan, Johanna171850FermoyTim & Alice, m. in FermoyR.C.John Knox
Regan, Mary181850CorkPat. & Cath.R.C.John Knox
Reid, Martha171849KinsaleC.E.Pemberton
Ring, Mary151850MacroomTimoth & ElizaR.C.John Knox
Roche, Mary161850KanturkHugh & Margt.R.C.Maria
Roche, Mary171850KanturkMorris? & EileenR.C.Maria
Rocheford, Elia181850CorkR.C.Eliza Caroline
Ryan, Johanna171850BandonPatk. & MaryR.C.John Knox
Ryan, Mary161850MitchelstownMaurice & AnnaR.C.John Knox
Ryan, Mary171850ClogheenJohn & Cath.R.C.John Knox
Scanlon, Honora151850CorkPat & Mary, m. in CorkR.C.John Knox
Scanlon, Mary171850CorkPat & Mary, m. in CorkR.C.John Knox
Scott, Mary181850CorkR.C.Eliza Caroline
Seymour, Jane181850CorkR.C.Eliza Caroline
Shea151850MacroomJohn & HonoraR.C.John Knox
Shea, Margaret141849MallowR.C.Pemberton
Sheehan, Catherine181850MitchelstownJohn & MaryR.C.John Knox
Sheehan, Jane191850CorkMich. & EllenR.C.John Knox
Smyth, Honora141850MiddletonWm. & EllenR.C.John Knox
Spillane, Mary181849KinsaleMaurice & CatherineR.C.Lismoyne
Sullivan, Catherine161849KinsaleJohn & EllenR.C.Lismoyne
Sullivan, Catherine191850FermoyJohn & JohannaR.C.John Knox
Sullivan, Catherine181850KanturkPatk. & CathR.C.Maria
Sullivan, Ellen161850SkibbereenR.C.Eliza Caroline
Sullivan, Ellen161850KanturkCornelius & JohannaR.C.Maria
Sullivan, Mary161849CorkC.E.Pemberton
Sullivan, Mary161850KanturkPat. & Mary, m. in KanturkR.C.Maria
Sweeney, Catherine171850MacroomDan & Ellen, m. in MacroomR.C.John Knox
Sweeney, Margaret181850BandonRichd & HonoraR.C.John Knox
Troy, Mary141849CharlevilleJas. & Mgt., m. at CharlevilleR.C.Lismoyne
Upton, Eliza151849MallowR.C.Pemberton
Wallace, Catherine161850CorkR.C.Eliza Caroline
Wallace, Mary181850KanturkJohn & EllenR.C.Maria
Walsh, Mary181850CastlelyneMaurice & JohannaR.C.John Knox
Whelan, Mary161849KinsaleTimothy & MaryR.C.Lismoyne
White, Ellen181850CloyneJohn & Ellen, m. in CloyneR.C.John Knox
Williams, Ann151849CorkC.E.Pemberton
Woods, Ann171850Kilkeale?Those. & AnnR.C.John Knox

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