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Index to Volumes 1-21, 1983-2003

With twenty-one issues published it is now getting difficult to find particular articles or references, hence the compiling of this volume. An index can be very detailed or very meager in its entries and striking the balance is the difficulty. Consistency is very important, but difficult to maintain over a long period of indexing. As this volume took a full year to complete, consistency may have suffered somewhat. However, I am satisfied that all topics dealt with in the Journals are covered.

There are three sections to this index. The first is the general index where many entries are cross-referenced under author's name and under town or parish. The second section separately lists all photographs and illustrations. The third section is a list of civil parishes in the Mallow area, together with their townlands, which is aimed at assisting anybody wishing to locate places mentioned.

I wish to acknowledge the support of the editorial committee in urging me to finish this project. I am also indebted to Tim Cadogan of Cork County Library for invaluable advice and for reading and correcting many flaws in the initial listing. Thanks are also due to Bill Power for help and advice along the way, and for formatting the text for printing.

Seamus Crowley
November 2004

Editorial Committee
Rev. Robert Forde
Ita Power
Seamus Crowley
Kevin Myers
John Caplice

112 pages, 5" X 8", copyright © 2004 by Mallow Field Club

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