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Mallow Field Club Journal No. 28
Mallow Archaeological & Historical Society

Mallow Field Club Journal

No. 28 - 2010

When the Field Club go about the business of producing a Journal each year, one of its aims is to produce an edition that has a variety of topics not just on local history but also on folklore and archaeology. Quit apart from the subject matter involved we consider it necessary to have a strong 'Mallow' content while at the same time covering issues that are of interest in the surrounding area.

In Journal 28 we are closer than ever to getting that balance right; in this issue local lore is recorded, along with family and sporting history. There are fine articles on archaeological finds and features, and on events that impacted Mallow during the troubled times in the 1920's.

It is gratifying to welcome new contributors who bring other dimensions and style to the Journal; hopefully they have caught the bug! Although it is not customary to mention individual writers we believe the time has come to make an exception in the case of Jer. Coughlan. Regular readers will have noticed articles written by 'AJ Coughlan' over many issues of the Journal; for many years Jer, who hails from Rockchapel and is now living in London, has burrowed into the archives of some of the great British institutions that hold so much of our history and has carried out painstaking research into a variety of topics resulting in some fine articles for the Journal comprised of material not previously written up. Without doubt the readers of the Mallow Field Club Journal have reaped the rewards. This year he has done it again and his article on the tithe riots in Glantane and Bweeng must surely rate among his best.

We hope you will find the articles on offer to be both interesting and informative.

Editorial Committee
Seamus Crowley
John Caplice
Ita Power
Kevin Myers
Charles Mortell


186 pages, 5" X 8", copyright © 2010 by Mallow Field Club

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