Mallow Field Club Journal No. 27
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Mallow Field Club Journal

No. 27 - 2009

This is the 27th issue of the Mallow Field Club Journal, offering a new collection of articles on the local history of the North Cork area. We hope that you will agree that the material produced here will add to the varied history of Mallow and its surrounds. We came across a quotation from the cover note on a History of Ballydesmond [formerly Kingwilliamstown], published in 1986 which expresses very well what the Field Club is about when it publishes its Journal: "The more our world is dominated by novelty and change the more people search desperately for anchors and solid ground to cling to. This seems the explanation for the renewed interest in local history which has become a feature of Irish life in recent decades."

What might distinguish this year's edition is the number of articles about families; Haines, Holmes, Newmans, Atkins, Anderson, O'Malley, Hanlons, Walshs and more. Equally we are aware that we are in an era of unparalleled interest in genealogy. We regularly watch celebrities discover who they think they are; the census of 1911 having recently been made available on-line is a tremendous resource now available to anyone researching their forebears.

In our own low-profile way the Field Club believes that a Journal such as this can make a significant contribution to building the picture of who we are and where we came from. Despite the fact that there is a good collection of articles offered in Journal No 27 we will soon begin the increasingly difficult search for material for No 28. We have nothing in reserve and we desperately need contributions that might be suitable for publication. Writing pieces for the Journal is not the preserve of the few; anyone can do it, 'yes you can'!

Editorial Committee
Charles Mortell
Kevin Myers
Jim Foley
Mehaul Magner
Seamus Crowley
Sean Curtin
Bill Cotter
Colman Rutherford
Tim Sheehan


186 pages, 5" X 8", copyright © 2009 by Mallow Field Club

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