Mallow Field Club Journal No. 21
Mallow Archaeological & Historical Society

Mallow Field Club Journal

No. 21 - 2003

One of the least trumpeted success stories in the cultural life of north Cork is the production, without fail, for the past twenty years of the Mallow Field Club Journal. This may appear self-congratulatory, but it is undeniable that the club is very proud of its achievement on the publication of Journal number 21. We think that it is one of the best yet – we hope that you agree.

Recording the events, people and places in the passing of time is our stock in trade, yet we wonder how quickly time has passed since 1983, when Journal number 1 appeared. The club was unsure of how it would be received, so we promoted the volume vigorously. Many unsuspecting friends, relations and acquaintances were relieved of £2 in return for a white book with a drawing of Mallow Castle on the cover.

The club takes pride in having published 21 volumes. However, this fine collection of local history and archaeology is the work of many writers and researchers who so generously supplied the life-blood of the Journal over the years. To these contributors we say sincere thanks. Our thanks also to those who pointed us to new and original material. Newspapers and booksellers have helped in no small way to promote our sales. We thank you, our readers, most of all for your continued loyalty. The work continues.

In 1983, a native of Mallow, Sr M Angela Bolster, an accomplished historian, wrote the foreword for Journal number 1. Sr Angela's good wishes remain with us: “Guim rath Dé ar lucht taighde agus lucht scriofa an iriseain seo, agus fós ar lucht a leithe.”

Editorial Committee
Rev. Robert Forde
Ita Power
Seamus Crowley
Kevin Myers
John Caplice


182 pages, 5" X 8", copyright © 2003 by Mallow Field Club

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