Mallow Field Club Journal No. 18
Mallow Archaeological & Historical Society

Mallow Field Club Journal

No. 18 - 2000

We present, with great pleasure, Journal 18, our first of the new millennium. With our interest in recording the history of Mallow and its environs, we try each year to print articles on different subjects and hopefully cater for people's various interests. We hope you will all find something of particular interest in this volume and enjoy reading it.

It is said that one of the signs of a civilised people is their taking an interest in their past and studying it. To plot a people's or a country's future, it is helpful to know where they have come from and what lessons can be learned from past experience. This can apply as well to a local area as to the whole country, and with the pace of development today there is more urgency than ever to plan for the future wisely.

Mallow has its own image and identity represented by its people, traditions and built heritage. It is important that we are all careful and vigilant in ensuring we keep this identity vibrant and safe for those who come after us. We hope that the Mallow Field Club Journal is contributing positively to this end and we would encourage anyone who has material, to share it with the wider audience that reads our Journal in so many parts of the world.

We thank our readers for their continued support and wish everybody well for the coming year.

Editorial Committee
Kevin Myers
John Caplice
Rev. Robert Forde
Ita Power
Seamus Crowley


172 pages, 5" X 8", copyright © 2000 by Mallow Field Club

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