Mallow Field Club Journal No. 17
Mallow Archaeological & Historical Society

Mallow Field Club Journal

No. 17 - 1999

The Millennium

Interest in local history began during the 19th Century. Initially the study of 'Antiquities' as it was then known, was the preserve largely of the professional and landed classes. The range of topics grew wider in the 20th Century into such subjects as folklore as well as Archaelogy and history itself. Many individuals and groups set about recording events and sites thus broadening the appeal of local history and making it available to ordinary men and women. Indeed this wider appeal has itself become a rich pool of sources for recording old ways and methods, customs and events.

The second half of the 20th Century witnessed an explosion of mass media. This had the effect of changing peoples' social activities and the arts of storytelling and relating of local customs and events became almost redundant. Fortunately many folklorists and local historians made great strides in preserving the wealth of information about how Ireland lived in former years.

Even with the loss of many valuable sources for local studies, the age of Information Technology has brought tremendous opportunities. Parish records, among others are being computerised and categorized. Cork County Library, with its limited resources, continues to provide a welcoming and professional service to the student of local history. Mallow Field Club remains ever appreciative of their help.

Even with so much information becoming available at our fingertips local history will lose much of its appeal if we become armchair activists. The fun remains in the meeting, the outing to an old site or the sharing of the latest discovery or piece of information.

This is the 17th issue of the Mallow Field Club Journal, and we hope to continue in the new millennium to record what is relevant to Mallow's past and that of the surrounding area. Our hope is also that you will find much to inform and to enjoy in this year's Journal.

Editorial Committee
Ita Power
Seamus Crowley
Kevin Myers
John Caplice
Rev. Robert Forde


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