Mallow Field Club Journal No. 14
Mallow Archaeological & Historical Society

Mallow Field Club Journal

No. 14 - 1996

This past year has seen the face of Mallow changing rapidly and for the better. The limestone sculpture at the Annabella Roundabout symbolises the town's strategic position at the crossroads of Munster.

The building of the £7 million flagship racecourse is in progress at the moment and the opening of the £0.5 million cinema complex should see Mallow become a very attractive centre for tourists. Before the end of the year the re-vamped swimming pool will be opened to the public so leisure activities in Mallow will be very well catered for in the coming years.

New developments in the building industry, particularly in the designated area of the town should revitalise old Mallow. St. Mary's church, built in 1818, is now being re-roofed and redesigned. All these developments highlight the necessity to continue to record historical Mallow.

Editorial Committee
Rev. Robert Forde
Ita Power
Seamus Crowley
Kevin Myers
John Caplice


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