Mallow Field Club Journal No. 4
Mallow Archaeological & Historical Society

Mallow Field Club Journal

No. 4 - 1986

We are pleased to offer our readers Mallow Field Club Journal No. 4 for 1986. There is still ground to be covered in recording the history of our locality and we hope this issue will add to the overall appreciation of our past.

This year a new project has been undertaken in Mallow under the auspices of AnCO. A number of young people are cleaning the gravestones in the local cemeteries and carefully transcribing the inscriptions. It is planned to publish a booklet on each of the cemeteries containing the names and any other information recorded. It is also proposed to index the parish records and registers. We welcome this work being done by young Mallow people under the supervision of Jerry Doolan and guided and supported by AnCO personnel. While giving much needed employment, this undertaking is collecting and making available to us historical material that might never become known to us, or indeed could possibly be lost to the community. We wish the project every success and look forward with great interest to the publication of their findings.

We again wish to thank our contributors and our readers for their support, and we sincerely ask those who may have material of local historical interest to contact us.


160 pages, 5¾ x 8, copyright © 1986 by Mallow Field Club

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