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The Irish Emigrant is a weekly digest of local and national news from Ireland that has been emailed to subscribers around the world since 1987. The following mentions of Mallow have been downloaded from their online archives. Click on the date of a news item to view the complete issue for that week.

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November 1, 1987

The Gardaí looked a bit foolish after letting the kidnappers of John O'Grady escape on Monday. The story we were eventually given was as follows: Someone phoned the Gardaí in Midleton about midday on Monday to say that they had seen a man drinking tea in a field; not the sort of thing you expect to see in late October here in Ireland. Gardaí arrived to investigate and found a fifteen foot steel container in the field. It was locked and they could not find the owner. While they were doing this it is now thought that they were being watched by the kidnappers who were camping in an overgrown hedge nearby. The Gardaí went back for reinforcements and army support. In the meantime the kidnappers removed Mr O'Grady from the container and started moving off. By the time the Gardaí began to surround the area the kidnappers were two fields away from where the Gardaí expected them. They had time to hi-jack a car and get away. Shots were fired at them and it is believed one was hit.

On Tuesday it was learned that they got as far as Mallow where they called at an isolated farm and tied up the owners. They first asked for bandages and a Bible. They stayed in that house for some time before taking one of the family's cars and driving off. The occupants were warned not to contact the Gardaí until morning. The stolen car was found in Dundalk and it was established that it arrived there at 1:30am. The Gardaí are now in a quandary as to whether Mr. O'Grady was taken to Dundalk or is still in Co.Cork. To add to the confusion, two vans were stolen in Dundalk shortly after the stolen car arrived there. One was later found burned out north of the Border and the other has not been traced.

At midnight on Wednesday a passing motorist reported seeing three men drag another across the main Cork to Mallow road at Rathduff. This caused a widespread Garda search which yielded nothing. The Gardaí seem to know the names of all involved from forensic examination of the material found at the Midleton hide out. One man was recognised as he made his getaway.

The Sunday Tribune had a major report of a phone call it received from a man claiming to be Dessie O'Hare (the Border Fox). He admitted the kidnapping.

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October 23, 1988

Torrential rain and high winds on Thursday night and Friday caused severe flooding in parts of Cork, Kerry and Waterford. Most severely hit were Mallow and Fermoy. Residents of Mallow said that this was the worst flooding experienced in many years. Most town centre shops were damaged and some business people claimed that they may never open again. It was Sunday before some roads were re-opened.

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June 18, 1989

The Waterboys are playing four nights in the Olympia this week, as I speak they are sold out. Their new single Bang on the Ear, is in my opinion their best work since This is the Sea. They also played a number of unannounced gigs in the Waterford and Mallow region during the past week.

September 24, 1989

There was a rapturous homecoming for the victorious Cork football team on Monday evening. An estimated 30,000 turned out in the city centre to greet the team. Earlier they had stopped at Mallow where a huge crowd also welcomed them.

November 19, 1989

Other news from Cork is that the road from Mallow to Cork is still under construction. I have never travelled the road without remembering it as mile after mile of half finished road works.

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February 11, 1990

Flooding was a major problem for many parts of the country during the week. On Tuesday we saw television pictures of homes in Blarney flooded to a depth of two feet. Mallow was also badly affected when the Blackwater overflowed its banks. The main Tipperary road out of Limerick was blocked with flood water under the railway bridge.

March 4, 1990

Fianna Fail TD, Ned O'Keeffe claims that he was kicked by Joe Sherlock TD of the Workers' Party. Mr Sherlock denies this. What is not in dispute is that there was a heated argument between the two over their respective attempts to be associated with a campaign to have Mallow General Hospital retained.

April 2, 1990

The Mitsumi Electric Company of Tokyo announced plans for a £4m investment in Mallow which will lead to 254 jobs. The company is a supplier to Apple and the fact that its headquarters are nearby is said to be a major factor in the decision to locate in Mallow.

July 30, 1990

The Willie Clancy Summer School is over for another year. The James Joyce version started at UCD last Monday. A new one is the Joe Mooney School of Traditional Irish Music and Dance which opened in Drumshanbo on the 22nd and finished yesterday. Other festivals which started or finished during the week were the Isles of Lough Key festival in Boyle, the Athy Funanza Festival, the Mallow International Folk Festival and the South Docks Festival in Dublin.

October 22, 1990

The former Fianna Fail TD, Gerry Cronin of Mallow, died on Saturday at the age of 65. Mr Cronin was Minister for Defence for a time and was later an MEP.

December 17, 1990

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January 7, 1991

The first round draw for the FAI Cup was made on Friday. The big tie of the round is the meeting between St Pat's and Derry. Limerick have the privilege of travelling to Carndonagh, while Athlone go to Mallow, Bray to Midleton and Sligo play a team called Edenmore.

February 25, 1991

Cork City is losing its only independent radio station as 96FM is being taken over and amalgamated with County Sound which operates out of Mallow.

March 11, 1991

At this stage of the FAI Cup I usually just report the highlights but as there were a number of intriguing encounters and outcomes I have decided to give all the results.
     FAI Cup:      Carndonagh 0        Limerick 0
                   Cork 2              Bohemians 3
                   Drogheda 4          Park Villa 1
                   Dundalk 0           Ashtown Villa 1
                   Edenmore 1          Sligo 2
                   Galway 3            Cobh 1
                   Longford 1          Shelbourne 3
                   Mallow 0            Athlone 1
                   Midleton 2          Bray 0
                   Monaghan 1          Elm Rovers 2
                   Portlaoise 3        Home Farm 1
                   Shamrock R. 4       Finn Harps 3
                   St Pats 0           Derry 0
                   UCD 1               Kilkenny 1
                   Waterford 2         St Joseph's Boys 1
                   Wayside Celtic 0    St James' Gate 2

June 24, 1991

A seminar organised by Eolas heard a proposal that underground water reservoirs be used to help heat large office blocks in Dublin. An EC funded project established the feasibility of the idea and some Trinity College buildings are being heated using this method. It was also suggested that many towns around the country have the same opportunity and projects to heat the swimming pools in Tuam and Mallow have proved successful.

September 23, 1991

Two men from Burnfoot, Mallow and one from Drimoleague were charged in Co.Cork courts of conspiring to defraud the Revenue Commissioners of 743k in VAT and excise duty. It is alleged that the three processed an alcohol-based animal rub and sold it as vodka and whiskey.

September 30, 1991

A Limerick-based Garda, Denis Kelly (28) of Mallow, was charged on Sunday with contravening the Official Secrets Act. He is accused of passing garda information to another person. The court was told that he was also suspected of being a member of the IRA. On Friday he and another Garda along, with two women, were arrested in Limerick and detained for questioning under the Offences Against the State Act. The arrests arose from investigations into IRA activities in the Limerick area. The other three were released without charge. Another man who was arrested later is still being questioned.

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January 20, 1992

Former garda Denis Kelly (28) of Mallow pleaded guilty to a charge under the Official Secrets Act. When he was arrested in Limerick last September he was found to have an official document detailing plans for action against suspected members of the IRA. Mr Kelly was released on £30,000 bail while awaiting sentence.

February 3, 1992

Former garda Denis Kelly (28) was sentenced to five years imprisonment for passing official information to members of the IRA. The convicted man is a native of Mallow and was stationed in Limerick at the time of his arrest.

August 3, 1992

A full-scale murder hunt has been launched in Cork following the discovery of the body of John Crowley (38) of Bweeng, near Mallow. Mr Crowley was reported missing last Monday and it was Saturday before his body was discovered in undergrowth half a mile from his home. He had been shot.

August 24, 1992

John O'Riordan (74), of Bweeng near Mallow, has been charged with the murder of his neighbour John Crowley, whose body was found on August 1. A week after the discovery of Mr Crowley's body, the body of John Walsh (49) was found hanging in a disused farmhouse a mile away. Gardai are not looking for anyone else in connection with this death and the media appeared to imply that investigations into the death of Mr Crowley might be closed. However, by Thursday gardai were questioning a man and a woman about the murder, and charged Mr. O'Riordan the following day.

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April 5, 1993

Dermot O'Connell (46) of Kildorrery, Co.Cork admitted to shooting a young woman with intent to cause her grievous bodily harm. Margaret Coakley is a neighbour of O'Connell's parents near Mallow. The shooting occurred when O'Connell became convinced that Ms Coakley, her sister and brother, were attempting to block a right of way. Ms Coakley took the full blast from a shotgun on her right hand which was across her stomach.

May 3, 1993

Dermot O'Connell (46), of Kildorrery, Co.Cork, was jailed for five years for shooting and injuring Margaret Coakley of Burnfoot, Mallow, over what he saw as an attempt to impede his use of a right of way. Half the sentence was suspended.

July 26, 1993

Captain Harry Freeman-Jackson, a member of the Irish equestrian team in four Olympics games, died at the age of 82. He lived in Mallow and was the oldest member of the Duhallow Hunt.

November 15, 1993

Twenty people received minor injuries when a train was derailed at Ballyseedy on the Tralee-Mallow line.

November 29, 1993

The owners of Maudie Macs bar in Mallow were brought to the High Court by Irish Distillers Ltd. IDL did not like the idea of the pub's customers being served with an unknown spirit from a bottle carrying the "Paddy" label. Certain undertakings were given and the court was not required to deliver a judgement.

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February 7, 1994

William Murphy (25), of Mallow, died in an avalanche in Scotland on Thursday. He was climbing in the Glencoe area with David Gaughran of Ballinteer. The two men had decided that it was unsafe to continue their climb and were making their descent when the accident occurred.

May 2, 1994

Damien Salmon (23), of Abbeyshrule, Co.Longford, was killed when struck by a car as he walked home late on Sunday night. At about the same time Robert Keane (60), of Boherbue, near Mallow, died in a similar accident near his home.

May 30, 1994

The body of Kieran O'Connor (15) was found under trees in a park near his home in Mallow. He had a gash on the back of his head but gardai did not say how he died, although they did rule out foul play.

June 20, 1994

Mark Healy (16) of Mallow was swimming with friends in the River Blackwater on Thursday when he got into difficulties and drowned.

July 25, 1994

The Government announced details of a new urban renewal scheme. It offers a variety of tax and rate reliefs to developers in designated urban areas. One new aspect of the scheme is to encourage the use of property above shops as residential accommodation. That applies to the main shopping streets of Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford. An additional 12 towns have been included in the basic scheme. These are Ballinasloe, Dungarvan, Enniscorthy, Killarney, Mallow, Monaghan, Mullingar, Navan, Nenagh, Newbridge, Roscommon, and Wicklow.

August 15, 1994

A relatively low-key controversy surrounds the closure of a few rural sub-post offices, one at Carracastle, Co.Mayo, and the others in the Mallow area. A few years ago An Post created a huge outcry when it announced a plan to close 550 sub-post offices around the country. Such was the criticism that the plan was quietly shelved. These latest closures are seen as the original plan being implemented surreptitiously.

November 7, 1994

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March 20, 1995

The many thousands of Irish people who travelled to Cheltenham for the races seemed to enjoy themselves. Their week got off to a great start with Irish horses finishing first and second in the first two races. [deleted] It was a big week for Mallow jockey Norman Williamson as he rode the winners of the Gold Cup and the Champion Hurdle.

April 10, 1995

Gardai gave chase when a car crashed through a routine checkpoint near the village of Nad, between Macroom and Mallow, on Friday. The vehicle was abandoned about a mile away and was found to contain cannabis and ecstasy tablets worth about £900k. Less than a week earlier two separate hauls of cannabis were discovered in the Inishannon area of Co.Cork. These were said to be worth £300k. Also on Friday a large quantity of ecstasy was recovered when gardai stopped a car in Limerick city. In this case a man was arrested and has since appeared in court.

June 12, 1995

For the second successive week a slurry spill in the Cork area disrupted domestic water supplies. Water was cut off in Castlemartyr and neighbouring villages in east Cork after slurry overflowed into the River Kiltha. A few days later there was a fish kill from silage effluent on a two-mile stretch of the Awbeg River, a tributary of the Blackwater, upstream from Mallow. The Cork county manager, Noel Dillon, insists that the farmers on whose land the spills occurred will be required to pay the total cost of the clean up, including the restocking of rivers with fish and the delivery of water to houses by tanker.

July 10, 1995

£10k was taken in an armed raid on the Bank of Ireland's main branch in Mallow on Monday. A day later a similar raid was carried out on the bank's branch in nearby Doneraile. This time £12k was taken.

July 24, 1995

A drowning in totally different circumstances shocked the small community of Ballyclough, near Mallow. Eight-year-old Barbara Browne was swimming with other children in Mallow swimming pool last Sunday afternoon. When her friends assembled in the changing room they noticed that Barbara was missing. The alarm was raised and her body was found in the deep end of the pool. A life-guard was on duty at the time but no one saw what happened.

September 4, 1995

Work has started on a £7m development at Mallow Race Course. The Government is making an initial grant of £1.5m.

September 11, 1995

Two north Cork brothers received a letter purporting to come from the Department of Social Welfare asking them to come in to the office in Mallow on Monday. When they arrived officials told them that the letter was a forgery. On returning home they discovered that their house had been burgled and a quantity of cash stolen.

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April 1, 1996

Councillor John Joe Kelleher of Mallow Urban District Council was cleared at Cork Circuit Court on the instructions of a judge when he appeared on a charge of receiving stolen cigarettes. Kelleher told the court that when he bought 7,000 cigarettes from Michael O'Shea at £15 a carton he thought they were duty free. When he later looked at the packaging he realised that this wasn't the case but was afraid to report the matter to the gardai because he feared for the safety of his family. The cigarettes had been stolen during a break-in at a shop in Kanturk.

May 20, 1996

Robert Nagle, originally from Mallow but now based in Boston, took second place in the recent Western Isles Challenge. For three days competitors raced from the southernmost tip of the islands to the northernmost point (for 10-14 hours a day). Between the islands they kayaked, while on land they had to race up and down several mountains each day, biking between these mountains.

June 10, 1996

A 14 ft-high bronze statue of an Irish elk overlooking the new main Cork-Mallow Road has been damaged by a vandal. Someone had to go to a great deal of trouble to remove the genitalia from the £20k Kevin Holland sculpture, due to the toughness of the material used in its construction.

August 5, 1996

The LP Plastics factory near Mallow was totally destroyed by fire on Wednesday. More than 80 fire-fighters fought the blaze for 18 hours.

August 12, 1996

On Friday, Patrick Corcoran (35), of Gurranbraher, Cork, died in a four-car crash at Rathduff on the Mallow-Cork road.

September 16, 1996

Pat Burke (32) of Mallow, drowned in a diving accident at Renvyle, Co. Galway, last weekend. Mr Burke got into difficulties while diving with an instructor and other trainee divers.

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January 6, 1997

Sheila Crean (70), of Mourneabbey, Co. Cork, was killed last Sunday night when she was hit while crossing the main Mallow-Killarney road.

March 3, 1997

[recently reported] deaths again demonstrated the need for at least one deputy state pathologist. The body of James Healy lay where it was found for more than 24 hours until State pathologist Dr John Harbison arrived from Dublin. A pathologist from Galway carried out a preliminary examination of Mrs Morgan's body.

Press coverage of the murder in Tralee was criticised in the Dail. I think this was a reference to the decision by at least one tabloid to carry a photograph of the body lying on the ground. After the criticism The Kerryman still went ahead with a photograph spanning nine columns, although this did not appear in later editions.

Margaret Bolster, a lecturer in forensic medicine at UCC, had been acting deputy state pathologist and was considered to be more than capable but she was not prepared to move from Mallow and the Government insists that the job-holder be based in Dublin.

March 10, 1997

Gardaí in Mallow have been investigating what appears to be a major racket in stolen cars and have so far confiscated 20 vehicles which it is believed were stolen in Britain. Most of the vehicles are less than two years old and are of up-market models. The purchasers, who bought the cars in good faith, will have to bear the loss.

March 17, 1997

The Eco-Challenge of 1996, which was won by the Eco-Internet team led by Mallow man Robert Nagle, is the subject of a five-part documentary starting today on the Discovery Channel.

August 25, 1997

April 7, 1997

Over 500 workers at Irish Sugar, a subsidiary of Greencore, have started a strike for higher pay. SIPTU is understood to be demanding a wage increase of between 27% and 32%, which the company claims it cannot afford. Employees in Carlow, Mallow, Thurles and Tuam commenced their action on Tuesday. Their counterparts in Erin Foods, another Greencore subsidiary, have joined them in ceasing all production.

May 26, 1997

The new Cork Racecourse was officially opened by Minister for Agriculture Ivan Yates last weekend. The ultra modern complex is built on the old Mallow race track and cost 6m to complete.

July 28, 1997

A young English couple were killed when their motorcycle collided with a car outside the village of Barraduff on the Killarney to Mallow road on Thursday evening. They were both in their early twenties and from Norwich.

October 6, 1997

November 17, 1997

Cork Circuit Criminal Court heard on Thursday that Eric Lonergan, Buttevant had smoked two "reefers" before meeting Elaine O'Mahony at the Bull Walk, Mallow, as she walked home from a friend's house last July. After knifing her four times in the neck as she lay on the ground, Lonergan (25) told her he would have to kill her. Eventually he left and she was taken to hospital where it was discovered that one wound had narrowly missed an artery. Judge Patrick Moran, in sentencing Lonergan to five years in prison, said he subjected Ms O'Mahony to an appalling attack.

Around the 32 Counties
Week ending, Saturday, November 15, 1997

Ceremonies in Castlemagner last week commemorated the 350th anniversary of the Battle of Knocknanuss, the largest to take place in the province, and which saw the deaths of between 3,500 and 5,000 soldiers. Present at the ceremony were Lord Inchiquin of Dromoland, Co Clare, and Count MacDonald of the Glens in Scotland, whose ancestors led the opposing armies. A memorial to the battle and those who died there was jointly unveiled by the Rector of Mallow, Rev. Tony Whiting and Fr Stephen O'Mahony, parish priest of Castlemagner.

December 29, 1997

On Monday morning Ann O'Keeffe of Rathduff, Co. Cork, was killed when she was involved in a three-car collision on the Mallow-Cork road near Blarney. Mrs O'Keeffe's husband, Eugene, lost his life in a traffic accident on the old Mallow-Cork road six years ago.

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January 12, 1998

September 21, 1998

Four teenagers went on the rampage in the Mallow area of Co. Cork on Friday morning. Three girls, two aged 17 and one 18, and a 17-year-old boy first broke into Foley's supermarket in Mallow and took drink worth IR100. They later stole a truck which they used to reverse into Twomey's supermarket in the nearby village of Dromahane. The supermarket owner alerted gardai who arrested two of the culprits in the truck, which by this time had crashed, and the other two were arrested in a stolen car. All four were released after questioning and a file is being prepared for the DPP.

October 5, 1998

Criminals have adopted a new tack in trying to carry out burglaries in houses with telephone alarm systems. In the early hours of last Monday morning a gang broke into a small Telecom Eireann exchange at Boherbue, near Mallow, Co. Cork, and proceeded to smash up all the equipment, leaving 500 homes without a telephone service. It is believed that they then planned to carry out a series of robberies in the vicinity, in the belief that they had disconnected houses subscribing to Telecom's "Home Watch" system. Their activities, however, set off an alarm in the local garda station and a squad car was dispatched. The gang made off in a stolen car pursued by gardai, stopping twice to throw heavy metal objects at the window of the garda car and injuring a woman officer. The gang eventually crashed through a garda checkpoint and escaped in the direction of Limerick.

October 19, 1998

A man who is confined to a wheelchair as a result of a road accident is to receive what is understood to be around IR100k, after insurance companies agreed to settle before involving the courts. What was unusual about the case was that the man was extremely drunk when he crashed his vehicle and injured himself. He now blames his condition on those who sold him the drink. The first culprit was said to be Kay Napier who, with her husband, runs the Roundabout Tavern in Mallow. On a wet evening in August 1990 Mrs Napier offered to drive a number of customers to Mallow Race Course where they had parked their cars to attend a meeting of the local farmers' co-op. Among those who availed of the offer was Denis Murphy (55), of Clonbanin, Mallow. Sometime later Mr Murphy called at the Duhallow Lodge Hotel, Kanturk, where initially he was refused drink but later managed to be served. Shortly after leaving the hotel he was involved in a serious accident which left him paralysed from the neck down.

Kay Napier, while being sympathetic to the plight of Mr Murphy, was furious that the insurance companies should settle out of court. She wanted to fight the case all the way as she insisted that Mr Murphy was sober when she deposited him at his car. Mrs Napier also wanted to know where the injured man had been in the 2.5 hours which elapsed between leaving her and the accident taking place. She saved her strongest criticism for the solicitors and barristers involved in the case, saying that they were the only ones to benefit financially as legal fees would account for the bulk of the award. The then owners of the Duhallow Lodge, Edward and Mary Canny, do not appear to have made any comment on the case.

As the case was settled out of court it has not set any legal precedents, but it is expected to cause publicans to review their practices and has no doubt alerted the legal profession to a whole new set of possibilities.

November 2, 1998

November 9, 1998

The two road accident victims who hadn't been named when last week's edition was published were Rachel Hurley (2), from Rathcoole, near Millstreet, who was killed near Kanturk, Co. Cork,

Around the 32 Counties - week of December 20, 1998

A major garden festival planned for the racecourse in Mallow is expected to cover some 70 acres and hopes to attract more than 100,000 visitors from home and abroad. The event is being supported by An Bord Glas and communications manager John Magee has expressed the hope that some of the exhibits will become permanent features of the racecourse. The festival will include a large number of gardening exhibits and horticultural trade displays, as well as a competition for the Best Designed Large Garden.

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January 4, 1999

The forecasters correctly predicted that the country would experience another storm on Tuesday and that it would not be quite as severe as the St Stephen's Day hurricane. This time the maximum wind speeds were put at around 70mph and were at their strongest in the southern half of the country. Torrential rain accompanied this storm, resulting in the River Blackwater bursting it banks and flooding the towns of Fermoy and Mallow. Houses and businesses in both towns were damaged by flood waters which is some cases came up to the top of windows. Cork Racecourse outside Mallow was under six feet of water which put an end to plans for a race meeting on Wednesday. Travellers between Cork and Dublin were diverted away from Fermoy and the alternative was to drive along a series of narrow country roads which caused major problems when trucks met.

The flooding was described as the worst in north Cork in almost 20 years but, while damage was widespread, there were no reports of death or injuries. Some people had narrow escapes. A farmer had to be rescued from his tractor as the flood waters rose around him and a quick-witted man tied a stalled car to a post, as it was about to be washed away, until he found help to get the two elderly occupants to safety. While flooding was at its worst along the River Blackwater, Clonmel also had problems although not as severe as it experienced on a number of occasions in recent years.

January 25, 1999

We had a short-lived political row about a recent consultant's report on rail safety. Fine Gael's Ivan Yates claimed that the Department of Public Enterprise had successfully persuaded International Risk Management Services to tone down some of the language used in its preliminary report. It was his contention that the consultants had planned to state that three stretches of line should be closed as they are too dangerous to carry passenger trains. The track in question is that between Mallow and Tralee, Waterford and Limerick Junction, and Athlone and Claremorris. Minister for Public Enterprise Mary O'Rourke rejected the accusation and, when contacted by the Irish Times, a director of the consultancy firm was just as emphatic in denying that any pressure had been brought to bear.

May 24, 1999

Last weekend's funeral of Oliver Reed, near his adopted home in Churchtown in north Cork, brought in celebrities from around the world. The Church of St James in Mallow was packed and hundreds gathered outside. After the burial mourners adjourned to the late actor's home at Castle McCarthy where a marquee had been erected to house a party which continued for 24 hours. The most photographed personality was Belfast's former world snooker champion, Alex Higgins, who looked extremely frail as a result of his fight against cancer.

May 31, 1999

Gardai in Co. Clare set up roadblocks when they received reports that attempts had been made to abduct two children. In the first incident, in Tulla, a seven-year-old girl ran off when two men in a black jeep tried to grab her. Some two hours later, in Doonbeg, two men asked a seven-year-old boy to get into a black car or jeep and lead them to the garda station. He too ran off. Three similar incidents were reported in different parts of the county earlier in the month. On Thursday gardai in Charleville, Co. Cork, arrested two men from Britain who were driving a black jeep and brought them to Mallow Garda Station for questioning but they were released after a few hours.

July 12, 1999

Shortly after 7:00am on Thursday Paddy Harty (26), from Liscarrol, Co. Cork, died when his car collided with a van near Charleville, on the road to Mallow.

August 2, 1999

Three people died at around 9:30pm on Friday when a car and a van were involved in a head-on collision on the Cork-Mallow road, near Rathduff. The victims were named as John Mullane (26) and Jacinta Magnier (19), both from Mallow, and the van driver, John Madden (20), from Douglas Rd in Cork city. [see also November 26, 2001]

August 9, 1999

Early on Saturday the body of Kieran O'Flynn (23) was found on the roadside, 300 yards from his home at Lavally near Mallow. He is believed to have been walking home from a concert in Castletownroche when he was struck by a vehicle which failed to stop.

August 23, 1999

Gardai are confident that they have traced the hit-and-run driver of the car which killed Kieran O'Flynn (23), near his home at Lavally, Co. Cork two weeks ago. Initially gardai could only say that they were looking for the driver of a blue car, but fragments found at the scene helped identify the type of car. A man has since been questioned and a file is being prepared for the DPP.

September 6, 1999

A fund has been established in Cork to send four-year-old Ann Marie Kelleher to Miami, to be treated by a doctor who puts his patients in the sea to swim with dolphins. Ann Marie, the daughter of Tom and Bernie Kelleher, of Killavullen, in north Cork, suffers from Retts Syndrome. She developed normally until she was 16 months but then stopped communicating and can no longer co-ordinate her movements. Donations can be made to Bank of Ireland, Mallow - Account 63223674 - Sort code 90 28 80.

September 20, 1999

Cork hurlers received a huge welcome when they arrived back in the county on Monday night. They were given a taste of things to come when their train first stopped at Mallow. This inevitably meant that their scheduled arrival in Cork would be long overdue. An estimated 50,000 people were on the streets of the southern capital when their heroes left the train and made their way to Grand Parade for a triumphant reception.

November 1, 1999

Four people were killed in a horror crash on the main Cork to Limerick road near Charleville on Wednesday evening. The four were 17-year old Anita O'Herlihy and her 20-year old sister Niamh; their friend Carol Conroy (21) and her baby daughter Emma. The four were all from Churchtown near Mallow. They were part of a band named "Nivita" and they were believed to be on their way to a practice in Limerick.

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March 13, 2000

At Blarney District Court Patrick Carroll (34) of Mallow, Co. Cork, was fined IR100 and disqualified for three years for failing to remain at the scene of an accident in which three people died. The court was told that Carroll had been receiving constant psychiatric treatment since the accident last summer although he was entirely blameless. Carroll was driving a car at Rathduff on the Cork-Mallow road when his passenger pushed the steering wheel, forcing a van behind them to take evasive action and causing it to collide with an oncoming car. The van driver and two young people in the car were all killed. Carroll was urged by his passenger to keep driving but as soon as he heard radio reports of the deaths of three people he went straight to the home of a local garda. The passenger faces three counts of manslaughter.

April 3, 2000

At around 9.00am on Saturday the body of a 25-year-old man was found in an overturned car in a field at Mountbolus, near Tullamore, Co. Offaly. Shortly after noon Danny Forde (28), from Cullen, near Mallow, died when his car collided with a milk tanker near Kanturk in north Cork.

April 24, 2000

Mark Crowley (21), of Mayfield in Cork, died on Wednesday when his car was in collision with a truck on the Mallow-Killarney road.

June 12, 2000

A London born gynaecologist, who was barred from practicing by the British General Medical Council in 1998, became the focus of extreme media interest last weekend in Co Cork. Mr Rodney Ledward, who is now living in the village of Dromohane, near Mallow, Co Cork has stated that he intends to remain living there. A report published on last Friday week alleged that almost 200 charges of malpractice had been made against the disbarred doctor. The report led to front-page headlines in the English press and a siege of the man's home in the Cork village by reporters. Mr Ledward has complained to the Gardai that the reporters are invading his privacy. Although Mr Ledward has been barred from practicing in Britain he is not wanted there on any charges.

June 26, 2000

Edmond Fitzgerald (30), of Turner's Cross in Cork, received a three-year suspended jail sentence and was ordered to pay IR2.5k to the St Vincent de Paul Society after he pleaded guilty to issuing bogus driving licences. That left the former Cork County Council employee with a profit of IR2.5k as it was estimated that he made IR5k by issuing licences to people who had not passed the driving test. At the same hearing Jeremiah Falvey (39), of Mallow, and John Cody (32), of Killeagh, both of whom purchased bogus licences for friends and family but did not make any profit, were each fined IR2.5k.

July 3, 2000

Bottlehill has been chosen as the location for the IR20m superdump to be used by Cork city and county for the next 20 years. The site is located about two miles east of the Mallow-Cork road and 13.5 miles from the city. Local residents, who have been fighting against the dump for some time, were bitterly disappointed and have vowed to continue their battle. Planning permission has still to be obtained and the Environmental Protection Agency must issue a licence. In selecting Bottlehill, councillors were accepting the advice of the consultants who were engaged to advise on the location. Grenagh and Watergrasshill were the other options.

November 13, 2000

The severe weather conditions in the early part of the week claimed two lives. Philomena Barry (68), of Sugarstown, Co. Kilkenny, died on Monday when a gust of wind blew a farmyard gate against her. On Tuesday Michael Boyle (66), was swept into a swollen river close to his home at Ballinderry, near Nenagh, Co. Tipperary. The bravery of Second Lieut. William O'Meara (22), from Mallow, prevented the loss of a third life. Truck driver Chris Slattery found himself stranded in flood water near the River Blackwater outside Mallow and decided that he would have to abandon his vehicle. However, he was immediately swept away in the strong current and Lieut. O'Meara jumped in and managed to pull Mr Slattery to what had become a small island, from which they were both rescued.

The torrential rain which started last Sunday continued to bring devastation to a large part of the country for the following two days. Water forced people from their homes in many towns and villages, including areas in Dublin, Clonmel, Arklow, Enniscorthy, Mallow, Fermoy, Lucan and Dunboyne.

December 4, 2000

Fermoy and Mallow suffered further flooding on Friday after more heavy rain in the south of the country throughout the week. This was the second time in a month that the Blackwater burst its banks and damaged property in the two towns. It seems that conditions were particularly severe across much of Munster on Thursday. Apart from the flooding there were reports of trees being blown down and electricity supplies being cut. At Portlaw, Co. Waterford, the thatched roof was blown off a house in the 80mph wind.

December 18, 2000

Kirby Rubens (17) of Mallow, Co. Cork, is to receive compensation of IR1.45m following a road accident in August of last year, which has left her confined to a wheelchair.

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January 15, 2001

- In Cork Circuit Court Judge John Clifford decided to accept the collective recollection of a drunken youth and his two friends over that of a garda, on events which took place in Buttevant on Christmas Eve 1996. Terence Roche (23), of Mallow, admitted to having consumed "five or six pints" of lager and to haranguing Garda Michael O'Connor who was on his way to deal with a fight involving other youths. Roche claimed that Garda O'Connor (48) struck him once above the eye with his torch, and he was awarded IR1,500 in damages plus costs. Garda O'Connor was not informed of the complaint until two years after it was alleged to have taken place and said that all he could recall was telling a group of youths outside a pub to stop shouting.

- In June 1998 Anthony Moynihan, of Mallow, Co. Cork, died when his car collided with a car being driven by Linda Eviston, from Fossa, Killarney. Ms Eviston says that early in December of that year she was told by gardai in Millstreet that the DPP had decided not to prosecute her. Later in the same month she was informed that the DPP had reviewed his decision and that she was to be charged with dangerous driving and dangerous driving causing death. The review followed the receipt of a letter from Mr Moynihan's father. Ms Eviston's legal team is challenging the DPP's right to review decisions once they are made. From comments made by Justice Nicholas Kearns during the High Court hearing, it is difficult to see how he can do other than uphold the appeal when he delivers his judgement in a few weeks time.

January 29, 2001

Linda Eviston, of Killarney, will not have to face trial on a charge of dangerous driving causing the death of Anthony Moynihan jnr, of Mallow, Co. Cork. Her legal team had argued in the High Court that the DPP was not at liberty to change his decision not to prosecute, simply because the father of the deceased asked that he do so. Justice Nicholas Kearns agreed.

April 23, 2001

By Thursday it was 30 days since the only case of Foot & Mouth Disease in the South was discovered at Proleek in Co. Louth. This meant that as of midnight the Republic was once again officially clear of the virus. After a break of seven weeks, horseracing resumed in the South on Monday with meetings at Mallow and Leopardstown. Intense precautions were taken with the widespread use of disinfectant on everything and everyone entering or leaving the courses.

May 14, 2001

Six-year-old Patrick Daly died on Saturday night after he fell through the roof of a college at Summerhill, in Mallow, Co. Cork.

The woman who lost her life in a three-vehicle pile-up on the Cork-Mallow road last weekend was named as Yvonne McCarthy, from Douglas in Cork city. Her six-year-old son was injured in the accident.

August 6, 2001

Joe Lynch, the 76-year-old actor who played Dinny in Glenroe, died in Spain on Wednesday. He will be cremated in Alicante, the site of his holiday home. Many tributes were paid to the Mallow-born actor, who appeared in numerous roles in television, film and theatre. Although his acting career started while he was still at school, he first came to the attention of the masses back in the 1950s as a singer of Irish ballads. His later career saw him take part in widely varying roles from Blazes Boylan in Strick's film of "Ulysses" to a taxi driver in the British television series "Coronation Street". Probably his biggest British success was in "Never mind the Quality, feel the Width". Back in Ireland he became an instant hit in Bracken, which spawned "Glenroe", a series with which he remained for 17 years.

November 12, 2001

The Irish Farmers Association is demanding a 10% increase in the price of sugarbeet and has organised pickets outside Greencore's processing plants in Carlow and Mallow, preventing deliveries since Wednesday morning. One truck did get through but it had its hydraulic cables cut subsequently. In offering the same price as last year Greencore claims to be paying more for sugarbeet than its rivals in Britain and France, which are selling sugar on the Irish market. A spokesman for Greencore also claimed that the majority of beet farmers acknowledge that beet is their most profitable crop and are anxious to deliver to the factories but are afraid to do so. An ultimatum from Greencore was ignored and the company has shut down equipment in the Carlow factory. Operations in the Mallow plant are expected to cease by Tuesday morning, creating uncertainty for the ongoing employment of a total of about 600 workers at the two sites.

November 19, 2001

On Monday the Irish Sugar subsidiary of Greencore was granted a High Court injunction which was supposed to prevent farmers from taking any steps which would result in the withdrawal of supplies of sugarbeet from the processing plants. This development merely prompted the IFA to bring more farmers to the gates of the factories in Carlow and Mallow, ensuring that no beet could be delivered and, of course, no one attempted to enforce the law. When farmers stopped a truckload of beet from entering the Mallow plant on Tuesday management officially closed the operation there and placed all 650 workers on protective notice with effect from December 1. Later in the week the IFA failed in an attempt to have the injunction lifted but that didn't make any difference on the ground and the pickets remained in place. For the Government Noel Davern, Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture, engaged in talks with both sides but there is no indication that agreement is near.

November 26, 2001

Michael O'Shea (29), from Mallow, Co. Cork, received three five-year sentences, to run consecutively, after he pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of three young people who died in a road accident at Rathduff, near Mallow, in July 1999. The court heard that, after a bout of drinking, O'Shea pushed and pulled the steering wheel of a car in which he was a passenger. His action forced a van across the central white line and into the path of another car. The victims were John Madden (21) and John Mullane (26) from Mallow and Jacinta Magner (22) from nearby Killavullen. The car in which O'Shea had been travelling failed to stop and he was arrested the following day. He later absconded to England and had to be extradited from England to stand trial.

December 17, 2001


Gardai launched a murder hunt on Saturday evening, following the discovery of the body of a 68-year-old nun in the grounds of the Sacred Heart Convent in Ballybay, Co. Monaghan. Sister Philomena Lyons, a native of Mallow, Co. Cork, had planned to visit her order's convent in Dublin and left to catch the 8:30 bus on Saturday morning. She was accompanied to the convent gate by a colleague. At lunchtime, when she hadn't arrived in Dublin, enquiries were made and this resulted in a search of the convent grounds. Sister Philomena's body was found that evening and a post-mortem carried out on Sunday showed that she had been strangled and sexually assaulted. For 30 years Sister Philomena, a member of the Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, had taught in the town where she was well-known and popular.

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April 8, 2002

Joseph Barry (37), a native of Mallow, Co. Cork, died from natural causes in Limerick Prison during the week. In the early 1990s he was convicted of killing a man in London and sentenced to 12 years in prison. Four years ago he was repatriated to serve the remainder of his sentence here. With his death gardai have closed the file on the murder of an elderly woman in Mallow in 1985. Barry had been charged with the murder of Madge Byrne but was acquitted by a jury.

June 23, 2002

The High Court approved a payment of 108k to Liam O'Herlihy of Churchtown, Mallow, Co. Cork, and members of his family. This settlement is in respect of the deaths of Mr O'Herlihy's daughters, Niamh (20) and Anita (17), who died in a road accident in October 1999. The two women were members of a band called Nivita and the third member, Carmel Conroy, also died in the accident along with her two-year-old daughter. The case had been taken against the driver of the other car, Elizabeth Corbett, also of Churchtown, Mallow.

July 21, 2002

Gardai launched a murder investigation after finding the body of Nora Kiely (45) in her flat in Leitrim Street in Cork city shortly before midnight on Monday. The discovery was made after an anonymous male caller phoned the Garda Siochana. Ms Kiely was originally from Mallow but had lived in the flat for some years. She had for a time been a psychiatric patient. On Friday Brian Walsh (22), of no fixed abode, was charged with murder. Later in the day, Thomas Penkert (18), a neighbour of Ms Kiely's, was charged with the theft of jewellery, money and other items from her home.

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