Mallow Depositions 1641-1642
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Depositions taken in Mallow 1641-42

The following list of deponents claiming financial losses after the rising of 1641 is taken from Depositions for County Cork compiled by Data Tree Publishing from manuscripts held at Trinity College in Dublin.
Parish of Mallow, Baronies Fermoy and Duhallow
822.3 Philip Vaghane, jnr., of Mallow, gent.
822.14 George Chimery the younger on behalf of G.C. the elder, merchant.
822.28 Katharine Hudson, widow.
822.32 Elizabeth Maguire, widow, British Protestant.
822.42 Amy Standish, town of Mallow, widow.
822.83 Donell Shigham, late of Mallow, Irish Protestant, yeoman.
822.90 Francis Bidell for Randall Clayton, gent.
822.94 Edy Forest, wife of John F. of Mallow, carpenter.
822.143 Arthur Kingsmill of Mallow, clerk.
822.158 Thomas Haynes of Mallow, merchant.
822.199 Thomas Fisher, town and parish of Mallow, clerk.
822.223 Thomas Morris, Mallow, [no status given]
822.230 Philip Vaughan of Mallow, yeoman.
822.238 Arm Cockinge, widow.
822.239 William Holmes of Mallow, [no status given]
822.282 Stephen Chymery of Mallow, yeoman.
823.2 Edmund Stiles, [no status given]
823.4-5 Arthur Bettesworth, gent.
823.11 Richard Aldworthy, yeoman.
823.19 Thomas Bettsworth of Mallow, esq.
823.96 Robert Darling, tailor.
823.116 Timothy Lee of Mallow, yeoman.
823.198 Frances Badell of Mallow, gent.
824.88 Henry Kniverton of Mallow, [no status given] (gent. or malster).
824.150 John Rice of Mallow, weaver.
824.173 Thomas Blake of Mallow, [no status given]
824.206 Robert Stanton of Mallow, yeoman.
824.215 John Wiseman of Mallow, cooper.
824.221 Christopher Wright of Mallow, yeoman.
825.18 Richard Williamson, gent.
825.67 Thomas Fisher, clerk.
825.73 Philip Vaughan, the elder, yeoman.
825.159 John Collins of Mallow, yeoman.
825.160 Thomas Wright of Mallow, dyer.
825.166 William Rowse of Mallow, yeoman.
825.167 Francis Bertridge of Mallow, [no status given]
825.215 John Bastry of Mallow, yeoman.
825.216 John Hagan of Mallow, shoemaker.
825.218 John Godsell, the younger of Ballydahill [Ballydahin], skinner.
825.221 Steven Chinery, town and parish of Mallow, maltmaker.
825.238 Robert Walker of Ballindalin [Ballydahin], parish Mallow, [no status given]
825.246 John Collins of Mallow, yeoman.
825.261 Thomas Bettsworth, town and parish of Mallow, esq.
825.300 William Wakelet of Mallow, weaver.
825.309 Gregory Newman of Mallow, gent.
825.313 Alice Timberlake, wife to John Timberlake, smith.
825.315 George Keitely of Mallow, gent.
825.320 John Marnes of Mallow, miller.
Parish Clonfert, Barony Duhallow
825.77 John Powell of Newmarket, clerk, on behalf of Thomas Fisher, clerk, of Mallow and Winifred Foard [Ford] of Newmarket, spinster.
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