Alphabetic Townland List for County Kilkenny Ireland
Townlands of County Kilkenny Ireland
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Townland		Acres	Barony		Parish		PLU in 1857
----------------------  -----   -------------   --------------  --------------
Waddingstown  		319	Iverk 		Rathkieran	Waterford
Walkinslough   		71	Kilkenny BoroughSt. Canice	Kilkenny
Wallslough  		205	Shillelogher	Grangekilree	Kilkenny
Wallslough  		262	Shillelogher	Outrath		Kilkenny
Wallstown   		393	Crannagh	Ballinamara	Kilkenny
Walton's Grove 		536	Knocktopher	Jerpointchurch	Thomastown
   or Mountjuliet
Warrenstown   		50	Galmoy		Erke		Urlingford
Warrenstown   		701	Galmoy		Fertagh		Urlingford
Warrington     		487	Shillelogher	St. Patrick's	Kilkenny
Washer's Bog   		26	Shillelogher	Burnchurch	Callan
Waterland     		75	Galmoy		Erke		Urlingford
Watree      		301	Gowran		Gowran		Kilkenny
Weatherstown  		493	Ida		Kilcoan		Waterford
Webbsborough  		271	Fassadinin 	Mothell		Castlecomer
Westcourt Commons	118	Callan		Callan		Callan
Westcourt Demesne	140	Callan		Callan		Callan
Westcourt North		466	Callan		Callan		Callan
Westcourt South		19	Callan		Callan		Callan
Westmoreland  		145	Knocktopher 	Aghaviller	Thomastown
Wetland      		65	Shillelogher 	St. Patrick's	Kilkenny
Whitecastle Lower	127	Knocktopher 	Knocktopher 	Thomastown
Whitecastle Upper	27	Knocktopher 	Knocktopher 	Thomastown
Whitechurch    		273	Iverk		Whitechurch    	Carrick on Suir
Whitehouse    		251	Shillelogher	Killaloe	Callan
Whitesland   		106	Callan		Callan		Callan
Whiteswall  		977	Galmoy 		Erke		Urlingford
Wildfield  		200	Gowran		Kilmadum	Castlecomer
Wildfield    		290	Fassadinin 	Muckalee	Castlecomer
Woodlands  		234	Shillelogher	Castleinch	Kilkenny
Woodquarter  		63	Gowran		Gowran		Kilkenny
Woodsgift   		491	Crannagh 	Clomantagh	Urlingford
Woodville   		118	Gowran		Kilmacahill	Kilkenny
Woollengrange		729	Gowran		Woolengrange	Thomastown

Extracted from the General Alphabetical Index of Townlands - Based on the 1851 Census.

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