Alphabetic Townland List for County Kilkenny Ireland
Townlands of County Kilkenny Ireland
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Townland		Acres	Barony		Parish		PLU in 1857
----------------------  -----   -------------   --------------  --------------
Sandfordscourt		596	Gowran		Rathcoole	Kilkenny
Sandpits		158	Iverk		Fiddown		Carrick on Suir
Sart			379	Crannagh	Ballinamara	Kilkenny
Sart			355	Crannagh	Clashacrow	Kilkenny
Scanlansland		171	Fassadinin	Muckalee	Castlecomer
Scart			48	Gowran		Blackrath	Kilkenny
Scart			48	Gowran		Clara		Kilkenny
Scart			481	Gowran		Dungarvan	Thomastown
Scart			388	Knocktopher	Rossinan	Waterford
Scartnamoe		76	Ida		Kilcolumb	Waterford
Scotsborough		303	Shillelogher	Killaloe	Callan
Screhan			273	Kells		Coolaghmore	Callan
Seixeslough		49	Gowran		St. John's	Kilkenny
Seskin			480	Galmoy		Aharney		Urlingford
Seskin			296	Kells		Killamery	Callan
Seskin Little		36	Galmoy		Aharney		Urlingford
Seskin North		402	Galmoy		Aharney		Urlingford
Seskin South		342	Galmoy		Aharney		Urlingford
Sevensisters		224	Galmoy		Fertagh		Urlingford
Shanbogh Lower		328	Ida		Shanbogh	New Ross
Shanbogh Upper		649	Ida		Shanbogh	New Ross
Shancashlaun		25	Kells		Kilmaganny	Callan
Shanganny		50	Fassadinin	Coolcraheen	Kilkenny
Shanganny		264	Fassadinin	Grangemaccomb	Kilkenny
Shanganny		104	Fassadinin	Mayne		Kilkenny
Shankill		1880	Gowran		Shankill	Kilkenny
Sheafield North		138	Gowran		Gowran		Kilkenny
Sheafield South		20	Gowran		Gowran		Kilkenny
Sheastown		599	Shillelogher	Kilferagh	Kilkenny
Sheepstown		572	Knocktopher	Knocktopher	Thomastown
Sheeptown		95	Crannagh	Kilmanagh	Callan
Sheeptown		28	Crannagh	Tullaghanbrogue	Callan
Shellumsrath		128	Shillelogher	St. Patrick's	Kilkenny
Sheskin Commons		7	Callan		Callan		Callan
Shortallstown		304	Kells		Kilree		Callan
Silverspring or Afaddy	165	Iverk		Ballytarsney	Waterford
Silverspring or Afaddy	77	Iverk		Pollrone	Waterford
Simonsland		86	Crannagh	Odagh		Kilkenny
Sionhermitage		30	Gowran		St. John's	Kilkenny
Skeaghacloran		204	Callan		Callan		Callan
Skeaghaturrish		187	Shillelogher	Danesfort	Thomastown
Skeaghcroum		70	Crannagh	Tubbridbritain	Urlingford
Skeard			295	Ida		Dunkitt		Waterford
Skehana			926	Fassadinin	Castlecomer	Castlecomer
Skinstown		176	Galmoy		Rathbeagh	Urlingford
Slade			157	Callan		Callan		Callan
Sleveen			133	Fassadinin	Kilmacar	Castlecomer
Slievecarragh		262	Ida		Dysartmoon	New Ross
Smartscastle East	76	Ida 		Dunkitt		Waterford
Smartscastle West	110	Ida 		Dunkitt		Waterford
Smithsland North	106	Shillelogher	St. Patrick's	Kilkenny
Smithsland South	66	Shillelogher	St. Patrick's	Kilkenny
Smithstown		689	Fassadinin	Dysart		Castlecomer
Smithstown		375	Gowran		Dunbell		Kilkenny
Smithstown		9	Gowran		Tullaherin	Thomastown
Smithstown		169	Knocktopher	Kilbeacon	Waterford
Smithstown		777	Knocktopher	Listerlin	New Ross
Smithstown Lower	98	Gowran		Thomastown	Thomastown
Smithstown Upper	358	Gowran		Thomastown	Thomastown
Spahill			201	Galmoy		Balleen		Urlingford
Springhill		156	Fassadinin	Odagh		Kilkenny
Springhill		148	Shillelogher	St. Patrick's	Kilkenny
Spruceshay		56	Kells		Mallardstown	Callan
Sragh			287	Crannagh	Tubbridbritain	Urlingford
Sraghgaddy		313	Gowran		Kilmacahill	Kilkenny
Sraleagh		115	Fassadinin	Donaghmore	Castlecomer
Srughawadda		137	Kells		Kilmaganny	Callan
Stakally		356	Gowran		Powerstown	Thomastown
Stampspark		16	Gowran		Thomastown	Thomastown
Stangs			119	Gowran		Gowran		Kilkenny
Stonecarthy East	317	Shillelogher	Stonecarthy	Thomastown
Stonecarthy West	405	Shillelogher	Stonecarthy	Thomastown
Stoneen   		77	Gowran  	Kilfane		Thomastown
Strangsmill    		109	Ida  		Dunkitt		Waterford
Stripes       		55	Ida 		The Rower	New Ross
Stroan     		208	Gowran		Kilfane		Thomastown
Sugarloaf Hill    	6	Kilkenny BoroughSt. Canice	Kilkenny
Sugarstown    		263	Gowran		Kilfane		Thomastown
Summerslane  		115	Kells 		Coolaghmore	Callan
Sunhill       		47	Shillelogher 	Burnchurch	Callan
Suttonsrath  		223	Fassadinin	Odagh		Kilkenny
Sweethill     		269	Galmoy		Rathbeagh	Urlingford
Swiftsheath  		593	Fassadinin 	Coolcraheen	Kilkenny

Extracted from the General Alphabetical Index of Townlands - Based on the 1851 Census.

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