Alphabetic Townland List for County Kilkenny Ireland
Townlands of County Kilkenny Ireland
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Townland		Acres	Barony		Parish		PLU in 1857
----------------------  -----   -------------   --------------  --------------
Mabbotstown		93	Knocktopher	Aghaviller	Thomastown
Maddockstown		593	Gowran		Blackrath	Kilkenny
Maidenhall		160	Shillelogher	Danesfort	Thomastown
Maidenhill		45	Shillelogher	St. Canice	Kilkenny
Mallardstown		258	Kells		Mallardstown	Callan
Mallardstown East	77	Kells		Mallardstown	Callan
Mallardstown Great	316	Kells		Mallardstown	Callan
Mallardstown Lower	245	Kells		Mallardstown	Callan
Mallardstown Upper	207	Kells		Mallardstown	Callan
Mallardstown West	86	Kells		Mallardstown	Callan
Manselscourt		229	Knocktopher	Kilbeacon	Waterford
Mantingstown		81	Kells		Coolaghmore	Callan
Margaret's-fields	34	Shillelogher	St. Patrick's	Kilkenny
Marnellsmeadows		19	Shillelogher	St. Canice	Kilkenny
Maudlin			319	Fassadinin	Kilmacar	Castlecomer
Maudlin			88	Fassadinin	Mothell		Castlecomer
Maudlinsland		53	Gowran		St. John's	Kilkenny
Maxtown			119	Callan		Callan		Callan
Meallaghmore		209	Kells		Tullahought	Callan
Meallaghmore Lower	175	Kells		Killamery	Callan
Meallaghmore Upper	149	Kells		Killamery	Callan
Melville		270	Ida		Dunkitt		Waterford
Memory			43	Kells		Kilmaganny	Callan
Michaelschurch		278	Crannagh	Ballycallan	Kilkenny
Middleknock		55	Gowran		St. John's	Kilkenny
Millbanks		198	Ida		Rosbercon	New Ross
Mill Island		24	Kells		Mallardstown	Callan
Milltown		577	Gowran		Ullard		Thomastown
Milltown		195	Ida		Ballygurrim	New Ross
Milltown		507	Ida		Dunkitt		Waterford
Milltown		939	Knocktopher	Muckalee	Carrick on Suir
Minnauns		197	Callan		Callan		Callan
Moanamought Commons	53	Callan		Callan		Callan
Moangarve		200	Kells		Mallardstown	Callan
Moankeal Commons	44	Callan		Callan		Callan
Moanmore		386	Kells		Dunnamaggan	Callan
Moanmore Commons	281	Callan		Callan		Callan
Moanroe			53	Ida		Kilcolumb 	Waterford
Moanroe Commons		68	Knocktopher	Knocktopher	Thomastown
Moanteenmore		454	Gowran		Dungarvan	Thomastown
Moat			140	Crannagh	Freshford	Kilkenny
Moatpark		217	Fassadinin	Donaghmore	Castlecomer
Mohil			294	Fassadinin	Kilmademoge	Kilkenny
Molassy			169	Callan		Callan		Callan
Molum			702	Iverk		Ullid		Waterford
Monablanchameen		151	Crannagh	Tubbridbritain	Urlingford
Monaboul		187	Kells		Kilmaganny	Callan
Monabrika		150	Crannagh	Freshford	Kilkenny
Monabrogue		236	Crannagh	Ballylarkin	Kilkenny
Monachunna		107	Kells		Dunnamaggan	Callan
Monadubbaun		155	Kells		Dunnamaggan	Callan
Monafrica		41	Crannagh	Odagh		Kilkenny
Monarche Commons	389	Callan		Callan		Callan
Monassa			281	Kells		Ballytobin	Callan
Monavadaroe		169	Crannagh	Tullaroan	Kilkenny
Monavaddra		158	Shillelogher	Tullaghanbrogue	Callan
Monavinnaun		156	Iverk		Muckalee	Carrick on Suir
Monawinnia		32	Kells		Mallardstown	Callan
Moneen			364	Gowran		Graiguenamanagh	Thomastown
Moneenaun		148	Galmoy		Rathbeagh	Urlingford
Moneenroe		1303	Fassadinin	Castlecomer	Castlecomer
Moneyhenry		121	Knocktopher	Killahy		Waterford
Moneynamuck 		465	Galmoy		Erke		Urlingford
   or Cooloultha
Moneynamuck (Stopford)	491	Galmoy		Erke		Urlingford
Monphole		68	Galmoy		Sheffin		Urlingford
Monyheige Commons	30	Knocktopher	Knocktopher	Thomastown
Mooncoin		43	Iverk		Pollrone	Waterford
Moonhall		157	Gowran		Tiscoffin	Kilkenny
Moonveen		326	Iverk		Portnascully	Waterford
Mortgage Fields		48	Shillelogher	St. Patrick's	Kilkenny
Moulerstown 		323	Ida		Kilcoan		Waterford
   or Ballyvoulera
Mountfinn		328	Galmoy		Urlingford	Urlingford
Mountgale		456	Crannagh	Ballycallan	Kilkenny
Mountjuliet 		536	Knocktopher	Jerpointchurch	Thomastown
   or Walton's Grove
Mountloftus		48	Gowran		Powerstown	Thomastown
Mountneill		315	Iverk 		Aglish		Waterford
Mountnugent Lower	214	Gowran 		Rathcoole	Kilkenny
Mountnugent Upper	246	Gowran 		Rathcoole	Kilkenny
Moyhora			1172	Fassadinin	Castlecomer	Castlecomer
Moyne			141	Fassadinin	Kilmacar	Castlecomer
Muck            	157	Crannagh  	Tullaghanbrogue	Callan
Muckalee    		1123	Fassadinin  	Muckalee	Castlecomer
Muckmeadows 		27	Shillelogher 	Tullaghanbrogue	Callan
Mullaunattina 		257	Galmoy  	Urlingford	Urlingford
Mullaunglass 		4	Callan 		Callan 		Callan 
Mullenbeg    		743	Iverk  		Fiddown		Carrick on Suir
Mullennahone   		295	Ida   		Kilmakevoge	Waterford
Mullennakill  		849	Knocktopher 	Jerpoint West	New Ross
Mullinabro   		207	Ida    		Dunkitt		Waterford
Mullinavat    		32	Knocktopher  	Kilbeacon	Waterford
Mungan      		302	Ida   		The Rower	New Ross
Mungmacody    		552	Gowran 		Columbkille	Thomastown
Murtaghstown    	153	Ida  		Rathpatrick	Waterford
Mylerstown 		390	Knocktopher 	Aghaviller	Thomastown
   or Kingsmountain

Extracted from the General Alphabetical Index of Townlands - Based on the 1851 Census.

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