Alphabetic Townland List for County Kilkenny Ireland
Townlands of County Kilkenny Ireland
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Townland		Acres	Barony		Parish		PLU in 1857
----------------------  -----   -------------   --------------  --------------
Lacken			267	Crannagh	St. Canice	Kilkenny
Lacken			102	Gowran		Ullard		Thomastown
Lacken			24	Gowran		St. John's	Kilkenny
Lackendragaun		285	Kells		Dunnamaggan	Callan
Laghtbrack		73	Kells		Kells		Callan
Lakyle			58	Shillelogher	Killaloe	Callan
Lamoge			468	Kells		Tullahought	Callan
Lates			124	Crannagh	Tullaroan	Kilkenny
Lavistown		255	Gowran		St. Martins	Kilkenny
Lawcus			261	Shillelogher	Ennisnag	Thomastown
Leapstown		187	Fassadinin	Kilmademoge	Kilkenny
Legan			241	Gowran		Ballylinch	Thomastown
Leggetsrath East	215	Gowran		St. John's	Kilkenny
Leggetsrath West	245	Gowran		St. John's	Kilkenny
Lemonstown		382	Kells		Kilmaganny	Callan
Lennaght		103	Ida		The Rower	New Ross
Leugh   		418	Crannagh   	Odagh		Kilkenny
Licketstown   		342	Iverk   	Portnascully	Waterford
Lintaun   		86	Callan 		Callan 		Callan 
Lisballyfroot   	544	Crannagh	Tullaroan	Kilkenny
Lisdowney   		1755	Galmoy 		Aharney		Urlingford
Lisduff       		69	Fassadinin  	Grangemaccomb	Urlingford
Lismaine    		316	Fassadinin  	Coolcraheen	Kilkenny
Lismateige  		1180	Knocktopher 	Lismateige  	Thomastown
Lisnafunshin  		425	Fassadinin 	Mothell		Castlcomer
Lisnalea      		286	Crannagh	Tullaroan	Kilkenny
Listerlin    		1407	Ida      	Listerlin    	New Ross
Listrolin     		489	Iverk  		Muckalee	Carrick on Suir
Listrolin     		699	Iverk  		Rathkieran	Carrick on Suir
Littlefield  		74	Fassadinin 	Mayne		Kilkenny
Loan       		872	Fassadinin	Castlecomer	Castlecomer
Lodge     		311	Galmoy 		Balleen		Urlingford
Lodge Demesne East    	146	Crannagh	Sheffin		Urlingford
Lodge Demesne West  	169	Galmoy		Sheffin		Urlingford
Lough			293	Galmoy		Erke		Urlingford
Loughbeg		30	Kells		Dunnamaggan	Callan
Loughboreen		212	Gowran		Tullaherin	Thomastown
Loughboy		109	Shillelogher	St. Patrick's	Kilkenny
Loughill		431	Fassadinin	Abbeyleix	Castlecomer
Loughill		599	Fassadinin	Attanagh	Castlecomer
Loughill		48	Fassadinin	Rosconnell	Castlecomer
Loughmacask		56	Crannagh	St. Canice	Kilkenny
Loughmerans		369	Gowran		St. John's	Kilkenny
Loughooly		23	Callan		Callan		Callan
Loughsollish		239	Kells		Dunnamaggan	Callan
Lousybush		107	Crannagh	St. Canice	Kilkenny
Luffany			237	Ida		Rathpatrick	Waterford
Luffany			444	Iverk		Portnascully	Waterford
Lughinny		382	Crannagh	Killahy		Urlingford
Lushkinnagh		160	Crannagh	Odagh		Kilkenny
Lyons			40	Kilkenny BoroughSt. Canice	Kilkenny
Lyrath			128	Gowran		Blackrath	Kilkenny
Lyrath			74	Gowran		St. John's	Kilkenny
Lyrath			63	Gowran		St. Martins	Kilkenny

Extracted from the General Alphabetical Index of Townlands - Based on the 1851 Census.

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