Alphabetic Townland List for County Kilkenny Ireland
Townlands of County Kilkenny Ireland
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* G *
Townland		Acres	Barony		Parish		PLU in 1857
----------------------  -----   -------------   --------------  --------------
Gallowshill		106	Gowran		Gowran		Kilkenny
Gallowshill		86	Shillelogher	St. Patrick's	Kilkenny
Gardens			81	Kilkenny BoroughSt. Canice	Kilkenny
Gardens			55	Kilkenny BoroughSt. John's	Kilkenny
Gardens			30	Kilkenny BoroughSt. Patrick's	Kilkenny
Garnagale		244	Crannagh	Tubbridbritain	Urlingford
Garranamanagh		357	Crannagh	Garranamanagh	Urlingford
Garranbehy Big		189	Ida		Rosbercon	New Ross
Garranbehy Little	24	Ida		Rosbercon	New Ross
Garranconnell		155	Crannagh	Tubbridbritain	Urlingford
Garrandarragh		699	Ida		Jerpoint West	New Ross
Garrandarragh		376	Knocktopher	Kilbeacon	Waterford
Garranhalloo		194	Kells		Tullahought	Callan
Garranmachenry		433	Kells		Killamery	Callan
Garrannaguilly		386	Fassadinin	Donaghmore	Castlecomer
Garranrobin		116	Kells		Kilmaganny	Callan
Garranstan		211	Kells		Kells		Callan
Garranvabby		151	Ida		The Rower	New Ross
Garraun			165	Kells		Coolaghmore	Callan
Garraun			181	Shillelogher	Castleinch	Kilkenny
Garrincreen		116	Gowran		St. John's	Kilkenny
Garrydague		157	Galmoy		Coolcashin	Urlingford
Garryduff		866	Gowran		Kilmacahill	Kilkenny
Garryduff		515	Iverk		Owning		Carrick on Suir
Garrygaug		495	Iverk		Muckalee	Carrick on Suir
Garryhiggin		132	Crannagh	Tubbridbritain	Urlingford
Garrylaun		245	Galmoy		Erke		Urlingford
Garryleesha		60	Gowran		Powerstown	Thomastown
Garrynamann Lower	189	Kells		Kells		Callan
Garrynamann Upper	345	Kells		Kells		Callan
Garrynarea		510	Iverk		Owning 		Carrick on Suir
Garryrickin		1067	Kells		Killamery	Callan
Garrythomas		151	Kells		Killamery	Callan
Gaulstown		485	Fassadinin	Muckalee	Castlecomer
Gaulstown		251	Ida		Gaulskill	Waterford
Gaulstown		143	Ida		Kilcolumb	Waterford
Gaulstown Lower		330	Crannagh	Ballinamara	Kilkenny
Gaulstown Upper		373	Crannagh	Ballinamara	Kilkenny
Glashare		872	Galmoy		Glashare	Urlingford
Glebe			19	Fassadinin	Castlecomer	Castlecomer
Glebe			27	Galmoy		Fertagh		Urlingford
Glebe			75	Gowran		Kilfane		Thomastown
Glebe			34	Kells		Kells		Callan
Glebe			24	Knocktopher	Knocktopher	Thomastown
Glebe			51	Shillelogher	Castleinch	Kilkenny
Glen			71	Kells		Kilmaganny	Callan
Glenballyvally		449	Ida		Dysartmoon	New Ross
Glenbower		244	Iverk		Fiddown		Carrick on Suir
Glencloghlea		128	Ida		Shanbogh	New Ross
Glencommaun		227	Kells		Tullahought	Carrick on Suir
Glencoum		604	Gowran		Graiguenamanagh	Thomastown
Glendine		123	Gowran		St. John's	Kilkenny
Glendonnell		358	Knocktopher	Rossinan	Waterford
Glengrant		72	Iverk		Portnascully	Waterford
Glenmagoo 		1049	Fassadinin	Castlecomer	Castlecomer
   or Firoda Lower
Glenmore		160	Knocktopher	Jerpointchurch	Thomastown
Glennafunshoge 		68	Gowran		Woolengrange	Thomastown
   or Ashglen
Glenpipe       		1157	Knocktopher 	Jerpoint West	New Ross
Glenreagh      		157	Crannagh   	Tubbridbritain	Urlingford
Glensansaw    		137	Ida     	Rosbercon	New Ross
Glentiroe        	189	Ida   		Dysartmoon	New Ross
Glinn          		77	Ida 		Rosbercon	New Ross
Goldenfield        	224	Crannagh	Ballycallan	Kilkenny
Goodwinsgarden   	684	Kells		Kells		Callan
Gorteen            	682	Fassadinin	Castlecomer	Castlecomer
Gorteen            	421	Gowran 		Powerstown	Thomastown
Gorteenara        	83	Fassadinin	Kilmenan	Castlecomer
Gorteennalee      	64	Shillelogher	Killaloe	Callan
Gorteennamuck     	513	Galmoy 		Coolcashin	Urlingford
Gorteens         	1002	Ida 		Rathpatrick	Waterford
Gorteenteen     	198	Crannagh 	Ballycallan	Kilkenny
Gortnacurragh   	15	Shillelogher	Killaloe	Callan
Gortnagap          	654	Crannagh 	Tullaroan	Kilkenny
Gortnaglogh     	189	Kells    	Tullahought	Callan
Gortnasragh     	19	Callan 		Killaloe	Callan
Gortphaudeen   		11	Kells  		Coolaghmore	Callan
Gortrush          	396	Iverk   	Fiddown	Carrick on Suir
Goslingstown   		311	Shillelogher 	Castleinch	Kilkenny
Gowran           	259	Gowran   	Gowran   	Kilkenny
Gowran Demesne    	846	Gowran  	Gowran   	Kilkenny
Gragara           	594	Fassadinin  	Mayne		Kilkenny
Graigavine      	268	Iverk  		Clonmore	Carrick on Suir
Graigue        		338	Kells		Coolaghmore	Callan
Graigue (Hartford)	160	Crannagh	Kilmanagh	Callan
Graigue (Hayden)	243	Crannagh 	Kilmanagh	Callan
Graigue Lower		129	Shillelogher  	Burnchurch	Callan
Graigue Upper		241	Shillelogher  	Burnchurch	Callan
Graiguenakill        	156	Ida  		Kilmakevoge	Waterford
Graiguenamanagh   	356	Gowran 		Graiguenamanagh Thomastown
Graigueooly        	221	Shillelogher  	Killaloe	Callan
Graiguesmeadow   	8	Callan 		Callan 		Callan 
Graigueswood       	254	Crannagh	Sheffin		Urlingford
Grange         		674	Fassadinin 	Grangemaccomb	Urlingford
Grange      		414	Ida  		The Rower	New Ross
Grange     		643	Iverk		Pollrone 	Waterford
Grange      		25	Shillelogher	Castleinch	Kilkenny
Grange 			287	Shillelogher	Grange		Kilkenny
Grangecuff        	324	Shillelogher	Grange		Kilkenny
Grangefertagh    	920	Galmoy 		Fertagh		Urlingford
Grangehill      	378	Gowran 		Tiscoffin	Kilkenny
Grange Lower		1962	Gowran		Grangesilvia	Thomastown
Grange Upper		864	Gowran		Grangesilvia	Thomastown
Granny         		1137	Iverk 		Kilmacow	Waterford
Greatoak      		197	Shillelogher 	Killaloe	Callan
Greatwood    		218	Shillelogher	Killaloe	Callan
Greenhill       	258	Crannagh 	Killahy		Urlingford
Greenridge   		163	Gowran		St. John's	Kilkenny
Greenville    		273	Ida  		Dunkitt		Waterford
Grenan        		653	Gowran  	Thomastown	Thomastown
Grevine East		385	Shillelogher 	Outrath		Kilkenny
Grevine West		130	Shillelogher 	Outrath		Kilkenny
Griffinstown   		250	Gowran   	Ullard		Thomastown
Grogan        		407	Ida    		Kilcolumb	Waterford
Grove         		101	Gowran		BlanchvilleskillKilkenny
Grove         		169	Gowran		Powerstown	Thomastown
Grove        		324	Shillelogher	Tullaghanbrogue	Callan
Grove or Cramersgrove	356	Gowran		Kilkieran	Kilkenny
Grovebeg        	233	Kells     	Kilree		Callan
Guilkagh Beg     	68	Ida    		Listerlin	New Ross
Guilkagh More    	134	Ida 		Listerlin	New Ross

Extracted from the General Alphabetical Index of Townlands - Based on the 1851 Census.

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