Alphabetic Townland List for County Kilkenny Ireland
Townlands of County Kilkenny Ireland
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Townland		Acres	Barony		Parish		PLU in 1857
----------------------  -----   -------------   --------------  ---------------
Abbeygrove		59	Gowran  	BlanchvilleskillKilkenny
Acragar			438	Galmoy          Rathbeagh	Urlingford
Acraroe			63	Shillelogher    Tullaghanbrogue	Callan
Adamstown Lower		189	Crannagh  	Tullaroan	Kilkenny
Adamstown Upper		284	Crannagh  	Tullaroan	Kilkenny
Afaddy or Silverspring	165	Iverk           Ballytarsney	Waterford
Afaddy or Silverspring	77	Iverk           Pollrone	Waterford
Agha			261	Gowran     	Rathcoole	Kilkenny
Aghamucky		1061	Fassadinin   	Castlecomer	Castlecomer
Aghaviller		208	Knocktopher   	Aghaviller	Thomastown
Aghclare		269	Gowran      	Graiguenamanagh	Thomastown
Aghenderry		170	Shillelogher   	Tullaghanbrogue	Callan
Aghinraheen		319	Shillelogher   	Tullaghanbrogue	Callan
Aglish North		235	Iverk           Aglish		Waterford
Aglish South		291	Iverk           Aglish		Waterford
Ahanure North		419	Kells      	Coolaghmore	Callan
Ahanure South		375	Kells      	Coolaghmore	Callan
Annaghs			565	Ida     	Shanbogh	New Ross
Annaleck Lower		170	Gowran        	Powerstown	Thomastown
Annaleck Upper		272	Gowran        	Powerstown	Thomastown
Annamult		1351	Shillelogher  	Danesfort	Thomastown
Annefield		78	Ida             Rosbercon	New Ross
Annfield		83	Gowran       	Dunbell		Kilkenny
Archergrove		102	Shillelogher    St. Patrick's	Kilkenny
Archersleas		147	Shillelogher    St. Patrick's	Kilkenny
Archersrath		107	Gowran		St. John's	Kilkenny
Archerstreet Lot	88	Shillelogher   	St. Canice	Kilkenny
Ardaloo			401	Fassadinin      Grangemaccomb	Kilkenny
Ardbeg			265	Ida             Kilcolumb	Waterford
Ardboy			43	Crannagh        St. Canice	Kilkenny
Ardclone		291	Iverk       	Fiddown		Carrick on Suir
Arderra     		583	Iverk          	Arderra     	Waterford
Ardra			770	Fassadinin      Castlecomer	Castlecomer
Ardreagh		297	Galmoy		Urlingford	Urlingford
Ardscradum		12	Shillelogher    St. Patrick's	Kilkenny
Ashglen 		68	Gowran		Woolengrange	Thomastown
  or Glennafunshoge
Ashtown			766	Knocktopher	Fiddown		Carrick on Suir
Atateemore or Blackneys	173	Ida		Kilcolumb	Waterford
Attateenoe Lower	81	Kells		Coolaghmore	Callan
Attateenoe Upper	133	Kells		Coolaghmore	Callan
Aughatubbrid 		1651	Fassadinin      Castlecomer	Castlecomer
  or Chatsworth
Aughkiletaun		462	Gowran		Powerstown	Thomastown
Aughtanny		171	Shillelogher    Castleinch	Kilkenny
Aylwardstown		555	Ida		Kilmakevoge	Waterford
Ayresfield		43	Crannagh	St. Canice	Kilkenny

Extracted from the General Alphabetical Index of Townlands - Based on the 1851 Census.

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