County Kilkenny - Windgap Parish Baptisms
Windgap Parish Baptisms
County Kilkenny, Ireland

Sheehan/Boyle Baptisms (1822 to 1852)
Transcription contributed by Nancy Boyle Bennett

Pierce Kiravan (sp?)       Lemonstown
Wife;  Anne Murphey
Daughter; Honor Kiravan, baptized,  10 Sept 1822
Witnesses: Patt Sheehan & Margaret Corcoran

Thomas Sheahan          Windgap
Wife; Anty Costello
Daughter Biddy Sheahan, baptized, 8 January 1824 (illegitimate)
Witnesses; Mick Mackey & Anne Cantwell

John Hickey     Ballygown
Wife; Mary Sheehan
Daughter Margaret Hickey, baptized,  17 May 1826
Witnesses; Edwd Kenny & Margt Sheehan

James Cleary        Newchurch
Wife; Mary Sheehan
Daughter Honor Cleary, baptized,  16 July 1824
Witnesses; John Wall & Eliza Shea

Martin Flemming     Rossenany
Wife; Ellen Grace
Unable to read record faded, looks like son David (?) baptized,  14 February 
Witnesses; Thomas Whelan & Anty Sheehan

Robert Norriss      Kilmagany
Wife; Allice Geelahan
Son; James Norris, baptized,  2 January 1825
Witnesses; Edwd Gorman & Hanora Sheehan

Patt Dillon     Rossenena
Wife; Mary Walsh
Son Pat Dillon, baptized,  2 June 1825
Witnesses; Thomas Brophy & Anty Sheehan

David Dowling       Rossennena
Wife; Catherine Moore
Daughter; Judy Dowling, baptized, 23 October 1825
Witnesses; Patt Sheehan & Catherine Grace

James Cahill         Rossenena
Wife; Norry Shehan
Son; John Cahill, baptized 25 November 1825
Witnesses; Robert Power & Nancy Feehan

David Hurley        Poulbee
No wife listed
Daughter; Judy Hurley, baptized, 27 August 1826
Witnesses; John Sheehan & Mary Hennessy

Pat Sheehan     Rosseneny
Wife; Mary Martin
Son; Michael Sheehan, baptized, 19 October 1826
Witnesses; John Grace & Mary Macky

Thomas Sheehan      Kiltrassy
Wife; Mary Fowly
Son; Richard Sheehan, baptized, 5 August 1824
Witnesses; Nicholas Murphy & Ellen Hayes

Martin Fleming      Windgap
Wife; Ellen Grace
Daughter Bridget Grace, baptised, 9 August 1828
Witnesses; Pat Sheehan & Mary Hayes

John Hicky      Ballygown Reade
Wife; Mary Sheehan
Daughter Ellen Hicky, baptized, 23 February 1829
Witnesses; Pater Hicky & Bridget Cardel

John Kennedy        Blackbog
Wife; Bridget Morris
Son; William Kennedy, baptized, 4 April, 1830
Witnesses; John Morris & Johanna Shea

William Cuddihy
Wife; Cathe Shea
Son; Maurice Cuddihy, baptized 15 August 1830
Witnesses; Pat Shea & Ellen Shea

Thos Sheehan        Ballygown Reade
Wife; Mary Reddy
Son; James Sheehan, baptized, 6 October 1830
Witnesses; Pat Sheehan & Mary Sheehan

John Hickey     Ballygown Reade
Wife; Mary Sheehan
Son;  Pierse Hickey, baptized, 4 April 1831
Witnesses; Pierse Power & Johanna Power

Willm Boyle     Rahenaren
Wife; Hanora Sheehan
Daughter; Mary Boyle, baptized 21 January 1832
Witnesses; John Shee & Catherine Shee

Michl Kennedy       Rossenena
Wife; Judy Dillon
Daughter; Johanna Kennedy, baptized, 29 June 1832
Witnesses; John Grace & Anty Sheehan

William Fogarty     Rossenena
Wife; Margt Sheehan
Daughter; Mary Fogarty, baptized, 15 August 1832
Witnesses; Pat Sheehan & Anty Sheehan

Martin Flemming     Rossenena
Wife; Ellen Grace
Son' Edward Flemming, baptized 22 November 1833
Witnesses; Pat Kenna & Cathe Whelan

Tho Sheehan     Ballygown Reade
Wife; Margt Reddy
Son' Patrick Sheehan
Witnesses; Thos Sheehan & Eliza Macky

Willm Boyle     Blackbog
Wife Hanor Sheehan
Son; Patrick Boyle, baptized 26 June 1834
Witnesses; John Sheehan & Mary Shee

William Beaty       Ballygown Reade
Wife; Bridget Coffee
Son; William Beaty, baptized, 2 August 1835
Witnesses; James Sheehan Betty Durney

Thos Sheehan        Ballygown Reade
Wife; Margt Reddy
Son; John Sheehan, baptized, 16 March 1836
Witnesses; Oliver Barry & Mary Shea

James Sheehan       Ballygown Reade
Wife; Margt White
Daughter; Honor Sheehan, baptized 3 June 1836 (illegitimate)
Witnesses; John Sheehan & Honor Sheehan

Pat Macky       Rossenena
Wife; Anty Sheehan
Daughter; Ellen Macky, baptized, 12 December 1836
Witnesses; Tho Brophy & Cath Morris

Willm Boyle     Blackbog
Wife; Norry Sheehan
Daughter; Catherine Boyle, baptized, 18 February 1837
Witnesses; James Shea & Mary Quin

Pat Sheehan     Rossenena
Wife; Biddy Roohan
Daughter; Catherine Sheehan, baptized, 27 January 1838
Witnesses; Pat Voss & Nelly Whelan

John Higgins        Kiltrassy
Wife; Ellen Hawe
Daughter; Catharine Higgins, baptized, 14 April 1838
Witnesses; James Hawe & Cathe Sheehan

James Sheehan       Ballinalina
Wife; Margt Walsh
Daughter; Bridget Sheehan, baptized 6 May 1838
Witnesses; Thomas Kenny & Johanna Dalton

Pat Walsh       Blackbog
Wife; Biddy Cocoran
Daughter; Bridget Walsh, baptised, 7 May 1838  (Illegitimate)
Witnesses; Willm Cassin & Bridget Quin

John Hicky      Ballygown Reade
Wife; Mary Sheehan
Daughter; Bridget Hickey, baptized, 14 July 1838
Witnesses; Tho Sheehan & Norry Kearn

Pat Macky       Rossenena
Wife; Anty Sheehan
Son; John Macky, baptized, 14 October 1838
Witnesses; Thos Quan (Quinn?) & Biddy Fleming

Martin Cleary       Windgap
Wife; Ellen Coony
Daughter; Margaret Cleary, baptized 21 June 1839
Witnesses; Pat Sheehan & Margt Dowling

Willm Boyle            Blackbog
 Norry Sheehan
 Son Michael Boyle, Baptised, 6 October 1839
 Witnesses; Martin Sheehan  & Ally Hearns
 James Sheehan          Ballinalina
 Margt Whyte
 Daughter Margaret Sheehan, Baptised, 8 March 1840
 Witnesses; Thos Sheehan & Anty Henebry
 Pat Walsh          Blackbog
 Bridget Corcoran
 Daughter Mary Walsh, Baptised, 20 April 1840
 Witnesses; Gerald Grace & Mary Walsh
 Willm Sheehan          Ballygown Reade
 Mary Fogarthy
 Daughter Mary Sheehan, Baptised, 16 August 1840
 Witnesses; John Butler & Mary Nash
 John Comerford         Lemogue
 Cathe Tobin
 Daughter Anty Comerford, Baptised,  24 January 1841
 Witnesses; Patt Sheehan & Cathe Fitzpatrick
 Thos Kenedy            Blackbog
 Cathe Norris
 Son James Kenedy, Baptised, 3 February 1841
 Witnesses; Patt Kenedy & Judy Casey
 Patt Mackey            Rossenena
 Anty Sheehan
 Daughter, Mary Mackey, baptised 24 February 1841
 Witnesses; James Mackey & Bridget Brophy
 Rick Murphy            Kiltrassey
 Ellen Lonergan
 Daughter, Judy Murphy, Baptised 10 April, 1842
 Witnesses: Michl  Anthony & Kitty Sheehan
 Patt Sheehan           Windgap
 Bridget Rohan
 Daughter, Ellen Sheehan, Baptised, 1 November 1842
 Witnesses; Michl Costelloe
 Bridget Brophy
 James Sheehan          Ballinalina
 Margt Whyte
 Son Patt Sheehan, Baptised, 26 February 1843
 Witnesses; Peter Henebery & Mary Hickey
 Patt Walsh         Blackbog
 Bridget Corcoran
 Son Michael Walsh, Baptised 15 April 1843
 Witnesses; Michl Cuddihy & Judy Duggan
 Willm Boyle            Blackbog
 Honor Sheehan
 Daughter Mary Boyle, Baptised, 30 April 1843
 Witnesses; James Sheehan & Mary Clary
 John Long          Rossenena
 Biddy McCoy
 Daughter Ellen Long, Bpatised, 2 June 1843
 Witnesses; Lenny Walsh & Kitty Sheehan
 Thos Kenedy            Blackbog
 Cath Norris
 Son Patt Kenedy, Baptised 23 June 1843
 Witnesses; Walter Power & Cathe Kenedy
 Tho Sheehan            Rossaney
 Elenor Dugan
 Daughter Mary Sheehan, Baptised, 10 September 1843
 Witnesses; Thomas Brophy & Bridget Brophy
 Thos Shea          Windgap
 Mary Freany
 Daughter Elenor Shea, Baptised, 3 may 1844
 Witnesses; Michl Sheehan & Anne Dwyre
 Thomas Kenedy          Blackbog
 Catherine Norris
 Daughter Bridget Kenedy, Baptised, 30 June 1847
 Witnesses; James Kenedy & Bridget Shea
 Patrick Bryan          Ballygown Reade
 Anne Sheehan
 Daughter Brdget Bryan, Baptised 20 June 1848
 Witnesses; John Mara & Margaret Hawe
 Martin Dalton          Windgap
 (no spouse given)
 Daughter Elenor Dalton, Baptised  3 July 1848
 Witnesses; Michl Sheehan & Anne Walsh
 Patrick Nash           Ballygown Reade
 Margaret Norris
 Daughter Alice nash, Baptised 14 August 1848
 Witnesses; Patrick Bryan & Anne Sheehan
 John Comerford     Lemogue
 Catherine Tobin
 Daughter Elenor Comerford, Baptised 21 August 1848
 Witnesses Andrew Walsh c.c. & Anne Shehan
 Patrick Bryan          Ballygown Reade
 Anne Sheehan
 Son James Bryan, baptised 23 January 1850
 Witnesses; Patrick Sheehan & Anne Sheehan
 Thomas Doran
 Judith Dunphy
 Daughter Elenor Doran, Baptised, 25 August 1850
 Witnesses; James Brennan & Catherine Sheehan
 John Styles            Kiltrassy
 Catherine Sheehan
 Daughter Jonna Styles, Baptised,  22 December 1850
 Witnesses; Willm Landerkin & Eloner Walsh
 John Styles            Kiltrasy
 Cathe Sheehan
 Son John Styles, Baptised,  28 September 1854
 Witnesses; Thomas Dunphy & Mary Londergan
 James Shea         Ballinalina
 Mary Sheehan
 Daughter Mary Shea, baptised 27 march 1860
 Witness; Patrick Quinn & Mary Foley
 Thomas Brophy          Upper Rossenany
 Hanora Hanly
 Son William Brophy, Baptised, 7 December 1860
 Witnesses; Thomas Treacy & Bridget Sheehan
 James Cunningham           Kildrummy
 Johanna Feehan
 Son Cornelius Cunningham, Born 1 June, Baptised 2 June 
 Witnesses; P.  Crowley & Catherine Sheehan
 Pat Phelan         Rossenany
 Bridget Sheehan
 Daughter Ellen Phelan, Born 18 August 1864, Baptised 21 August 1864
 Witnesses; John Tobin & Johanna Cantwell
 Patrick Phelan
 Bridget Sheehan
 Daughter Johnanna Phelan, Born 23 December 1874, Baptised, 24 December 1874
 Witnesses; Patrick Marlin & Ellen Mackay
Source: "Diocese of Ossary, Parish of Windgap, Baptisms registered for August 18, 1822 - February 27, 1852, found on Film #926,205, LDS Family History Library, Salt Lake City Utah.

Transcription contributed by Nancy Boyle Bennett.

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