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Surnames of Kilkenny

A study of 1890 Irish birth registrations for the county of Kilkenny indicate Brennan as the most common surname with 2195 individuals of this name, followed by Walsh with 2016, Murphy with 1568, Ryan with 1523, Carroll with 1120, Byrne and Butler with 986 each, Maher with 941, Dunne with 896, Phelan with 805; Kelly, Neill, Power and Purcell each with 762, and Delaney and Dowling with 727 each.

Click here to see Summary Histories of selected County Kilkenny Surnames   (with links to more detailed early accounts). Also see Barony Histories.

Other older family names associated with County Kilkenny include Archer, Cantwell, MacGilpatrick, Mareschal, Montmorency, O'Bolger, O'Broe, O'Brodar, O'Callan, O'Carroll, O'Delany, O'Donoghue, O'Doyle, O'Gloran, O'Keveny, O'Loughnan, Roth, Shortall. Read a bit more surname history beginning at History of Osraighe. There is also a 1640 County Kilkenny Landowner Map showing the relative position of larger landowners prior to the land confiscations of Cromwell.

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Coats of Arms in Ireland.
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County Kilkenny Historical Reference:
Kilkenny Past & Present.
The Kingdom of Ossory (Gaelic origins)
Medieval County Kilkenny (arrival of Anglo-Normans).
Old English Families (Anglo-Norman families).
New English Families (Protestant ascendancy).
County Kilkenny Timeline (chronologic history).

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