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In ancient lore the kingdom of Connacht (or Connaught) was ruled from a ritual center at Cruachain Ai, near Rathcroghan between Belanagare and Elphin, in the County Roscommon. According to tradition, the Firbolg tribes ruled much of Connacht down to the third century. The ancient chronicles state that at the commencement of the 4th century the whole of Connaught was taken from the Firdomnians, a branch of the Firbolgs, who had held it till that time under the Milesians. Domnon and Domnann are place names in west and northwest Co. Mayo as referenced in a 7th century work by Tírechán.

Fearadhach Finnfeachtnach, son of Crimhthann Niadhnair, an early 1st century king of Ireland, was said to be the progenitor of the race of Conn Ceadchadhach (of the Hundred Battles). Conn, a legendary king of Ireland in the 2nd century, was progenitor of the later ruling Connachta tribes (of Milesian descent) and the namesake for the kingdom of Connacht.

In the 2nd century Ptolemy created the first map of Hibernia (Ireland) which included information he had received from other sources and with possible origins back to the 1st century. Although the accuracy of Ptolemy's description is questionable, it is interesting to note some of the tribes that he mentioned occupying the island at that time. The county reference below is taken from Samuel Lewis' "Topographical Dictionary of Ireland" published in the 1830's.

Certain Irish texts describe some of the early tribes or territories of Connacht as Fir Chraíbe, Tuatha Taíden, Gamanrad, Cattraige, Dál nDruithne, Gabraige Succa, Bolg Tuath Bagna (Badhna), Domnainn, and Clann Úmóir. In O'Flaherty's Ogygia, the Fir na Craibhe, Gamanraige and Tuatha Taiden were called Fir Olnegmact (fir Ól nÉcmacht), possibly an early name for Connacht(?).

In early medieval times Connacht (or Connaught) contained within it the modern counties of Cavan (now part of Ulster), Galway, Leitrim, Mayo, Roscommon and Sligo. Click here for a Physical Map of the Connacht region.

Cavan - According to Ptolemy, this tract, with the districts included in the adjacent counties of Leitrim and Fermanagh, was occupied by the Erdini, designated in the Irish language Ernaigh, traces of which name are yet preserved in that of Lough Erne and the river Erne, upon which and their tributaries these districts border. This district, exclusively of the greater part of the present county of Fermanagh, formed also the ancient principality of Breifne.

Galway - In the time of Ptolemy, this region was inhabited by the Auteri, who spread themselves also into the adjoining counties of Mayo and Roscommon. At a later, though still very remote date, it was thus parceled out among tribes or families; Clanconow, or Clonmacnoon, among the Burkes; Clanfirgail, among the O'Hallorans; Hymaine, among the O'Dalys and O'Kellys; Maghullen, now Moycullen, among the O'Flahertys; Silnamchia, now Longford; and Hy Fiacra Aidne, afterwards Clanricarde, possessed by the Burkes, Burghs, or De Bourgos.

Leitrim - According to Ptolemy, this tract, together with that comprised in the counties of Fermanagh and Cavan, was occupied by the Erdini, called in Irish "Ernaigh", who possessed the entire county bordering on Lough Erne. Leitrim, together with that of Cavan and part of Fermanagh, afterwards formed the territory of Breffny, or Brenny, which was divided into two principalities, of which the present county of Leitrim formed the western, under the name of Lower or West Breffny, and Hy Briuin Breffny.

Mayo - At the period when Ptolemy wrote, the Nagnatae were the inhabitants of the whole of the county, with the exception of a small portion of its southern extremity, into which the Auterii, who were settled in the northwest of Galway, had penetrated.

Roscommon - According to Ptolemy, this region was inhabited by the Auteri, who occupied also the present county of Galway. Among the native septs by whom it was afterwards occupied, the O'Conors enjoyed the supreme authority in the central districts, the Mac Dermots in the northern, and the O'Ceilys or O'Kellys in the southern.

Sligo - This county was included in the territory of the Nagnatae in the time of Ptolemy, the chief city of which tribe, Nagnata, is supposed by some to have been somewhere near the site of the town of Sligo. It was afterwards possessed by a branch of the O'Conors, called for the sake of distinction O'Conor Sligo. The families of O'Hara, O'Dowd, Mac Donagh, and Mac Ferbis, were also heads of septs in different districts.

For further information also see Dynasties and Territories of Connacht.

Kings of Connacht (a work in progress)
Note: items in parentheses ( ) indicate a reference in one of the early Irish annals,
i.e. M=Annals of the Four Masters; T=Annals of Tigernach; U-Annals of Ulster; CS=Chronicon Scotorum.

*56 Sanbh son of Ceit son of Magach (56M)
*236 Aedh son of Eachdach son of Conaill (236M)
*441 Amhalgadh, son of Fiachra, i.e. the first King of Connacht after the faith. ( CS440)
*445 Nath I son of Fiachrach Mhaighe Tail son of Eachach Muighmedoin, king of Ireland (445T)
*?482 Aillil Molt son of Nath I son of Fiachra, king of Ireland (CS482)
*482-502 Daui Tenga Uma grandson? of Brion (CS497) (499M) (502U/Tdies)
*502-543? Eógan Bél son of Cellach Ui Fiachrach (547T) (537M) (CS543) (543U) (547U)
*543?-550 Ailill Inbanda son of Eógan Bél, Ui Fiachrach (550U/T) (544M) (CS550)
*550-556 Duach Tenga Uma son of Fergus (550T & 556T dies)
*556-556? Eochaid Tirmcharna son of Fergus Ui Briuin (556T)
*556-558? Aed son of Echach Tirmcharna Ui Briuin (558Tdies)
*558?-560 Curnán, son of Aed son of Eochu Ui Briuin? (CS560)
*561?-577 Aed son of Eochu Tirmcharna Ui Briuin (558/61/77T) (561U) (CS561)
*578-584 Máel Cothaid son of Foghartach son of Cathal, rí Condacht (578/84T)
*584-591? Aedh son of Fogartach (584T & 591Tdies)
*577?-601? Uata son of Aodha son of Eachach Tiormcharna Ui Briuin (602T, 597M, 601/602U dies)
*?601 Máel Cothaid son of Máel Umai son of Feradach king of Ui Fiachrach (603U)
*601?-622 Colmán son of Cobthach? Ui Fiachrach (slain by Rogallach)
*622-649? Rogallach son of Uatach Ui Briuin (649T/U) (645M) (656U) (CS648)
*649-655 Laidgnén son of Colmán Ui Fiachrach (656T/CS654)
*655-663 Guaire Aidne son of Colmán Ui Fiachrach (662M/CS663)
*663-682 Cenn Faelad son of Colggen (half-king) Ui Briuin Seola (663T & 680M & 682T/U/CS)
*663?-668 Muirchertach Nár son of Guaire (half-king) Ui Fiachrach (CS668)
*682-683 Dúnchadh Muiriscce son of Mael Dubh Ui Fiachrach(681M & 682T & 683T & CS683)
*683-696 Feargal son of Ardgal son of Guaire Ui Fiachrach (683T, 684M, CS696)
*696-702 Muiredach Muillethan (of Mag Aí) son of Fergusso Ui Briuin (696T) (700M) (702T) (CS702)
*702-705 Cellach son of Rogallach Ui Briuin, ri Condacht (703M/U) (705T/U) (CS705)
*705-707 Indrechtach son of Dúnchad Muirisce Ui Fiachrach (705M) (707T)
*707?-715?Domnall son of Cathal son of Ragallach Ui Briuin (CS715)
*718-723 Indrechtach son of Muiredach Ui Briuin (718M, FA723dies)
*723-728 Domhnall son of Ceallach son of Rogallach Ui Briuin. (722M & 728T/U dies)
*728?-735 Cathal son of Muiredach Muillethan Ui Briuin, rí Connacht (735T/U dies)
*735-742? Aedh Balbh son of Indrechtach son of Muiredach Ui Briuin (737M, 742T dies)
*742?-756 Forggus son of Cellach Ui Briuin, ríg Connacht. (744T, 754T, 756T/U & 759M dies)
*756-764 Ailill Medraighe son of Dunchadh Ui Fiachrach, ri Connacht. (764T/U dies)
*764-768 Dub Indrecht son of Cathal son of Muiredach Mullethan Ui Briuin (763M, 766U, 768U dies)
*768-773 Donn Cothaidh (Donnchadh) son of Domnall? => Dúnchadh Muiriscce (768M, 773U dies)
*773-777 Flaithri son of Domnall son of Cellach Ui Briuin (772M, 774M, 777U, 779Udies)
*777-782 Artghal son of Cathail son of Muiredach Mullethan Ui Briuin, abdicated (782U, 777M, 786M, 791U)
*782-786? Tipraite son of Tadhg son of Indrechtach son of Muiredach Ui Briuin (779/80M, 781M, 786U)
*786-792 Cináed son of Artghal son of Cathal Ui Briuin (792U)
*792-815? Muirgius son of Tomaltach son of Murghaile son of Inrechtach son of Muiredach Ui Briuin
*792-796 Colla son of Forggus son of Cellach Ui Briuin (796U)
*792-815 Muirgius son of Tomaltach (792U, 810M, 812U, 815U, CS815died)
*815?-818? Máel Cothaid son of Fogartach son of Cathal (half-king) Ui Briuin (818U)
*815?-833 Diarmait son of Tomaltach son of Murghaile son of Inrechtach Ui Briuin (CS833)
*833?? Tadg Mór son of Muirgius son of Tomaltach son of Murghaile Ui Briuin
*833-839 Cathal son of Muirgius son of Tomaltach son of Murghaile Ui Briuin (CS837, AI839)
*839-840 Murchad son of Aedh son of Fogartach son of Cathal Ui Briuin (CS840)
*840-843 Fergus son of Fothad son of Dubh Indrecht Ui Briuin (843T) (CS843)
*843-847 Fínnacht Luibnech son of Tomaltach son of Murghaile Ui Briuin (848U) (CS848)
*848-872 Mugrón son of Máel Cothaidh son of Fogartach (half-king) Ui Briuin (872U dies) (CS872)
*848-882? Conchobar son of Tadhg Mór son of Muirgius (half-king) Ui Briuin (CS868) (882U dies)
*882-888 Aedh son of Conchobar son of Tadhg Mór Ui Briuin (888U) (885Mdies) (CS888dies)
*888-900 Tadg son of Conchobar son of Tadhg Mór Ui Briuin (900U)
*900-925 Cathal son of Conchobar son of Tadhg Mór Ui Briuin (903M, 908U, CS908, 923M, 925U)
*925-956 Tadhg na t-Tri t-Tor son of Cathal Ua Conchobair (CS925, 954M, 956U, CS956)
*956-966 Fergal son of Art son of Ruarc Ua Ruairc, rí Connacht [1st] (961M) (CS963/966)
*966-973 Conchobar son of Tadhg an Tuir Ua Conchobair (973U, 971M, CS966, CS973dies)
*973-973 Cathal son of Tadhg Ua Conchobair (971M, 973U, CS973dies)
*973-1010 Cathal son of Conchobar Ua Conchobair (1001U, 1009M, 1010U, CS1010 dies)
*1010-1030 Tadg in Eich Gil son of Cathal Ua Conchobair (1014M, 1015U, 1023M/T, 1030M/T/U)
*1030-1046 Art Uallach Ua Ruairc, ri Condacht [2nd] (1046T/M/U)
*1046-1067 Aedh in Gaí Bernaig son of Taidg in Eich Gil, ri Condacht (1039/51/54/55/58/65T, 1054M, 1067M/U)
*1067-1087 Aedh son of Airt Uallaigh Úa Ruairc, righi Condacht [3rd]. (1067T, 1087T)
*1087-1092 Ruaidri na Saide Buide son of Aeda int Gaí Bernaigh Ua Conchobair (1087M, 1092T/U, CS1092)
*1092-1097 Tadg son of Ruaidrí na Saidet Buide Ua Conchobair (1097T/U) (CS1097)
*1097-1098 Flaithbertach son of Ruaidri Ua Flaithbertaig, Ui Briuin Seola, rí Connacht (1097/98T)
*1098-1100 Gilla na Naem O h-Eidhin, rí Sil Muiredaigh & Condacht (1100T slain)
*1100-1102 Domnall son of Tigernain Ua Ruairc, rí Connacht [4th] & h-Ua Bríuin & Conmaicne (1102T)
*1102-1106 Domnall son of Ruaidrí na Saide Buide Ua Conchobair, rí Connacht (1103/06T)
*1106-1156 Toirrdelbach son of Ruaidrí na Saide Buide Ua Conchobair (1110/14/15T) (king of Ireland-1119/21/56T)
*1156-1183 Ruaidri son of Toirrdelbach, Ua Conchobair - king of Connacht and Ireland
*1183-1189 Conchobar Máenmaige son of Ruaidrí Ua Conchobair
*1189-1224 Cathal Crobderg son of Toirrdelbach Ua Conchobair

Note: You are invited to send suggestions or updates to the list above.

A list of Kings created from "A poem on the Kings of Connacht"
(manuscript source: MS. Rawlinson B 502 (facs. p. 165), as published in the Corpus of Electronic Texts)

Amalgaid son of Fiachra the Fair
Ailill Molt
Dui Galach
Eogan Bel of great honour (son of Dui Galach?)
Ailill the Womanly
Dui Tenga
Eochu Dryflesh
Feradach the fair (son of Ross of the slaughter)
Maelcothaid son of Maelumai
Aed Abrat son of noble Echu
an unnamed son of Aed Abrat
Colman son of Conchobor the fair
Rogallach (son of Uatu)
Longsech son of Colman
Guaire of pure Aidne
Cenn Faelad (son of Colman)
Dunchad the rich of Muiresc
Cellach the brilliant son of Rogallach
Fergal son of Artgal
Muredach son of Murgius
Indrechtach (son of flaming-red Dúnchad)
Cathal son of Muredach
Domnall, great Cathal's son
Indrechtach the son of Muredach
Cathal son of Murgius
Domnall son of Cathal ??
Indrechtach, a noble pilgrim, son of Muredach ??
Aed the Dumb
Fergus son of Cellach
Donn Cothaid the warlike and handsome
Flathroi (son of Domnall)
Tipraite son of Tadg
Muirgius the Great, son of Tomaltach
Diarmait (son of Tomaltach of Tailltiu)
Cathal son of Muirgius
Murchad son of Aed
Fergus the Great son of Fothad
Finnachta the puissant of Luibnech
Conchobar prince of fair Fobar
Aed the red-browed son of Conchobar
Cathal son of stern Conchobar
Tadg (son of Cathal)
Fergal son of Ruarc from the Rige
Conchobar the noble
Cathal son of Tadg
Cathal son of Conchobar
Tadg son of Cathal
Art the Fair of the land of Codal grandson of Ruarc
Aed grandson of Conchobar
Aed son of Art
Ruaidri son of Aed
Domnall son of Tigernan the Silent
Domnall, son of Ruadri
Tairdelbach, chief of Tulach Óg

Early genealogies from RAWLINSON B 502: the lineage of O'Conor (Ui Briuin) goes as follows:
   Genelach Connacht:
¶1007] Tairdelbach m. Ruaidrí m. Áeda m. Thaidgc m. Cathail m. Conchobuir m. Taidgc m. Cathail m. Conchobair m. Taidgcc m. Muirgiusa m. Tomaltaig m. Murgaile m. Inrechtaich m. Muiredaich m. Muirgiusa m. Rogallaich m. Fhuatach m. Áeda Abrat m. Echdach Tírmchárna m. Fergusa m. Muredaich Máil m. Éogain Srein m. Duach Galaich m. Briain m. Echach Mugmedóin.
Note: The BOOK OF LEINSTER also matches the first half of the above genealogy, including Muirgiusa son of Rogallaich.

Later genealogies from the BOOK OF BALLYMOTE: two O'Conor (Ui Briuin) lines from Muiredach mulleathan:
The line of Indrachtach, son of Muiredach mulleathan:
Ruaidri m. Toirrdelbaig m. Aeda m. Eogain m. Ruaidhri m. Aedha m. Cathail croibderg m. Toirrdelbaig m. Ruaidri na saigi buidhi m. Aeda in ga bernaigh m. Taidg in eich gil m. Catail m. Concobair m. Taidg m. Cathail m. Concobair m. Taidg (mor) m. Muirgesa m. Tomaltaigh m. Murgaile m. Indrachtaigh m. Muiredaigh muillethain m. Ferghusa m. Ragallaigh m. Uadach m. Aedha m. Echach tirmcharna m. Fergusa m. Muiredaigh mail m. Eogain Srebh m. Duach galaig m. Briain m. Echach Muigmedoin.

The line of Cathal, son of Muiredach mulleathan:
Muredhaigh m. Muircertaigh m. Congranna m. Cathail m. Muredaigh m. Murchada m. Cinaeth m. Artgail m. Cathail m. Muiredaigh muillethain m. Fergusa m. Ragallaigh m. Fuadach m. Aedha m. Echach tirmcharna m. Ferghusa m. Muiredaigh mail m. Eogain Sreim m. Duach galaig m. Briain m. Echach Muigmedoin.

Regions or sub-divisions of Connacht
Airrthir Connacht (eastern Connacht)
h-Ua Maíne Connacht (Hy Many in southeast Connacht)
Tuaisceirt Connacht (North Connacht)
Luigne Connacht (part of Co. Sligo)
Desceirt Connacht (South Connacht)
Uachtar Connacht (Southern Connacht)
Iarthair Connacht (West Connacht, largely Connemara)
Fiachrach Aidne (part of Co. Galway)
Fiachrach Muaidhe (part of Co. Mayo)
Ciaraidhe Connacht (relating perhaps to the ancient Ciarraige territory)
Teora Connacht (the 'Three Connachts', anciently the Fir Domnann, the Fir Craibi and the Tuata Taitenthe. Later the Ui Fiachrach, Ui Ailello and Ui Briuin)

Regional references from the Annals ( Regional Kings, i.e. rí or rex)

Airrtir Condacht (O'Rourke)
T1039.3 - Aed in Ga Bernaig Ua Concobair ...ri Airrtir Condacht uile in Dondcadh-sin.
CS1039 - Donnchad Derg son of Art ua Ruairc, king of east Connacht, was killed by Aed ua Conchobuir.
T1047.4 - Niall mac Airt Uallaigh h-Úi Ruairc, rí Brefne, & Airrthir Connacht.
T1059.6 - Cathal mac Tigernain maic Neill maic Aedha h-Úi Ruairc, rí Brefne & Airrthir Chondacht.
T1084.3 - Donnchad mac Airt .i. in Cailech, maic Shen-Fergail h-Úi Ruairc, rí Brefne, rí Airrthir Condacht.
T1121.1 - Aedh mac Domnaill h-Úi Ruaircc, rí Airthir Condacht, do marbadh do Midheachaib.

Teora Connacht - (described in the Book of Lecan as Ui Briuin Brefne, Ui Muiredaigh, Ui Fiachrach)
U772.8 - Lex Comain & Aedain secunda for teora Connacht.
U793.2 - Lex Comain la Aildobur & Muirghus for Teora Connacht.
U882.7 - Concobur m. Taidhg, rex Teora Connacht, uitam senilem finiuit.
U900.5 - Tadhgg m. Concobair, rex Teora Connacht, extenso dolore pausauit.

Iarthair Connacht
U945.4 - Aurchath m. Murcadha, ri Iarthair Connacht.
CS1004 - Brian son of Mael Ruanaidh, king of West Connacht, was treacherously killed by his own people.
T/U1037.1 - Cathal mac Ruaidrí, rí Iarthair Connacht
T1043.1 - Cathal mac Ruaidhrí, rí Iarthair Connacht
CS1051 - Amalgaidh son of Cathal son of Ruaidrí king of Iarthar Connacht was blinded by Aed ua Conchobuir king of east Connacht, and he settled thereafter in west Connacht.
U1059.5 - Cathal mac Tigernain ri Iartair Conacht
U1062.1 - Ruaidri H. Flaitbertaigh, ri Iarthair Connacht
T1079.2 - Aedh h-Úa Flaithbertaig, rí Iarthair Connacht
CS1080 - Aed ua Flaithbertaigh, king of West Connacht, was killed by Ruaidrí ua Conchobuir.
U1091.4 - M. Aedha m. Ruaidri ri Iarthair Conacht do ec.
U1098.1 - Flaithbertach H. Flaithbertaigh ri Iarthair Connach
T1121.5 - Muiredach h-Úa Flaithbertaigh, rí Iarthair Connacht mortuus est.
T1178.4 - Aedh h-Úa Flaithbertaig, rí Iarthuir Connacht, do ég a n-Enach Dúin.

Tuaiscirt Connacht
U913.6 - Sloghedh la Niall m. n-Aedho co Connachta & cathroiniudh riam for ócu Tuaiscirt Connacht, .i. for Ou Amalngada & for Firu h-Umaill co fargabsat sochaide iter bas & ergabail im Mael Cluiche m. Concobair.
U982.3 - Aedh H. Dubdai, ri Tuaiscirt Connacht, secura morte moritur.
T984 - Aed h-úa Dubda, rí Tuaisceirt Connacht uile, mortuus est.
Cs984 - Aed ua Dubda, king of the north of Connacht, dies.

Deiscirt Connacht
U757.8 - Iugulatio Duinn m. Cumuscaigh, ri H. m-Briuin in Deisceirt.
U952.3 - Flann H. Cleirigh ri Deiscirt Connacht.
T993.4 - Ruaidhrí mac Coscraigh, rí Desceirt Connacht
CS993 - Ruaidrí son of Coscrach, king of south Connacht, was killed

Fiachrach Muaidhe
T735.4 - Airechtach h-ua Dunchadha Muirsce, rí d'Ib Fiachrach Muaidhe ar Chondachtaib, moriuntur.

U603.2 - Mael Cothaid, rex Nepotum Fiachrach, in fugam euersus est.
U735.4 - Airectach nepos Duncadho Mursce, rex Nepotum Fiachrach
U750.9 - Mors Con Dinaisc nepotis Forgguso di Auibh Fiachrach.
U784.7 - Bellum Cairn Conaill i n-Aidniu ubi Tipraiti uictor & Nepotes Fiachrach uicti.
U787.6 - Ar Nepotum Briuin h-Umil apud Nepothes Fiachrach Muirsce ubi omnes optimi circa regem Flathgalum filium Flannabrat, ceciderunt.
U792.4 - Mael Bresail m. Aedho filii Crichain ri H. Fiachrach
U816.8 - Bellum do madhmaim for h-U Fiachrach Muirsce re n-Diarmait m. Tomaltaigh,
U816.9 - Mors Cathail m. Ailello regis Nepotum Fiachrach.

Fiachrach Aidhne

CS538 - Goibhnenn son of Conall, King of Ui Fiacrach Aidhne
U769.7 - Comman Enaigh Dathe, Conchobur m. Cumascaich rex Aithne, mortui sunt.
U772.9 - Art m. Flaithniadh rex Aidhne iugulati sunt.
U810.1 - Anlon m. Concobair rex Aidhne moriuntur.
c.820 - Cleireach macCeadach O'Fiachrach, king of Fiachrach Aidne
c.1014 - Maelruanaidh na Paidri Ó hEidhin, ancestor of the O'Heyne chiefs of Ui Fiachrach Aidne
T1147.1 - Gilla Mo Conne h-Úa Cathail, rí h-Úa Fiachrach Aidhne

Luigne Condacht
U771 - Dungalach m. Taichlich dux Luigne, mortui sunt.
U879.10 - Finshnechta m. Maele Corcrai, rex Luigne Connacht, moritur.
M885 - Dobhailen,son of Gormghus, lord of Luighne Connacht, died. He was of the tribe of Corca Firthri, and from him the Ui Dobhailen are descended.
CS922 - Uathmarán son of Dobailén, king of the Luigne of Connacht, died.
CS946 - Domnall son of Mael Muadh, king of the Luigne of Connacht, was killed
T989.4 - Conchobar mac Domnaill rí Luigne Connacht mortuus est.
T1023.10 - Domnall h-úa h-Eagra, rí Luigne Connacht.
U1023.10 - Domnall H. h-Eagra, ri Luighne Connacht, do marbad do H. Concobair ri Connacht.

Ua Maine Condacht
U691.4 - Fithceallach m. Flainn, rex H. Maine, moritur.
U713.9 - Sechnusach, rex H. Mane, mortuus.
U722.8 - Aedh Laigen m. Fithchellaig rex Nepotum Maini
U750.5 - Mors Cathail Mainmaighe regis Nepotum Maine.
U755.5 - Indrectach m. Dluthaigh rex Nepotum Mani
M767.8 - Aodh Ailghin, tigherna Ua Maine, do mharbhadh.
U772.9 - Aidh Aithgin, rex h-Ue Mane iugulati sunt.
U784.5 - Bachall Duncadho m. Duib Da Tuadh regis Nepotum Maine.
U785.1 - Dunchad nepos Daimeni rex Nepotum Mani
M786.8 - Amhalgaidh, tigherna Ua Maine, d'écc.
U787.2 - Conall m. Fidhgaile, rex Nepotum Mani, mortuus est.
U791.3 - Amalgaidh, rex H. Mani, moritur.
M794.10 - Ailell mac Indreachtaigh, tighearna Ua Maine Connacht, d'écc.
U799.10 - Ailill m. Indrechtaigh, rex H. Maine Connacht, moritur.
U814.6 - Slogad la Muirgus & Foirceallach for Uu m-Maine deis-Soicc

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