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Compiled by Lee Johnson
Early Stone Fortifications - Castles, Towers and Strong-Houses
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Castle Name Condition Description Early Founder(s) -- Time Period(s) Contructed Parish/Townland Ord Residency Links
"The Castle" None Castle 1812 -- Leased to -- Patrick McGinnis Camus, Town Parks of Strabane H34479774
NISMR database
Aghantine castle (Aughentaine Castle) Ruin Castle - "a large Castle of Lyme & Stone, strong & defencible...about it is a Bawne of lyme & stone, 211 foot long, 112 foot broad & 10 foot high, with 4 Flanckers.. It was 3 storeys high." <1619 -- Castle Built by -- Sir William Stewart
1641 -- destroyed by -- Sir Phelim O'Nial
Five Mile town/ Blessingbourn/Mount Stewart H49855151
Samuel Lewis (1837) --
NISMR database --
Augher Castle (Spur Royal Castle) Full* Castle and Bawn - "a fair Castle of stone & lyme [about 23 foot square & 3 stories high] & a house standing with a Bawne of lyme & stone, 140ft square & 14ft high with 4 flankers". One of the flanking towers still stands, at the edge of sloping ground down to the lake, with hints of the foundations of the bawn wall running away to N (E wall) & W (S wall). There is a doorway in the E wall, opposite to the entrance to the tower within the bawn. 1610 -- Built by -- Lord Ridgeway
1641 -- Beseiged by -- Sir Phelim O'Niell
Clogher, Castlehill, augher H56135381
NISMR database
Aughintain Castle (Aughentaine Castle) Ruins Fortified House and Bawn - "a large Castle of Lyme & Stone, strong & defencible...about it is a Bawne of lyme & stone, 211 foot long, 112 foot broad & 10 foot high, with 4 Flanckers". It was 3 storeys high. Today, only the W gable stands to any height, including a square chimney stack, but little else remains. c1612 -- Built by -- Sir William O'Neill
1641 -- Destroyed by -- Sir Phelim O'Neill
Clogher, Aughintain H49855151
NISMR database
Ballydonelly castle (Castle Caulfield) Ruins House and Bawn - The Caulfield arms appear over the gatehouse, which has murder holes & gun-loops &, with a fragment of bawn-wall, is earlier than the main house. This was undefended, 3 storeys high & originally of half-H plan. c1282 -- Possible fort of -- O'Donnells
1611-19 -- Built by Sir Toby Caulfield
1641 -- Burnt by --
???? -- Repaird and Reoccupied by -- Caulfields
1660 -- Vacated by? -- Caulfields
Donaghmore, lisnamonaghan, Castlecaulfield H75516259
NISMR database
Ballygawley Castle None Castle and Bawn 1611 -- Grant given to -- William Turvin
???? -- Passed to -- Sir Gerard Lowther
Errigal Kerroge, Ballygawley H63245749
NISMR database
Ballymenagh Castle None Castle
Derryloran, Ballymenagh, Cookstown H82097915
NISMR database
Baronscourt Castle
Plantation Castle - In Medieval times, the tower-house & bawn were built.
Ardstraw, Barons Court H36468378
NISMR database
Beltrim Castle Ruins Plantation Castle and Bawn - "of lyme & stone, 42ft square 7ft high with noe flankers. There is within the Bawne the foundation of a castle 5ft high, but no gates to the Bawne nor any body dwelling there".
Bodoney Lower, Beltrim H48878636
NISMR database
Benburb Castle (Wingfields Castle) Full* Castle and Bawn - The bawn walls enclose an irregular rectangular area, the walls standing to almost full height, plentifully supplied with gun loops. At NW & NE corners are rectangular towers, large, with fire places & more like tall houses than ordinary flankers. A the S end is a circular tower with a stair down to a postern gate at the cliff edge. ???? -- Posible Site of -- Stronghold of Shane O'Neil
C1615 -- Built by -- Sir Richard Wingfield
Clonfeacle, Benburb H81475199
NISMR database
Castle Curlews
Plantation Castle - It is 2 storeys high, with a single chamber on each floor. On 3 sides there are external walls, each of which contained a bay window unit; on the W is an internal cross wall beyond which the building is lost beneath a mound of stone & mortar debris. The basement level has gun-loops. ???? -- Built by -- Sir John Davies Longfield West, Kirlish H31967580
NISMR database
Castle Derg (Castlesessagh Bawn) Ruins Castle? - "a bawne of stone & lyme, not finished, being 100ft long, 80ft broad & 5ft high, with 3 open Flankers of the same height..". The N wall & 2 square corner turrets survive in ruined state - the other walls survive only as foundations. Excavations revealed at least 4 phases of activity on the site, from a pre-C15th ditch to the construction of the castle.
Urney, Castlesessagh, Castlederg H26058442
NISMR database
Castle Gore
Urney, Castlegore H25368332
NISMR database
Castle Hill Castle None Plantation Castle 1610-11 -- Land Grant to -- Edward Blunt
???? -- Ownership change to -- Earl of Castlehaven
???? -- Transferred to -- Mervyn family
Drumragh, Ballynahatty H438674
NISMR database
Castle Mervyn (Trillic, Trillick, Trellick Castle/Lodge) Ruins Defended House and Bawn - The site survives as a rectangular block 6.5m wide x 14m long, consisting of the W gable & chimney stack, with fragments of N, E & S walls of a 2-3 storey defended house. On the ground floor is a large fire place & bread oven set into the W gable. The 1st floor had large windows & a fire place. Little detail can be seen above this due to dense ivy. It was built & rebuilt several times over the course of C17th.
Kilskeery, Castlemyrvn H33545758
NISMR database
Castlemaine ("smaller portion of Fintona", Fentonagh, Derrybard)
Castlemoyle (Castlemoil Castle) None Castle? - The remains consist of a platform 24m N-S x 18.3m E-W, defined by a scarp 8m high at W, 4m at N & c.0.5m at S & W.
Ardstraw, Moyle Glebe H41098619
NISMR database
Castlestewart ( Stewart Hall, Stewartstown Castle) Ruins Castle - The site of the castle consists of a sub-rectangular platform, 35m N-S x 60m E-W, standing 1.5m high. There is a level area S of this which falls away to W along the line of what may be a bawn dividing the castle from the remains of a series of regularly spaced hollows which flank the old avenue running between the castle & Stewartstown.
Donaghenry, Castle Farm, Stewartstown H85997077
NISMR database
Charlemont Fort Ruin Earthworks started 1602. Caulfield - 17th & 18th century
Derrywoone Castle (Derrygoon Manor, Derrywoone, Derrywoon, Dirrywoon) Ruins Fortified House - consisted of an L-shaped 3 storey house with a corbelled stair. The entrance is at ground floor & this floor also has large windows, giving a domestic rather than defensive appearance. However a large round tower with pistol loops covers the house wall. >1619 -- built by -- Ardstraw, Barrons Court H36718356
NISMR database
Drumglass Castle (may be Millton Castle)
Dungannon Castle Ruins Castle and House c14th -- Built by -- Domnall O'Neill
c1498 -- Captured by -- 8th Earl of Kildare
1590 -- Demolished by -- O'Donnells
1607 -- Granted to -- Sir Arthur Chichester
???? -- Old Castle Removed, New bawn by -- Sir Arthur Chichester
1641 -- Captured by -- O'Niells
1646 -- Castle Destroyed
Drumglass, Drumco (Dungannon) H79906262
NISMR database
Dunnamanagh Castle None Castle and Bawn -Gothic ruin consists of a "double pile with a five-bay, 3 storey, S front with arched windows to the top floor & a fore-standing round tower in the central bay" (Rowan). The NW perimeter is still bounded by what seems to be the remains of foundations of a bawn wall. ???? -- Bawn Built by -- Sir John Drummond
c18th -- Castle built by -- Hamiltons
Donaghedy, Donnamanagh C44580338
NISMR database
Favour Royal Castle (Portclair Castle)

Ridgeway (1611)
Fuith-na-gael Castle None
Garvey Castle (Garvy Castle) Ruins
Harry Averys Castle (Harry Onree's Castle) Ruin Castle and Baily - It is one of the few native built stone castles in Ireland. An artificially scarped mound forms an elevated bailey surrounded by a polygonal curtain wall. At SW end is a tower that looks like a gatehouse, entered between high D-shaped towers, but the only way in was up a stair & through the hall at 1st floor level, like in a tower-house ???? -- Named after -- Henry Aimbreidh O'Neill Ardstraw, Upper or New Deer Park H39148522 State Care
NISMR database
Killymoon Castle Full*
Killymoon Castle (Old) None*
Kinard Castle (Kennard, Gonn ard, Caledon, Aghaloo Castle) None Castle ???? -- Owned by -- Roe O'Neill
???? -- Demoleshed by -- Earl of Cort
Aghaloo, Caledon H75404530
NISMR database
Lissan Castle (Lisane Castle)
Maheraglass Castle (Maheraglass Priory) Ruins
Mount Castle Ruins Plantation Castle 1619 -- Built by -- Donaghedy, Mountcastle C41750515
NISMR database
Mountjoy Castle Ruin Campaign Fort - It is 2 storeys high, brick-built, the lower storey being stone-faced on the outside. It consists of a central rectangular block with 4 spear-shaped angle towers with gun loops. The NW tower is partly demolished & the W curtain wall destroyed. The entrance was on the S side of the E curtain wall. On the 1st floor are some wide windows. 1602 -- Built by -- Lord Mountjoy
1643 -- Partly Burned
Clonoe, Magheralamfield, Mountjoy H90116869 State Care
NISMR database
Newtownstewart Castle Ruin Castle? - "a Castle of lyme & stone of good strength,4 stories high...about it is a Bawne of lyme & stone, 81ft long, 66ft broad & 9ft high, with 2 Flankers...". It is of the type of contemporary English Manor houses, with little defensive equipment. 1619 -- Built by -- Sir Robert Newcomen
1641 -- Burned by --
???? -- Rebuilt by --
1698 -- Occupied by -- James II
1698 -- Dismanteld by -- James II
Ardstraw, Newtownstewart H40238582
NISMR database
Newtownstewart Castle (Pigeon Hill) Ruin Castle? - An earlier field report described "clear evidence on top of the mound for stone foundations of a rectangular building."
Ardstraw, Croshballinree, Newtownstewart H40378577
NISMR database
Omagh Castle None

H 4472
O'Neills Castle (castle of the O'Nials) None Castle? ???? -- Residence of -- The O'Neills Drumragh, Omagh H45417270
NISMR database
Roughan Castle (Rothan Castle) Ruins Castle - The castle takes the form of a tall, square tower with rounded towers at each corner. It is not economically designed for defence with guns; the symmetrical plan with the round towers is more reminiscent of medieval keeps. The entrance is at ground level in the NW tower. 3 story tower with 4 rounded corner-towers 1618 -- Built by -- Sir Andrew Stewart
???? -- Held by -- Sir Phelim O'Neill
Donaghenry,Roughan H82316826 State Care
NISMR database
Roxborough Castle None Castle (French Chateau) 1865 -- Designed by -- Barre (for Lord Charlemont) Clonfeacle, Drumgart H85315663
NISMR database
Strabane Castle None Plantation Castle - "a very strong & fair Castle & a School House of Lime & stone" & also "a large thatched house about a square court". 1619 -- Built by -- Earl of Abercorn
1641 -- Beseiged by -- Phelim O'Neill
Camus, Strabane H347975
NISMR database
Tullaghoge Fort None A Celtic ring-fort which was the coronation place of the Ulster clan of the O'Neills, kings of Ulster in the 11th century.

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