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Munster Province : County Tipperary
Compiled by Lee Johnson
Early Stone Fortifications - Castles, Towers and Strong-Houses
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Castle Name Condition Description Early Founder(s) -- Time Period(s) Contructed Parish/Townland Ord Residency Links
Aherlow Castle Partial*
Annah Castle (Annagh Castle) Ruins

Anner Castle

Ardfinnan Castle ("the hill of Finian") Partial* A 13th century cylindrical tower on a 12th century motte. Prince John (1185) -- 15th & 18th century round keep
S 0818
Ardmayle Castle Ruins A 13th century motte and bailey with remains of 16/17th century square towerhouse.

S 0547
Ash-Grove Castle (Castle-Mary)
Ballina Castle Ruins
Ballindoney Castle
A 15/16th century four-storeyed towerhouse.

S 1122
Ballingarry Castle Ruins
Ballintotty Castle
Ruin of a four-storeyed rectangular towerhouse. O'Kennedy? (c1480)
R 9178
Ballyclerahan Castle ("Crugg Denial Noi", "Rock of the Nine Soldiers")
Ballycollaton Castle Ruins
Ballyfinboy castle
Ballyglass House Full

Ballygriffin Castle Ruins
Ballyluskey Castle Ruins
Ballynaclough Castle Ruins
Ballynahow Castle
5 story round tower-house and turrets Purcell (16th century)
Ballynahow Castle (Ballycahill Castle, Ballinahow Castle) Full* A 16th century cylindrical great tower. Purcell -- 16th century round-tower
Ballynakill Castle Ruins A three-storeyed rectangular towerhouse. 16th/17th cntury
Ballysheedy Castle
Ballysonan Castle
A towerhouse with a series of enclosing bawns.

N 7804
Bansha castle
Barna Castle
A circular five-storeyed keep.
Bawnmadrum Castle Ruins
Black Castle Ruins
Blane castle Ruins
Borrisnafarney Castle (Burrisnefarney, Borrisnafarney Castle, Loughton Castle) Ruins
Boulebane Castle Ruins
Brittas Castle Ruins
Buolick Castle (Baolick Castle) Ruins
Burncourt Castle (Burnt Court Castle) Ruins A 17th century towerhouse with four large square corner turrets. Everard (c1640s) -- strong-house
Burrisleigh Castle (Borris-O-Leigh Castle, Two Mile Borris Castle) Partial*
Cahir Castle

O'Brien, de Braose, Butler -- 13th & 15th century

Cahir Castle (Caher Castle) Full* A 13th century stone castle with a large gatehouse converted to a great tower in the 15th century. Renovated in the 19th century. Worcester, Bermingham, Butler -- 15th/16th century Caher S048247
Callohill Castle
Cappagh Castle Ruins
Carney Castle Ruins
Carrick-on-Suir Castle ***** (Carrick, Ormond, Ormonde, , Ormaond Castle) Ruins A 15th century stone enclosure castle with an Elizabethan mansion attached. Butler (1309) -- 15th & 16th century
Butler (16th century) - Elizabethan manor house (unfortified)

S 4021
Carrigahooly Castle
Carrigeen Castle Full*
Cashel Round Tower (at Rock of Cashel)
Round Tower

Castle Comfort
Castle Field Castle Ruins
Castle Fogarty (Castle Fogerty) Full*
Castle Guard
Castle Otway
Castle Park Castle Ruins
Castle Waller (Cully Castle) Ruins
Castle Willington
Castlegrace Castle
A 13th century stone enclosure castle. de Bermingham -- 13th century
S 0415
Castletown Arra Castle (Castlelough) Ruins
Clonakenny Castle (O'Meagher's Castle) Ruins
Cragg Castle Ruins
Cramps Castle

Cranagh Castle Full

Cush-lawn-Thiggeburht Castle Ruins
Cush-lawn-Thullahawn Castle Ruins
Darinlar castle Ruins
Derryleagh Castle
Doon Fort
Dromineer Castle Ruins
Drumban Castle Ruins
Dunalley Castle Ruins
Dungar Castle Ruins
Farney Castle Full*
Fennor Castle Ruins
Fethard Town Walls
The remains of three castles and the town walls and towers.

Glanahilty castle
Gortmakellis Castle
A 15/16th century rectangular towerhouse.

S 0942
Graigue Padeen Castle Ruins
Gralla Castle (Grallagh Castle) Ruins A 16th century towerhouse within a bawn. 4 story, 16th century tower-house
S 1549
Grange Castle Ruins
Grantstown Castle Ruins
Graystone castles (Greystown Castle) Ruins
Kilcash Castle
A six-storeyed towerhouse with remnants of a hall-block. Butler
S 3427
Kilfeakle Castle
A 12th century motte and bailey castle with traces of stonework.

R 9938
Killaghy Castle Ruins
Greene, Despards, Wright,
Killahara Castle
Killenure Castle
A 16th century towerhouse. O'Dwyer -- strong-house
S 0044
Killilea Castle

O'Connor (1601)

Killoskehane Castle
Killough Castle
Kilmoylermore Castle Ruins
Kilshane Castle Ruins
Kilsheelan Castle (Dove Hill castle) Ruins
Kiltinan Castle (Kiltinane Castle, Kiltinin Castle)
Knigh Castle (Knygh Castle) Ruins
Knockagh Castle Partial

Knockballymaher Castle (Rockforest) None
Knockgraffon Castle Partial A late 12th century motte and bailey castle with a 16th century towerhouse nearby.

S 0241
Knockgraffon Mott/Bailey Ruins
de Braose (1192), Philip of Worcester
Knockkelly Castle (Knockelly Castle) Partial* A 16th/17th century towerhouse with bawn. Everard, Jolly -- Elizabethan or early Jacobean tower-house and extensive bawn
S 2337
Lackeen Castle Partial* A 16th century towerhouse. Ua Cinneide Fionn (O'Kennedy) -- 16th century?
Lisheen Castle Full*

Bed & Breakfast
Lismalin Castle Ruins
Lorrha Castle
Site of an early 13th century motte castle.

M 9204
Loughlohery Castle
A four-storeyed rectangular towerhouse. 16th century tower
S 0284
Loughmoe Castle Ruins A 15th century rectangular towerhouse with an extensive wing added in the 16th/17th century. Purcell -- 15th century tower-house
Loughmore Castle
A 16th century tower.
Mealiffe Castle Ruins
Moorestown Castle
A towerhouse with bawn.

S 1532
Mortlestown Castle
Moycarkey Castle Ruins Ruins of a 16th century towerhouse in a bawn. Cantwell -- tower-house
Nenagh Castle (Nenagh Round Castle) Ruins* A 13th century cylindrical great tower with a curtain and circular towers plus a twin towered gatehouse. Butler (c1210), MacIlbrien (O'Brien), O'Kennedy
Portnascully Castle
Site of a motte castle.

S 5113
Rathuryls Castle (Rathurles Castle) Ruins Ruin of a 16th century cylindrical towerhouse.

R 9280
Redwood Castle Full*
the Normans (1210), MacEgan (1350) Birr
Rock of Cashel (Caiseal Mumhan, The Stone Fort of Munster, "St Patrick’s Rock") Ruins* Ruin of a 15th century towerhouse built at the end of the ruins of the cathedral. Brian Boru (977), O'Brien
Roosca Castle
Ruins of a stronghouse in a bawn.

S 0619
Roscrea Castle Partial* A 13th century stone enclosure castle with a rectangular gatehouse converted to a towerhouse in the 15th century. Recently restored. Royal castle, Bishops of Killaloe, Butler - mid 13th century/18th century town house
Roscrea Round Tower
Round Tower

Shanbally Castle None*
Sinone Castle ("Farrin-a-Urrigh") Ruins
St. Johnstown Castle
Suir Castle Ruins
Synone Castle
A 16th century cylindrical towerhouse.

S 0847
Terryglass Castle
A 13th century rectangular great tower with cylindrical corner towers. Butler -- 13th century
M 8600
Thomastown Castle
Thurles Castle Ruins A 12th century motte castle with traces of a 14th century great tower.

S 1258
Tipperary Castle (King John's Castle) None The motte of a Norman motte-and-bailey castle at the north of the town.
Tullahedy Castle Ruins
Tullow Castle
tower with round tower corner

S 1972
Tumbricane Castle Ruins
Urragh Castle Ruins

126 -- Entries Listed

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