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The Castles of Ireland
Connacht Province : County Roscommon
Compiled by Lee Johnson
Early Stone Fortifications - Castles, Towers and Strong-Houses
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Castle Name Condition Description Early Founder(s) -- Time Period(s) Contructed Parish/Townland Ord Residency Links
Ballintober Castle Ruins A 14th century stone enclosure castle with gatehouse. Two of the corner towers were converted to towerhouses in the 17th century.
Chief seat of the O'Conors.
O'Connor Don (c1300)
Ballynafad castle Ruins
Callow Castle None
Cartron Castle None
Castle Coote None
Castle island Castle Partial*
Castle Park
Castle Tenison (Kilronan Castle, Duignan's Castle) Partial*
Castlerea Castle (Castlereagh Castle) None
Curraboy Castle Ruins
Donamon Castle Full*
O'Finaghty, Burke, Caulfield
Elphin Castle None
Kilronan Castle (old) None
Lough Glynn Castle (O’Flynns Castle) Ruins
Lough Meelagh Castle

Loughlin Castle (O'Loughlin Castle, Loughlan Castle) Ruins pp/List.csp?SearchT1=KMP0000219&Index1=Barcode&Database=6&BoolOp2=AND&SearchT2=&Index2=Zkeywords&BoolOp3=AND&SearchT3=&Index3=Zkeywords&Owned=NoPreference&NumberToRetrieve=20&OpacLanguage=eng&SearchMethod=Find_3&SearchTerm1=KMP0000219&SearchTerm2=&SearchTerm3=&Profile=Books&PreviousList=Start&PageType=Start&RequestId=&WebPageNr=1&WebAction=NewSearch&StartValue=1
Mountrath Castle (Moynrath Castle, "fort in the bog", Castlecoote) Ruins
Rindoon Castle (Rinndown Castle, Ringdown Castle, Rindown Castle) (Old)
Remains of a 13th century castle with a rectangular great tower and curtain wall. de Marisco -- 13th century
N 0054
Rindoon Castle (Rinndown Castle, Ringdown Castle, Rindown Castle, St John's Castle)

13th century Lecarrow N 0054
Roscommon Castle Ruins A 13th century stone enclosure castle, rectangular in plan, with D-shaped corner towers and a massive twin D-towered gatehouse. de Ufford (1269/1280), O'Connor, Malby (1580s)
Tully Castle
17th century strong-house

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