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The Castles of Ireland
Leinster Province : County Offaly
Compiled by Lee Johnson
Early Stone Fortifications - Castles, Towers and Strong-Houses
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Castle Name Condition Description Early Founder(s) -- Time Period(s) Contructed Parish/Townland Ord Residency Links
Aharney Castle None
Annaghmore Castle None
Ballindarra Castle None
Ballindown Castle ('Bhaile-an-duna' ) None
Ballinrath Castle None
Ballinree Castle (Loretto Castle,'The Ring', 'Carroll's Ring') None
Ballybought Castle (Shancourt Castle or Meeneglish Castle) Ruins
Ballyboy Castle None
Ballybrit Castle Ruins
Ballybritton Castle Ruins
Ballyburly Castle ('Wakeley's Castle') None
Ballycowan Castle Ruins Ruins of a 17th century "L-plan" towerhouse. O'Melaghlin, Herbert -- 17th century strong-house
Ballycumber Castle Ruins
Ballyhassil Castle Ruins
Ballykean Castle (O'Dempssy's Castle) None
Ballyleakin Castle (Purefoy Castle) None
Ballymacadam Castle None
Ballynakill Castle Ruins
Ballynasrah Castle ('Faddaun Castle") None
The remains of 17th century English-built batteries commanding the crossing of the River Shannon.
Behernagh Castle Ruins
Bellair Castle (Ballyard Castle) None
Bellmont Castle (Lisderg Castle, Lisdarry Castle) None
Birr Castle (Black Castle, Townparks Castle) Full* Site of a 12th century motte and bailey castle with what Fry refers to as "a nineteenth century 'reproduction' castle". Rosse, O'Carroll, Parsons (1620s)
N 0504
Borrisnafarney Castle (Burrisnefarney, Borrisnafarney Castle, Loughton Castle) Ruins
Broghill Castle (Cregane, Creggan, Creggane House/Castle) Ruin
Broughal Castle None
Busherstown Castle (Bouchardstown Castle) None
Cangort Castle None
Carrickoris Castle
The ruin of a de Bermingham castle.
Castle Armstrong
Castle Barnagh (Barna Castle) None
Castle Bernard Motte and Bailey None
Castle Iver
Charleville Castle Full*
Cloghan Castle (Clogan, Claghan, Banagher) Full*

Banagher[email protected]
Cloghan Castle (Old) None

Clonana Castle Ruins
Clonbeg Castle None
Cloncourse Castle (Deegan's Castle) Ruins
O'Duigen (Deegan) (c1636) - castellated mansion
Clonearl Castle ("Leicester's Castle") None
Clonlisk Castle None
Clonmacnoise Castle (Clonmacnois Castle) Ruins Remnants of a 13th century great tower built on a 12th century motte. The tower was blown up by the English in 1650. 6th century monastic site (St. Ciaran)
Clonmacnoise Round Tower
Round Tower

Clonony Castle Partial A 16th century towerhouse with bawn.

Clonymohan Castle None
Cloughmoyle Ruins
Cully Castle None
Derrydolney Castle None
Donour Castle Ruins
Doon castle Ruins
Drumcullin Castle Ruins
Dunamase Castle Ruins
Durrow Castle None Site of a 12th century motte castle.

N 3131
Eglish castle Full
Erry Castle (Maryborough Castle) Ruins
Faddanmore Castle None
Farrell's Fort
Franckfort Castle None
Gallen Castle (Gillen Castle) Ruins
Garbally Castle Ruins
Garry Castle Ruins The ruins of a MacCoghlan stronghold. 16th century
Geashill Castle
A 13th century motte with the fragmentary remains of a later rectangular great tower.

N 4322
Giant's Ring
A neolithic earthwork with Fort Hill
Glenacurragh Castle None
Gorteen Castle (1) None
Gorteen Castle (2) None
Grange Castle Full*
Gurteen Castle Ruins
Kilcummin Castle None
Kilmaine Castle (Carroll's Castle) Ruins
Kilnagarnagh Castle None
Kinlcora Castle Ruins
Kinnity Castle Full* An early 13th century motte and bailey castle. O'Carroll -- (c1209)
N 1508 Hotel
Kylebeg Castle (Banagher Castle) None
Leap Castle (Leim ui Bhanain) Full* The remains of the 16th century stronghold of the Ely O'Carrolls, reputedly the most haunted castle in Ireland with twenty-four ghosts. O'Bannon, O'Carroll
Lehinch Castle None
Lisclooney Castle (1) ('Lis-cluaine' Castle, 'Cul Fiamhaigh' Castle) None
Lisclooney Castle (2) ('Liscluna" Castle, O'Dalaghan's Castle
Lynally Moat Ruins
Milltown Castle ("Baile na Muilean") None
Mountheaton None
Moystown Castle (1) None
Moystown Castle (2) None
Newtown Castle None
Pigeonstown Castle None
Rahan Castle (Rahan O'Swaney's Castle) None
Raheen Castle None
Raheenakeeran Castle None
Rashinagh Castle (Rashina Castle) None
Rathdrum Castle None
Rathnaveoge Castle Ruins
Rathrobin Castle Ruins
Redwood Castle Full*
the Normans (1210), MacEgan (1350) Birr
Roscore Castle None
Shinrone Castle (Bawnmore Castle) None
Sragh Castle (Srah Castle, Shrah Castle) Ruins A ruin dating from 1588. Briscoe (1588) -- tower
Togher Castle ('Lady Mary Warren's Castle') None
Tulla Castle None
Tullamore Castle None

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