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Early Stone Fortifications - Castles, Towers and Strong-Houses
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Castle Name Condition Description Early Founder(s) -- Time Period(s) Contructed Parish/Townland Ord Residency Links
Adare Castle (Desmond Castle) Ruins An early medieval stone castle with rectangular great tower and domestic range. de Marisco, FitzGerald -- 13th century Adare R469467
Amigan castle Ruins
Aney Castle Ruins
Askeaton Castle (Ashkeaton Castle) Ruins Remains of a stone enclosure with buildings from the 13th to the 16th centuries. de Burgo (c1200), Fitzgerald -- 13th & 15th century
Aughinish Island
A circular enclosure containing a 16/17th century towerhouse.

R 2853
Baggotstown castle Ruins
Ballingarry Castle
A pre-Norman ring-fort with an "L-plan" towerhouse. de Lacy - A pre-Norman ring-fort with an "L-plan" towerhouse Ballingarry R 2437
Ballybricken castle Ruins
Ballycahane Castle Ruins
Ballyculhane Castle Ruins
Ballygrennan Castle (Ballygrennane Castle, Ballygrenan Castle) Ruins A 16th century towerhouse with baileys. Kildare Fitzgeralds, Ffoxe, Evans -- 16th century tower
Ballynamona Castle (Moortown Castle, Ballinamona Castle) Ruins
Ballynard castle Ruins
Ballynoe castle Ruins
Ballyshondehaigh Castle Ruins
Beagh Castle Ruins A ruined castle on the shore of the Shannon.
Black Castle Ruins
Bollane castle Ruins
Bonistoe Castle (Woodstock castle) Ruins
Bruff Castle Ruins
Bruff Forts
Prehistoric hill-forts.
Bruree Fortress (Three Castles enclosed by a wall) Ruins Old royal forts, some pre-Christian plus three 14th century de Lacy castles.
Buckinghamshire (King's Castle /King John/) Partial*

Cahinelly Castle

Cahirconlish Castles (Caherconlish Castles) 4 castles in the walled town None Possible remains of a 12/13th century motte.

R 6750
Cappagh castle None A late 15th century great tower.

R 8948
Carrig-a-Quincy Castle
Carrig-Cnuil Fortress None
Carrigfariogla Castle (Carrigoreely Castle, "‘O’Farrell’s rock") Ruins
Carrigogunnell Castle (Carrig Oge Connuil Castle) Ruins Ruins of a stone castle with works dating from the 13th to the 16th centuries, including two multi-storeyed towers.
May be the 14th century fort destroyed during the siege of Limerick in 1691.
Norman origins, O'Brien -- 13th to 16th century Shannon R 5050
Carrigonan Castle Ruins
Castle Brittas Ruins
Burke -- 13th century
Castle Comfort
Castle Connell (Lismoyle Castle, Castleconnel Castle, Castleconell Castle) Ruins Remnants of a 13th century stone enclosure castle. de Burgo, de Clare, Burke -- 13th century
R 6563
Castle Farm
Castle Guard (Castleguarde) Full*
Castle Hewson
Castle Ivers (Tullerbuoy Castle) Ruins
Castle Oliver Full*
Castle Troy Ruins
Castle-Egney Ruins
Castletown Castle Partial
Castletown-Mac-Eineiry Castle Ruins
Clonarla Castle None
Clounshire Castle (Clonshere Castle) Ruins
Court Browne castle Ruins
Croagh Castle
Croc-a-Ysenachius-leann Fortress ("the old Hill of the Castle") Ruins
Cromwell’s Hill Ruins
Cromwell’s Moat Ruins
Croom Castle
The ruin of an 1190 FitzGerald castle.
Cullan castle Ruins
The ruins of a 13th century castle and the 15th century Glenquin towerhouse.
Doon Castle (Bourchier's Castle)
A five-storeyed 15th century towerhouse built on the site of a 13th century castle.

R 6542
Dromdeely castle Ruins
Dromore Castle Full*
Dunmoylan Fort Ruins
Fanningstown Castle (Fanstown Castle) Full* A 16th century rectangular towerhouse.

R 6428
Fauntstown Castle Ruins
Ferry Castle
Finnitterstown castle Ruins
Garraunboy Castle
A five-storeyed 15th century towerhouse.

R 4345
Glenogra Castle Ruins Remains of a 15th century stone enclosure castle. Earl of Desmond (c1410)
R 5942
Glenquin Castle
A 16th century six-storeyed towerhouse, rebuilt in the 19th century. O'Hallinan, O'Brien -- six story tower
R 2526
Glenwilliam Castle Full*
Glin Castle Full*
Fitzgerald, Knights of Glin -- tower & Georgian manor house

Gormanstown Castle Ruins
Greane Moat (Grean Moat)
Gurran Buidhe Castle Ruins
Gurtnetubber castle Ruins
John's Castle
A peel tower.
Kenmare Castle Full
Kilballyowen Castle Ruin
Kilduff Castle Ruins
Kilfenny Castle Ruins
Kilfinnane Motte
A motte or ring-fort.
Killelonehan Castle (Killeenoghty Castle) Ruins
Kilpeacon Castle None
Limerick Castle **** (King John's, Englishtown, Kilmallock Castle) Full* A 13th century stone enclosure castle with round towers. Of considerable strategic importance, it continued in use until the 18th century. (c1210) -- Billingley, Browne
King John (c1208) -- 13th/17th century
Limerick R577577
Lisamoota castle Ruins
Lisnacille Castle Ruins

MacSheehie (c1470) -- tower

Listowel Castle
Castle of the ex-Lords of Kerry, destroyed in 1600.
Lixnaw Castle
ruin of a 16th century castle of the Earls of Kerry.
Lough Gur Castle Ruins Prehistoric remains including stone forts, and two medieval Desmond castles, their ruins on the E and S of the lake.
Matrix Castle (Castle Matrix, Castle Matres, Court-Matrix) Full* A renovated 15th century towerhouse. Desmond Fitzgerald -- 15th century, 19th century repair Rathkeale R 3040
Meadstown castle Ruins
Newcastle Castle Ruins
Newtown Castle (see Ballyvaughan Castle Co. Clare) Full*
O'Donovans Castle Ruins
Old Court Castle (Athlacca Castle, Athlatriche Castle) Ruins
On the hill of Knockadoon Ruins
Pallaskenry Castle Ruins
Parson’s Castle Ruins
Pontrinard Castle
A 14th century ruin.
Purt Castle Ruins
Raheene Castle
An Irish ring-fort with a later Anglo-Norman castle.

R 5949
Raleighstown Castle and Bawn Ruins
Rathcannon Castle Ruins
Rathcannon Castle (Ancient Fortress on site of) None
Rathgonin Castle Ruins
Rathmore Castle Ruins The ruins of a 14th century castle and Rathmore ring-fort.
Rathmore ring-fort
Ring Fort
Rathsiward Castle Ruins
Reerassta Ring Fort
Rockfield Fortress
Rockstown Castle Partial

Ryves Castle (Castlejane) Ruins Castle ruins on a hill.
Shanid castle Ruins A 12th century motte castle carrying a polygonal tower surrounded by a shell curtain. Desmond Fitzgerald (c1230) -- polygonal tower
R 2445
Springfield Castle Partial*
Fitzgerald, Fitzmaurice, Deane -- 16th century tower

Bed & Breakfast
Stephenson Castle Ruins
Strong Fortress of John Fitzgerald, sometimes called John of Callan Ruins
traces of other castles Ruins
Tullyvin Castle Ruins
West Cahir Elly castle
Williamstown Castle Ruins

116 -- Entries Listed

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