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The Castles of Ireland
Leinster Province : County Kilkenny
Compiled by Lee Johnson
Early Stone Fortifications - Castles, Towers and Strong-Houses
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Castle Name Condition Description Early Founder(s) -- Time Period(s) Contructed Parish/Townland Ord Residency Links
Aghaviller Castle

Aghaviller Round Tower
Round Tower

Aglish Castle

Annaghs Castle

Annamolt castle

Archerstown castle

Ardaloo castle

Ardclone castle

Arderra castle

Ardra Castle

Ashtown castle

Balief Castle
Balief Castle (old castle Round tower) ruins
Shortall -- 16th century round tower-house
Ballacolla castle

Ballaghranin castle

Ballamoney castle

Balleen Castle Ruins
Balleen stone fort
Ballinlaw castle


Ballybur castle

Ballyconra castle

Ballycuddihy castle

Ballyduff castle

Ballyfinan castle

Ballyfoyle castle


Ballyhenneberry castle

Ballykeeffe Castle

Ballylarkin Castle ruins Fragments of a castle.
Ballylinch Castle


Ballymartin castle


Ballynaboola castle Ruins
Ballynabooley castle

Ballynacooly castle

Ballynoony castle

Ballyoskill castle

Ballyragget Castle (Butler Castle) Full* tower-house, rounded turrets and bawn Mountgarret (c1495) Ballyragget N 4472
Ballyreddy castle (Freney's castle)

Ballyring castle

Ballysheanmor castle (Ballyshawnmore)

Ballytarsney castle (Bawnacushlawn) Partial*

Barrabehy castle

Blanchvillestown castle (adjoining Blanchville House)

Bonnettstown castle (Castle Bonnestown)


Brady's Castle

Brittas Castle

Brittasdryland castle

Britthawce castle

Brownsford castle

Burnchurch Castle Partial* A six-storeyed 15th century rectangular towerhouse. Fitzgerald -- late 15th century tower-house and bawn Kilkenny S476474
Butler's castle (Butler Castle)

Butler -- 15th century tower-house and bawn Ballyragget

Byrnesgrove castle

Cahir castle (Caar Castle, "McCann's castle")

Callan Castles
Callohill Castle Ruins
Cantwell's Castle

Cantwellscourt (Sandfordscourt)

Cappagh castle

Carraigeen Fort

Carrick-on-Suir Castle ***** (Carrick, Ormond, Ormonde, , Ormaond Castle) Ruins A 15th century stone enclosure castle with an Elizabethan mansion attached. Butler (1309) -- 15th & 16th century
Butler (16th century) - Elizabethan manor house (unfortified)

S 4021
Carrigclooney castle

Cashel (Cashel Farrel)

Castle Bamford
Castle Downoghmore

Castle Eve (Eva, D'Earley's castle) Ruins
Castle Morres
castle of Ballymackan

castle of the Shee (O'Shea)

Castle Warren (Castlewarren)

Castlebanny (castle of the milk, Caiseal ,Milk Castle)

Castlecolumb castle

Castlecomer castle
Site of a 12th century motte castle.

S 5273
Castlecreen (Caislean, crion)

Castlefield castle (town aka Black castle)

Castlegannon hill fortresses

Castlehale (Castle Howell) Ruins
Walsh (13th century) -- fortified house
Castlehill Ruins
Castleinch (Inchyholohan)

Castlekelly (O'Kelly's castle)



Castlepierce (Pierce Mac Cody's castle, Castlereeogh)

Site of an early Anglo-Norman enclosure castle.

S 4245
Castletobin ringfort

Castletown ('place of Mac Oda's castle')

Castletown-Chriffin (Castle Cruffin, Donnaghmore)

Church Hill Castle

Clara Castle Full* A five-storeyed 15th century towerhouse with a 17th century bawn. Shortall - 15th century tower-house

Clashacrow castle

Clifden castle

Clinstown castle

Cloch Ghearailt (Garret's stone fortress)

Clogaralt castle

Cloghaisty castle

Cloghala castle

Cloghfook castle

Cloghscregg castle

Clomanto Castle (Clomantagh Castle) Ruins A 16th century towerhouse.

S 3564

Clonassy castle

Clonburren castle

Clone castle Ruins
Clonmoran (Holdensrath, Castle Blunden)
Cloone castle

Cloranshea castle


Clowen castle Ruins
Cluainin's fort

Conahy castle (Mountagarrets)

Coolaghmore castle

Coolcashin castle

Coolhill Castle

Coolthach castle


Corbettstown castle

Corluddy castle

Corstown castle

Courtstown castle

Cranagh Castle

Ormond, 14th century tower-house

Crowbally castle

Currahill castle


Danesfort castle None
Dangan Castle

Danganbeagh castle

Danganmore castle

Derrin castle

Desert Demesne


Doornane castle

Drakesland castle

Dromroe Castle

Drymerrin Castle

Dun Chobhthaigh Fort

Dungarvan Castle Ruins
Dunkit Castle

Dunnamaggin castle

Dunningstown Castle

Durrow Castle
Dysart Castle (Dysert or Disert)

Earlsrath fort

Esker castle

Fermoyle castle

Fertagh Round Tower
Round Tower

Fiddown castle

Finan castle

Firoda castle

Forrestal castle (Ballygurrum, Ballygorom Castle)
Forrestalstown castle

Foulkscourt castle

Foulksrath Castle
An Anglo-Norman castle, now a youth hostel. Ryan -- 16th century
Frankfort (Magh Cliara)

Freney's castle

Freneystown castle

Galmoy castle (1)

Galmoy castle (2)

Garrison castle (Knocktopher Area)

Garrygaug (Garrai Dhathog, Little David's Garden)

Garryhiggin castle

Garryricken castle

Gaul-Burkes castle

Gaulskill Castle (Kiltokegan or Kilskegan) None
Gaulstown castle

Glashare castle

Gorteens castle

Gowran Castle Partial

Grace's old castle (The court-house in Kilkenney City)
Graig Castle (Graignamanagh Castle) Ruins
Granagh Castle (Grandison, Grannagh or Granny Castle) Ruin A 13th century stone enclosure castle with an added 15/16th century towerhouse with a 16th century hall-block. Le Poer, Butler -- late 13th century
Grange Castle
Grangefertagh Round Tower
Round Tower

Grange-Kilree (Kilree)

Grangemore castle
Grenan Castle (Grennan castle)

Harristown mansion house

Higginstown castle

Highrath castle

Holdensrath castle (Fowling's rath)

Hunstown Castle

Inchacarran Castle

Inchmore Castle Ruins
The ruins of an Anglo-Norman castle.
Kells Castle (Kells Priory)
A 12th century motte with a later walled bailey. walled monastic site (1193)
S 4943
Kerehill Ruins
Kilaghy Castle (Kilaghy House, Killaghy) Ruins
Kilbline castle

Comerford, Shortall, Gore,... -- 16th & 17th century

Kilbricken castle

Kilcollan castle

Kilcreen castle

Kilcreggan castle

Kilcurl castle

Kildaton castle

Kilfane castle

Kilferagh castle

Kilkenny Castle
An early 13th century stone enclosure castle much altered and "improved" over the enduing centuries. Shades of Windsor Castle, etc. de Clare, Marshall (c1208), Butler
S 5155
Kilkenny Castle (old) None
Kilkenny Round Tower
Round Tower

Kilkieran castle

Killahy castle

Killaree, Black Castle of

Killarney castle Ruins
Killashoolan castle

Killbline Castle Ruins
Killesheelan Castle Ruins
Kilmacoliver castle

Kilmademoge castle

Kilmocar castle

Kilmurry castle

Kiloshulan castle

Kilree castle

Kilree Round Tower
Round Tower

Kilrush castle

Kiltallaghan castle

Kiltown Castle ("Brenan's Castle")

Knockeenbaun castle

Knockmoylan castle

Knockroe Caiseal

Knocktopher Castle None Site of a 12th century motte and bailey castle.

S 7337
Kyleballynamoe Castle ("Shortal's castle”)

Lacken castle

Lavistown castle

Legan castle

Lismain castle

Lismatigue castle

Lodge Park Castle- (Balleen Park)

Lyrath castle

MacOdo Castle (Cody, Archdeacon)

Manor castle (Knocktopher Area)

Manselscourt Castle (Munshall's Court)

Maudlin Moat
Meallaghmore castle

Moatpark Castle (Tulach O mBaircche)

Moonhall castle

Mullennahone castle

Mullinabro Castle

Neigham Castle

Newtown Castle Ruins
Oldcastle castle

Oldcourt Castle (Shancahir, or the Old Stone Fort)

Oldtown castle

Paulstown castle Ruins
Pierce's Court

Pollrone castle

Portnascully fortresses

Pottlesrath castle (Pottlerath Castle) Ruins
Powerstown Moat



Rathardmore castle

Rathealy fort (Stuaic of Rathealy)

Ratheenmore Castle

Rathgarvan castle

Rathoscar castle

Rathpatrick castle (Caislean Mhac Oda)

Rochestown castle 1

Rochestown castle 2

Rodgerstown castle

Rothe House
Tudor merchant's house Rothe (1594)

Russelstown castle

Sandsfordcourt Castle (Cantwell's court)

Sart castle

Seskin castle

Shanchaisleun Castle (old castle)

Shanganny castle

Shankill castle (Shankhill Castle)
1713 castellated house

Sheepstown castle


Skerry's castle


Stroan castle

Sweetman's Castle

Sweetman's castle (Mullin's castle)

Talbots Castle

Templeorum castle (Templeorum, Odhran's Church)


Threecastles (Odagh, Odogh)
Tibberaghney castle (Tibraghny Castle)
Site of a 12th century motte.

S 5715
Tinnaslatty Castle

Tobin's old castle.

Trenchmore castle

Troyswood castle

Tubrid castle

Tullabarry Castle
Site of a 13th century motte castle.

S 4572
Tullaher castle

Tullaherin Round Tower
Round Tower

Tybroughney Castle
Uppercourt castle

Urlingford castle

Walshe castle

Westcourt castle

White Castle (Castle Whit or Whyte)

White castle 1 (Knocktopher Area)

White castle 2 (Knocktopher Area)

Whiteshall castle

302 -- Entries Listed

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