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The Castles of Ireland
Connacht Province : County Galway
Compiled by Lee Johnson
Early Stone Fortifications - Castles, Towers and Strong-Houses
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Castle Name Condition Description Early Founder(s) -- Time Period(s) Contructed Parish/Townland Ord Residency Links
Abbey Castle Ruin
Achrim Castle (Castle Lambert) Ruin
Aille Castle Ruins
Anbally Castle Ruins
Annaghdown Castle Ruins The ruins of a castle of unknown date and style.
Annaghkeen Castle Partial late 13th century hall-house
Ard castle Ruins
Ardamullivan Castle (Arddameilivan Castle, Ardnamullivane Castle) Full* A five-storeyed 16th century towerhouse. O'Shaughnessy Gort R 4595 National Monument
Ardfry Castle Ruins
Ardrahan Castle Ruins Ruins of a 13th century rectangular great tower.

M 4612
Ashford Castle (Cong Castle) Full*
Athenry Castle (Bermingham Court, deBirminghams Castle) Full* A stone enclosure castle with round towers and a rectangular great tower with an interesting history. Now restored. Bermingham, de Burgo (c1250) Athenry M505280
Attyslaney Castle Ruins
Aughalard Castle Ruins
Aughnanure Castle (Aughenure Castle) Partial* A 16th century towerhouse of six storeys within a bawn. Restored. O'Flaherty (c1500) Oughterard M 1544
Aughrim castle Ruins
Ballinabanaba Castle (Ballynabanaba, in Fohenah or Fohana) Ruins
Ballinacourty Court Ruins
Ballinahinch Castle (Ballynahinch Castle) (New) Full*

Ballinasloe Castle Ruins Site of an Irish earthwork castle predating the Anglo-Norman invasion. A 16th century towerhouse stands nearby. Fry describes the latter as a "nineteenth-century rebuild". O'Kelly (14th century), Burke Ballinasloe M 8531
Ballinasloe Castle (Ivy Castle) (Ballinasloe In Ruin) Ruins Site of an Irish earthwork castle predating the Anglo-Norman invasion. A 16th century towerhouse stands nearby. Fry describes the latter as a "nineteenth-century rebuild".
Ballinasloe M 8531
Ballincalla Castle (Ballincholla Castle, Remaines of old castle on borders of Lough Mask) Ruins
Ballindonagh Castle Ruins
Ballindooley Castle Full* A 15th century towerhouse. Burke Galway M 3229
Ballinduff Castle Ruin
Ballinfad Castle Full*
Ballinsnave Castle Ruins
Ballisnihyny Castle Ruins
Ballybrit Castle Ruins
Ballybroder Castle Partial
Ballydavid Castle Ruins
Ballydonellan Castle (Ballydonlon Castle) Ruins
Ballydoogan Castle Ruins
Ballydough Castle Ruins
Ballykyne Castle (Ballykine Castle) Ruins
O'Kyne, O'Donnell, Guinness Clonbur
Ballylee Castle (Thoor Ballylee Castle, Thoor Ballylee Tower) Full A 16th century towerhouse, now a museum to the poet Yeats. de Burgo, Yeats -- 16th century tower-house Cole M482062
Ballylin Castle (Ballylinn Castle) Ruins
Ballymacreg Castle Ruins
Ballymannin Castle (Mannin Castle) Partial
Ballymaquiff Castle Partial
Ballymore Castle (Clough Ballymore Castle, Cloughballymore Castle) Full*
Ballymulfaig castle Ruin
Ballynahinch Castle (Ballinahinch Castle) Ruins
Banninamantain Castle (Castletown, Kiltartan Castle) Ruins Ruins of a 13th century castle with tower and curtain walls. de Burgo
M 4605
Barna Castle Ruins
Barnaderg Castle Ruins
O'Kelly -- 16th century tower-house Tuam
Barnaderg Castle (Ballinderry Castle) Partial
O'Kelly -- 16th century tower-house Taum
Birminghams Castle Ruins
Blackgarden Ruins
Blakes Castle Full
Brackloon Castle Partial
Bunowen Castle None
Bunowen Castle (New) Ruin
Caherdangan Castle Full*

Cahererillan Castle (Cahir Irlane) Ruin
Cahergissaun Castle Ruins
Caherkinmonwee Castle (close to Craughwell ) Partial
Cahervoley bawn near Tuam Runs
Calla Castle (in Kilconnell) Ruins
Carnaun castle Ruins Anglo-Norman ring-fort
Carrigín Castle (Carraigin Castle, Cargin Castle) Full* A much altered hall-house, possibly of 13th century origin. Gaynard, Burke -- 13th century hall-house Headford M 2443
Carrowbrowne Castle Ruins
Carrowmorrisey Castle Ruins
Cashel Fort
A circular stone fort on a mountain slope near the village.
Cashlaundarragh (Cashlaundara) Ruins
Castle Bellew (Mont Bellew)
Castle Burg

Castle Creevy Ruins
Castle Ellen (Caislean Eilise) Full
Lambert -- House
Castle Ffrench Full*
Sir Charles ffrench (1779) Ahascragh
Castle Ffrench (Old) None
Castle Hacket (Castle Hackett) (Old) Ruins
Castle Hacket (Castle Hackett, Hacketts Castle) Ruins 13th century tower-house Hackett, Kirwan Headford
Castle Kelly (Castlekelly, Aghrane Castle)
Castle Lodge
Castle Moyle (Lismoyle Castle, Castle Connel) Ruin
Castle of the Woods

Castle O'Halloran (Castle Halloran)

Castle Taylor (Castletaytor) Partial

Castlebrowne Partial
Castledaly Castle Ruin
Castlegar Castle Ruin
Castlegrove Castle **** (Feartagar Castle, Jennings Castle) Partial A 16/17th century towerhouse. de Burgo -- 16th/17th century Galway M377582
Castlegrove Castle **** (Feartagar Castle, Jennings Castle) Partial A four-storeyed 15th century towerhouse.

Castlekirk (Castle Kirk, Kirk's Castle) Ruins Remains of a 13th century stone enclosure castle.

L 9980
Claddagh Castle Ruins
Clareaughrim Castle Ruins
Claregalway Castle Partial A four-storeyed 15th century towerhouse built by the de Burgo family.

M 3833
Clifden Castle Partial
ClondeGoff Castle Partial
Cloonacauneen Castle (Cluanacauneen Castle) Full*
Cloonboo Castle Ruin
Cloondooan Ruins A castle destroyed in the 16th century.
Clooneen Castle (Clonkeene,Clonheen Castle, Clonbrock Castle) Ruins
Cloonkurrin Castle Ruins
Cloughan Castle (Cloghan Castle) Full*

Cooltymurraghy Castle Ruin
Corofin Castle Partial
Creagh Castle (Creaggh) Partial
Creganna Castle Full*
Cregg Castle (Dunbally Castle?) Full*
Kirwin (1648)

Cross Castle (The Castle of Cross)
Cummer park Castle Ruins
Curofin Castle Ruins
Dartfield Tower Ruins
Deerpark Castle Ruins

Derry Island Castle (Ireton's Castle)

17th century Portumna

Derrydonnel More Ruin
17th century
Derryhiveny Castle (Derrihivenny Castle) Partial A mid-17th century towerhouse with bawn. O'Madden (1643) -- tower-house Ballycrossaun M 8708
Derrymacloughna Castle Partial

Derryowen Castle Ruins
Doon Castle Ruins
Dromore Castle

Drumharsna Castle Ruins Shane Ballagh Kilkelly Shane Ballagh Kilkelly Galway M437106
Dun Aengus
early stone fort
Inis Mor

Dun Aonghasa Stone Fort
Stone Fort

Dun Conor
early ring fort
Inis Mean

Dun Eoghanachta Stone Fort
Stone Fort

Dunamon Castle Full*
Dunguaire Castle Full* A 16th century towerhouse with bawn, on the site of an Irish ring-fort. Restored. O'Heyne -- (c1520) Kinvarra M381106
Dunkellin Castle Ruin
Dunkellin Castle (Old) None
Dunmore Castle (Old Dunmore) Ruin A 14th century rectangular great tower, altered on several occasions. de Birmingham -- 13th century Dunmore M 5064
Dunsandle Partial*
Eyrecourt Castle (Eyre Court Castle) Ruins
Feartamore Castle Ruins

Fiddaun Castle (Fidane Castle) Partial A 16th century five-storeyed towerhouse within a bawn. O'Shaughnessy -- 16th century?
R 4196
Flaherty's castle (Flaherty's, O'Flaherty's castle) Ruins
Galway Castle None
Garbally Castle Ruins
Glinsk Castle Partial An early 17th century stronghouse. Burke (c1630) strong-house
M 7266
Gort Castle
A 16th century towerhouse, once the home of W.B.Yeats and now a national monument to him.

M 4403
Gorumna Island
Ruins of a 16th century castle.
Grange Castle Ruins
Headford Castle Ruins
Innishere Castle (Old Castle on the Eastern Island "Arran Islands")
A ruined castle by the shore.
Isercleron Castle Ruins
Isserkelly Castle (Iserkelly Castle, Isertkelly Castle) Partial* A 16th century towerhouse. MacHubert and MacRedmond Burkes Galway M 5212
Kilbennan Round Tower
Round Tower

Kilcolgan Castle Full
Kilcooly Castle (may have been residence of chieftain Norah Oge) Ruins
Kilcornan Castle (Old Castle in the demesne of Kilcornan) None
Killaclogher Castle Ruins
Killeen Castle Full
Killimer Castle (Kiltullagh, Kiltulla, Killimordaly, Kilmor, Kilimor Castle) Partial
Killinane Castle (Ruins near Castleboy) (aka Killinan)) Ruins
Killinane Castle (Ruins near Roxboro) (aka Killinan) Ruins
Killmacduagh Round Tower
Round Tower

Killora Castle Ruins
Kilmacduagh Ruins
Kilmacrah castle Ruins
Kilrogue Castle Ruins
Kilskeagh Castle (Witches Castle)
Kiltrogue Castle (Cill Torroige) Ruins
Kiltullagh Castle Ruin
Kinlough Castle Partial
Kylemore Castle Full*
Mitchell - 19th century

Convent School
Lackafinna Castle Ruins
Lackagh Castle Ruins

Leitrim Castle Ruins
Leitrim Castle (Ballynakill) Ruin
Lisacormack Fort
A prehistoric or Celtic fort.
Lismore Castle (in Galway) Partial Ruin of a 16th century towerhouse. O'Madden, Burke, Daly (c1600)
N 9516
Longford Castle Ruin
Lough Avatia Castle Ruins
Lough Cutra Castle (Loughcooter Castle) Full*
Lough Mask Castle Ruins A 17th century towerhouse. MacWilliam Burke tower-house & 15th century bawn Caher M 1560
Loughrea Castle Ruins
Lydacan Castle Partial

Lynch's Castle (Lynches Castle) Full A late 15th century town castle, or fortified house, now a bank(?). Built by the Lynch of "Lynch Law" fame.
Meelick Castle
Site of an early 13th century mound (?).

M 9314
Menlough Castle (Menlo Castle, or Minla ) Ruins
Merlin Park (Doughiskey Castle) Partial
Milltown castle Ruin
Monivea Castle Partial
Moycola castle Ruins
Moycullen Castle (Castle 1) Ruins
Moycullen Castle (Castle 2) Ruins
Moylough Castle Ruins Ruin of a 14th century towerhouse on an earlier motte.

M 6248
Moyne Castle Ruins A 15th century rectangular towerhouse.

M 2549
Moyode Castle Full* A ruined mansion with an older castle in its grounds.
Moyveela Castle Ruin
Muckinish Castle Ruins
Mulnagreany fortress (pre Cregg Castle) None
Mutton Island Castle
Nastig Fort

Newtown Castle Ruin

Nostaig Fort
A prehistoric or Celtic fort.
O'Brien's Castle (Dun Formna)

O'Brien -- 15th century tower Inis Oirr
O'Flaherty's Castle (Oughterard Little)

O'Flaherty -- 16th century Oughterard

O'Hill Casle Ruins
Oldcastle Castle Ruins
Oranmore Castle (Castle of Oran) Ruins A 16th century rectangular towerhouse. Blake -- 14th/15th century Oranmore M377246
Pallas Castle Ruins A five-storeyed 16th century towerhouse within a bawn. Burke (c1500), Nugent
M 7608
Parkbaun Castle Ruin
Portumna Castle Partial A large early 17th century stronghouse within a bawn. Clanricarde Burke (c1609/17) Portumna M 8502
Rahealy Castle Full
Raruddy Castle Ruin
Rath Durlisk Castle
Renville Castle (Rinville Castle) Full*
Renvyle Castle Partial The ruins of a 14th century O'Flaherty castle.
Riverville Castle Ruins
Ross Castle Full
round castle (Between Gort and Kilmacduagh are the remains of) Ruin
Seamen Castle Ruin
Seefin Castle
Fragment of a five-storeyed towerhouse.

M 5116
Shrule Castle Partial* A 16th century towerhouse. MacWilliam Burke -- tower-house
M 2753
St Cleran Castle Ruins
Tavanagh Castle Ruins
Tirellan Castle (Tir-Oileain Castle, Terryland Castle) Ruins
Clanricard Burke -- early 17th century strong-house Galway
Tollendal Castle

Lally Milltown

Tooloobaun Castle Ruins
Tuam Castle (‘Tuaim-da-Gualand') Ruins Site of one of the 12th century pre-Norman Irish "castles".

M 4352
Tulira Castle (Tullira, Tyllira Castle) Full* A 17th century towerhouse, much altered in the 19th century. Martyn Gort M 4795
Tullokyne Castle (Tulach Cadhain, Caisleán na Caillighe, Hag's Castle, Castle Hag)
Turloughcartron Ruin
Tyaquin Castle (old castle in the demesne of Tyaquin) Ruins
Wallscourt Ruins
Wigton Castle

220 -- Entries Listed

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