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Early Stone Fortifications - Castles, Towers and Strong-Houses
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Castle Name Condition Description Early Founder(s) -- Time Period(s) Contructed Parish/Townland Ord Residency Links
Aghagay Castle None Castle? ???? -- Built by -- Butler Galloon, Aghagay H416261
NISMR database
Aghalane Castle Ruins Castle? - "a bawne of Clay & Stone, rough cast over with lime, 50ft square & 12ft high with two flankers. It hath a poor thatched house within". The remains of the castle, which was destroyed by a fire shortly before the Famine, are now heavily overgrown. They consist of a square curtain wall, on the E side of which are 2 drum towers & on the W side, foundations of 2 square towers. The house ran the full width of the bawn, c.16m x 7m & 6m high. 1614-19 -- Built by -- James Creighton
???? -- Destroyed by fire
Kinawley, Aghalane, Killcloghan H341200
NISMR database
Aghalun Castle None Castle?
Aghavea, Aghalun H387410
NISMR database
Agheeter Castle (Aghalurcher Castle, old castle on the townland of Aheter) None Tower-House
Aghalurcher, Aghavoory H44994632
NISMR database
Aughalurcher Castle None Castle? ??? -- Residence fo -- Maguire's Aghalurcher, Inishcreenry H305334
NISMR database
Brookborough Castle (Brookboro Castle) Ruin
Callow Hill Castle Ruins Plantation Castle - "a Bawne begun of Stone, being 60 feet square with two flankers, but...not yet above 5 feet from the ground." c1619 -- Built by -- George Adwick
1641 -- Destroyed by -- Irish rebels
Kinawley, Callowhill H27752646
NISMR database
Castle Archdale (old Castle Archdale, Castle Archdall) Ruin Castle and Bawn - "a Bawne of Lime & Stone, with 3 Flankers 15ft high, in each corner there is a good Lodging slated, with a House in the Bawne 80ft long & 3 stories high & a Battlement about it". 1615 -- Built by --
1641 -- Captured and Destroyed by -- Irish Rebels
1665 -- Rebuilt by --
1883 -- Castle Collapses
Derryvullan, Bonaninver H18665989 State Care
NISMR database
Castle Balfour (on Site of former Maguire Stronghold "Castle Skea" ) Ruin Plantation Castle - "a large strong tymber house two stories high" & a castle "built acorss the end of the church with Flankers both sides of the church...". The present ruins are an L-shaped block with an off-shoot at the SE corner. This is probably the house & the E projection, now almost entirely destoyed is the castle. 1618 -- built by -- Chrichton
1803 -- Destroyed by fire
Aughalucher, Castle Balfour H36223369 State Care
NISMR database
Castle Brindsley None Castle? - "bawne of Lime & Stone, 70ft square, 12 ft high , with 2 Flankers, which are 3 stories high; there is also a good Stone House in building, which is but as yet above the 1st storie". the bawn was still unfinished "nor any Gate to it", the house was "the length of the Bawne & 22ft broad" & still only 1 storey high & outside the bawn "adjoining to one side of the wall, there is beginning to be builded a house of stone & lyme, 80ft long".
Galloon, Sheeny H411262
NISMR database
Castle Caldwell Ruin Castle - It was described in 1620 as "a strong bawn of lime & stone with 2 flankers & within it a strong house...67ft long & 25ft broad" Much of the original plantation building still survives. A major remodelling & enlargement of the house took place in the late 1780's, adding an extra wing & giving the front a Gothic facade, one of the most impressive still surviving in Ireland. The building is now in ruins after being abandoned in the C19th & is owned by Forest Service. 1600's -- Built by -- Sir Edward Blennerhasset
1660 -- Sold to -- James Caldwell
1780's -- Remodeled with Gothic Façade --
Belleek, Rossbeg H01736048 Forest Service
NISMR database
Castle Coole Full
Earls of Belmore (1796-98)

National Trust
Castle Hume None

Golf Club
Castle Irvine (Castle Irvinestown) Full
Castle Murray None House and Bawn - "a stong Bawne of Lime & Stone, 150ft long, 120ft wide & 12ft high with three Flankers; within the Bawne there is a strong House of Lime & Stone, three Stories high". 1613 -- Built by -- Lord Folliott
1820's -- Destroyed by --
Magheracross, Drummurry H2552
NISMR database
Castle Skea None
Clones Castle (‘Cluan Innis,’ "the Island of Retreat", ‘Cloanish’,‘Clownish")

Balfour (c1610)

Crevenish Castle Ruin Plantation Castle - it was described as a bawn of lime & stone 75ft long, 47ft broad & 2 & a half stories high. The ruins of the dwelling house still stand; it has a square turret with loop-holed windows at the NE corner. <1619 Built by -- Thomas Blennerhasset Magheraculmoney, Crevinish H16556260
NISMR database
Crom Castle (Old Crom, Crum Castle) Ruin Castle - "a Bawne of Lime & Stone being 60ft square,12ft high with 2 flankers. Within the Bawne there is a house of Lime & Stone.". The ruins are now heavily overgrown, but would appear to be 2 oblong castles, 2 stories high & the whole complex surrounded by a bawn with round towers. c1614 -- Built by --
1641 -- besieged and destroyed by -- Irish
???? -- Rebuilt by --
1689 -- Under seige twice
1764 -- Destroyed by fire
Gallon, Crom H36452380
NISMR database
Deerpark Castle (Now Colebrooke Park) Ruin Castle?
Aghavea, Deer Park H386387
NISMR database
Derrychulla Castle None Castle? ???? -- Owned by -- Burleigh Family Aghalurcher, Derrychulla H352327
NISMR database
Derryheely Castle (Deerpark Castle 2) (Now Colebrooke Park) Ruin
Enniskillen Castle Full* Castle - The castle consists of 2 sections - a central keep & a surrounding curtain wall. It provided the main defence for the W end of the town & guarded the Sligo road. The keep, the original Maguire Castle, has been substantially rebuilt & now consists of 3 storeys on a strong slanting batter. The curtain wall consists of a wall c. 6m high at E & 2 ranges of Georgian barracks at N & W. The S is composed of the Water Gate, the function of which is uncertain, but it may have been a drawbridge, or a flanking tower. 1595 -- Castle assaulted by --
Maquire (c1415), Cole -- 15th & 17th century?
Enniskillen, Enniskillen H23154422 Museum
NISMR database
Innishleage Castle None Castle
Aghalurcher, Innishleage Island H299327
NISMR database
Knockninny Castle (Belle Isle Castle) Full
Lord Highgate's Castle None Castle ???? -- Residence of -- Lord Highgate (durring reign of Queen Elizabeth.) Gallon, Agharoosky East H44922825
NISMR database
Magherameenagh Castle
Plantation Castle? 1700's -- Built by -- James Johnston Belleek, Magherameenagh G97795921
NISMR database
Monea Castle Ruin Castle and Bawn - "a strong Castle of Lime & Stone, being 54ft long & 20ft broad; but hath no Bawne unto it". The bawn was built later, in 1622. The castle is oblong in plan, 3 storeys high. >From the angle of the W end rise 2 semi-cylindrical towers with box-like turrets. Both have spiral staircases. 1618 -- Castle Built for -- Malcolm Hamilton
1641 -- Castle taken by -- Irish
???? -- Castle retaken by -- the planters
1688 -- residence of -- Governor of Enniskillen
Devonish, Castletown Monea H16474937 State Care
NISMR database
Naan Island Castle in Lough Erne None Castle ???? -- Owned by -- Lord Burleigh and Family Aughalurcher, Naan Island West H29463183 Forest Service
NISMR database
Necarne Castle (Nakarney Castle, Nakarna Castle) None Castle - "a strong Bawne of Lime & Stone, & a House in it". "two smale flanckers cast out on top of the wall." Castle Irvine was built on this site, the old castle is recorded with round towers. 16th century strong-house? Derryvullan, Castle Irvine H236573
NISMR database
Portora Castle (Portora Bawn) Ruin House and Bawn - consists of a three storey house across the breadth of the bawn, which is defended by 4 circular corner towers. 1614 -- Built by -- Sir William Cole
???? -- Castle let to -- Bishop Spottiswood
1629 -- Residence of -- The Coles
1859 -- Destroyed by -- Schoolboys with explosives
Rossaorry, Portora H22214530 State Care
NISMR database
Tully Castle Ruin Castle and Bawn - described as "a bawne of lime & stone, 100ft square & 15ft high, having 4 flankers...There is also a fair strong castle...He has made a which is dwelling 24 families". The strong house is 2 stories high, with attics. The gate to the bawn was on the site opposite the house. At the corners of the bawn were the rectangular flankers. 1610-19 -- Built by -- Sir John Hume
1641 -- Attacked and burned by -- Rory Maguire
Inishmacsaint, Tully H12675664 State Care
NISMR database
TullyKelter Castle Ruin& Fortified House - The plan is a fairly typical T-plan house, 2 storeys high, with large windows on the ground floor & with gun loops for defence. A considerable portion of the ruins still stand. 1616 -- Built by -- James Somerville Devenish, Tullykelter H15524827
NISMR database

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