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Early Stone Fortifications - Castles, Towers and Strong-Houses
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Castle Name Condition Description Early Founder(s) -- Time Period(s) Contructed Parish/Townland Ord Residency Links
Aghadowey Castle None Bawn and Tower-House - "enclosed by a battlemented wall...square with a turret at each angle".
Aghadowey, Aghadowey C85802095
NISMR database
Annaghmore Castle None Castle? ???? -- Residence of -- the Gebseys
1641 -- Destroyed and burned by -- British Army
Magherafelt, Annaghmore H92979131
NISMR database
Ardmore Castle None Castle? - The ruins were 20ft long x 32 ft broad, with a well in the cellar. ???? -- Residence of -- the O'Kahans Balteagh, Ardmore C70512098
NISMR database
Ballindreen Scotch Castle None Castle? - " stood on an eminence...the house was spacious & stood 1-storey, the entire roof was lined beneath the thatch with oak basket work, the ground floor of the parlour was laid with flat whinstone, as was a large hall that ran through the entire house..." ???? -- Residence of -- McKanny Family
1745 -- Razed to the ground
Ballyrashane, Ballindreen Scotch C90093066
NISMR database
Ballyaghran Castle Ruins
BallyCastle ("Castle of the Town") Ruins
Ballyclose Castle (Newtown-Limavady Castle, Drumachose Castle, O'Cahan's castle) None Castle and Bawn ???? -- Controlled by -- the O'Cahan's
1820s -- Destroyed by --
Tamlaght Finlagan or Drumachose, Deer Park C67722039
NISMR database
Ballymoghan Beg Castle None Plantation Castle
Magherafelt,Ballymoghan Beg H8887
NISMR database
BallyNeill Castle None Castle? - In building the modern farm house an underground room was found with a large fire place with ashes still in it. ???? -- Built by -- Mr Nieves Artrea, Ballyneill More H92858533
NISMR database
Ballyreagh Castle ("the Royal Castle", Dunfert Castle) Ruins Castle? - The scant remains of this castle consists of one small mortar & basalt boulder wall - part of the E-W wall which once cut off the landward approach, i.e. the S wall of the castle. The mortar has flint & pebble inclusions. The W edge of the promontory shows a slight lip 0.6m high, which could reflect a buried wall, but this is doubtful. The wall remnant is at most 0.9m high & from the wall to the edge of the promontory is 20m.
Ballywillin, Ballyreagh, Portrush C84603985
NISMR database
Ballyreagh Castle ("the Royal Castle") Ruins
Ballyronan Castle Ruins
Bellaghy Bawn/Castle Full* Plantation Castle and Bawn - "...a bawn of brick & lime, 100ft square, with 2 round flankers & a good rampart ... also within the bawn 2 good houses one opposite to the other." The accompanying drawing shows 2 large round towers & one small,straight-sided one, 2 houses & a gateway. The site survives today as 3 bawn walls, one round tower & the rampart. Excavation located the house & the 2nd round tower. The house had 2 rooms, separated by a large fireplace. It also showed that the bawn wall was built over the ditch of a rath, causing to lean out markedly. It has been shored up & the C18th house within the bawn is now a visitors centre. 1619 -- Built by -- Baptist Jones
1641 -- Surrendered to -- Irish
Ballyscullion, Old Town Deer Park, Bellaghy H95349634 State Care
NISMR database
Brackfield Bawn Ruins
Skinners Co. (c1615)
Castle Dawson (First) None
Castle Dawson (Second) Ruins
Castle of Anagh None Tower-House c12th -- Built by -- the O'Kanes
c16th -- Removed and Leveled
Clondermot, Templetown C47371942
NISMR database
Castle Ros

Castleroe None Tower-House and Bawn - a stretch of wall of stone & mortar, with stray stones & loose brick around it, with possibly 2 corners of the bawn. The C17th Raven maps show a Tower House & Bawn on the site.
Macosquin, Castleroe, Coleraine C86042999
NISMR database
Coleraine Castle None Castle? - "manor house is modern & stands on the site of the castle, 1248 -- Built by -- Coleraine, Coleraine C84433250
NISMR database
Culmore Castle (Culmore Fort, Culmore Point) Ruins A "reconstructed" plantation fort.
Derryard Castle (the Turret or Round House) None Castle - The castle had 3 orchards, pleasure gardens, ballrooms & "apartments for the accomodation of different amusements". c17th -- Built by -- Captain Arthur Carey Bovevagh, Derryard C6811
NISMR database
Doherty Tower (Aileagh, Elagh, Aileach Castle) Ruins Castle and Earthworks - There is evidence remaining of a curtain wall in at least 2 places W of the existing tower. This tower retains traces of a portcullis slot & is likely to be the surviving portion of a double-towered gateway. There are also traces of a corner tower in the SW of the outcrop on which the castle stood. The various contemporary reports suggest the castle consisted of a lofty square keep with semi-circular towers projecting from 2 of the angles. c14th -- Built by --
???? -- Residence of -- O'Dogherty
1600 -- Demolished by -- the English
1608 -- Reclamed by -- O'Dogherys
???? -- Lost to -- Chichester
1621 -- Leased to --
1665 -- Fallen into disrepair
Templemore, Elagh More C41582165
NISMR database
Dromore Castle (Ward Knowe Castle) None Castle
Kildollagh, Fish Loughan C87662895
NISMR database
Dungannon Castle Ruins
Dungiven Castle Full* Castle 1839 -- ReBuilt by --
O'Kane (O'Cahan), Skinner's Co, Doddington (c1600)
Dungiven, Dungiven C69260908
NISMR database
Dungiven Castle (old) None Castle c17th -- Built by Dungiven, Dungiven C69260908
NISMR database
Faughanvale Castle None
Glenleary Castle None Castle? 1641 -- Destroyed by -- Irish Macosquin, Glenleary C854277
NISMR database
Killane Castle None Castle ???? -- Residence of -- the O'Cahans Drumachose, Killane, Limavady C68122390
NISMR database
Killoween Castle (Ancient Castle formerly at Jackson Hall) None
Knockbane Castle ("Seat of Hugh O'Neill") None Castle? ???? -- Residence of -- Hugh O'Niell Tamlaght O'Crilly, Eden C9103
NISMR database
Lewis Castle None Castle? ???? -- Built by -- Lewis
1641 -- Castle attacked and owner killed by -- Local residence
Cumber Lower, Oghill C51061475
NISMR database
linen-hall Castle Ruins
Lissan Castle (Lisane Castle)
Loughans Castle (castle of McQuillan) Ruins Castle? ???? -- Built by -- the McQuillans
1544 -- Taken by -- the O'Donnells
Kildollagh, Loughlin Island C87782876
NISMR database
Magherafelt Castle None Plantation Castle and Bawn - "In lowering the Diamond...there was a large portion of the cellar walls of Magherafelt ancient castle raised. It stood S of the market house. The site is partly occupied by the street & partly by a range of dwelling houses." The bawn had 2 large square flankers, one irregularly shaped 4-sided flankers at the front & a projecting entrance gate.
Magherafelt, Town Parks Mangherafelt H89699059
NISMR database
Magilligan Strand
A Martello tower.
Moneymore Castle Ruins
Mountsandel Castle
A motte castle near the River Bann, possibly 12th century.

C 8530
Movanagher Bawn/Castle Ruins Plantation Castle and Bawn - a manor house, 2 stories high, 42ft x 26ft, with 4 flankers enclosed by bawn wall 120ft square, 9ft high & 3ft thick with 3 flankers 16ft high. The bawn now encloses an area used as a farmyard. The wall survives at W, S & E - where there is a ruined flanker, with a collapsed roof. One part of the N wall survives within the currently occupied farmhouse.
Kilrea, Movanagher C92031589
NISMR database
Muff Castle None
O'Dohery's Castle (The Magazine) None Tower-House
Templmore, Londonderry, Derry C43501685
NISMR database
O'Hara Castle (Port Stewart Castle, Portstewart Castle)
O'Kane Castle None Castle? - "the remains of an old building said to be a castle...the cellar with the steps leading down into it was destroyed c.20 years ago". ???? -- Residence of -- O'Kane Magilligan, Duncrun C68523252
NISMR database
Revellagh Castle Ruins
Revellagh Fort Ruins
Rowley's Castle None Castle?
Kilcronaghan, Calmore H82939599
NISMR database
Salterstown Castle Ruins Plantation Castle and Bawn - The map shows a bawn with 2 circular flankers at NW & SE & a 2 storey house along the SW wall. The road from the bawn still follows the same line & excavations 1613 -- Land granted to -- Saters Co.
1641 -- Captured and destroyed by -- Phelim O'Neill
1740s -- Owned by -- McMaster family
Ballinderry, Ballymultrea H95188236
NISMR database
Somerset Castle (The Red Castle) None Castle? - "There was a castle of large size on the site where Somerset House now was the residence of the George family... This castle was built of bricks & the outside of the walls painted red...there was a balcony round the roof of the castle of so large dimensions that 8 persons could walk abreast...After the demise of Squire George the castle was neglected & became a dilapidated pile. ???? -- Residence of -- The George Family Macosquin, Somerset, Coleraine C84753080
NISMR database
Stormont Castle Full Castle - Gothic? Cleland?
Tamlaghtard Castle (Magilligan Castle) None
Walworth castle (Ballykelly Castle) Ruins
Fishmonger's Co. (c1615)

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