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Castle Name Condition Description Early Founder(s) -- Time Period(s) Contructed Barony Parish/Townland Ord Residency Links
Bailieborough Castle (1) None House and Bawn - "... a vaulted castle, with a bawn 90 feet square, and two flanking towers" 1610 - Grant given to - William Bailie
1641 - Castle attacked and captured by - Irish soldiers (under Colonel Hugh O’Reilly)
1641 - Castle vacated, left to - William Bailie
1666 - Castle inherited by - Hamiltons
1720 - Charter Granted to - James Hamilton
1724 - Castle sold to - Major Charles Stewart
1795 - Castle inherited by - Thomas Charles Stewart Corry
1814 - Castle sold to - Colonel William Young
c1830 - Bawn pulled down to expand house
Clankee Bailieborough/Moybologue, Bailieborough

Samual Lewis (1837) -
Samual Lewis (1837) -
Bailieborough Web site (Town and Castle History) -
Bailieborough Castle (2) None House - 1830-76 - House Rebuilt by - Sir John Young
>1895 - Sold to - Sir Stanley Cochrane
???? - Sold to - Mr. W.L.B. Cochrane
1915 - Sold to - The Marist Brothers
1918 - Destroyed by Fire
Clankee Bailieborough/Moybologue, Bailieborough

Samual Lewis (1837) -
Samual Lewis (1837) -
Bailieborough Web site (Town and Castle History) -
Bailieborough Castle (3) None House - 1920 - House partialy rebuilt by - The Marist Brothers
c1923 - Sold for Demolition -
Clankee Bailieborough/Moybologue, Bailieborough

Bailieborough Web site (Town and Castle History) -
Ballyconnell Castle None Castle - "… a strong bawn 100 feet square and 12 feet high, with two flanking towers and a strong castle, three stories high, the whole occupying a site well adapted for the defence of the surrounding county." ???? - Built by - Capt. Culme and Walter Talbot (in the time of Jas. I)
<1764 - Destroyed by fire
Tullyhaw Tomregan,Ballyconnell

Samual Lewis (1837) --
Ballymagauran Castle (Lissanover Castle, Lios-an-uabhair, "the fort of Pride") Ruin Tower-House - "It was originally a tower of two stories…" ???? - built by Felim Magauran [MacGovern/McGovern]
c1650 - Destroyed by - Oliver Cromwell
Tullyhaw Templeport, Lissanover

Samual Lewis (1837) --
Irish Customs and Cultures --
Clan McGovern Network --
Belturbet Castle (Caislen Tairbeirt, Turbet Island Castle) None Motte and Baily Castle - C16th - Built by - Hugh Connallach O'Reilly Lower Loughtee Belturbet, Turbet Island H 3617 Nature Park Samual Lewis (1837) --
Erne Heritage Tours --
The Good Castle Guide --
Brogan's Castle Not Found Castle - "… ancient Cavan contained another which tradition remembers to have been called "Brogan's Castle"
Upper Loughtee Cavan, Cavan

Al Beagan's "Genealogy Notes"--
Castle Aubigny
Castle - "At a commission held in Castle Aubigny (Shercock) in 1629 to enquire into the progress being made by Bailie and the other grantees..." ???? - Grant given to - Esme Stuart, Lord Aubigny Clankee Shercock, Shercock

Bailieborough Web site -
TRAYNOR'S Web Page: Ulster Plantation --
Castle Cavan (Walter Bradie's Castle) None Stone House [Possibly Tower-House] - 1610 - Charter granted - Walter Bradie (erected by Garrett Fleming) Upper Loughtee Cavan, Cavan

Samuel Lewis (1837) --
Al Beagan's "Genealogy Notes"--
Castle Cosby (Castle Corby)
Castle - 1837 - Residence of - J. Whit-thorne, Esq.
1849 - Residence of - John E. Vernon
Clanmahon Kilmore, Crossdoney

Samuel Lewis (1837) --
Caufield Home Page --
Anglo-Celt (Cavan, county Cavan March 2, 1849) --
Castle Hamilton (1) (Keelagh, Killagh, Killaugh Castle) Partial Castle - "The castle was four storeys with flankers and turrets for defense. It had a bawn 60 feet square surrounded by a wall 12 feet in height." 1610 - Grant given to - 'Sir Alexander Hamilton
???? - Residence of - Sir Francis Hamilton
1642 - Castle falls to - O'Reilly's
???? - Residence of - R. H. Southwell
1856 - Castle purchased by - James Hamilton
1911 - Castle burned by accidental fire
???? - Remains of Castle purchased by - Alan Kells
Tullyhunco Killeshandra/Killesandra,
Private Killshandra History --
Rick O'Reilly Web Site --
History of the Hamiltons of Castl Hamilton --
Castle Hamilton (2) Full Mansion House - "The big house that replaced the estate house that was burned in the fire is now owned by Joseph Fletcher" >1911 - Mansion House in possession of - Joseph Fletcher Tullyhunco Killeshandra/Killesandra,
Private History of the Hamiltons of Castl Hamilton --
Castle Saunderson Partial Castle - 1573 - Built by - Saunderson family
1977 - Castle sold
1990 - Castle sold to become a hotel
>1990 - Castle damaged by Fire
1997 - Castle and Estate sold to - Scouting Ireland
Lower Loughtee Annagh/Belturbet, Belturbet

Samuel Lewis (1837) --
Samuel Lewis (1837) --
The Ireland Funds: The Castle Saunderson Project --
Castlerahan (Castleraghan, Castle of Rathain O' Raghallaigh, Caisleán Ráthain "Castle of the little rath. ") None Castle - "… the old castle of Rathain O' Raghallaigh which stood in what is now called the Moat in the heart of Castlerahan."
Castlerahan Castlerahan,

Cavan Clubs -
Cloughoughter Castle (Cloughtouthter) Ruin Round Tower-House - "The construction of the castle, in fact a circular tower house." "… it had loops but no entrance on the ground floor, three doorways and at least two windows at first-floor level and possibly a curtain wall on the west side." C13th - Built by - William Gorm de Lacy
C13th - Taken and added to by - O'Reilly
1607 - Castle Captured by - Sir Richard Wingfield
1607 - Castle Given to - Captain Hugh Culm
1641 - Castle Captured, used as prison by - O'Reilly
1653 - Castle taken by - Cromwell
1653 - Gunpowder used to "dismantle" Castle
De Lacy, O'Reilly -- 13th century round keep
Upper Loughtee Kilmore, Killekeen lake/Lough Oughter H3405 National Monument Irelands Eyes: Cloughoughter Castle, County Cavan --
The Good Castle Guide --
Triskelle Tourism: Killykeen Forest Park --
Ireland Now: Ruined Castles (Picture and History) --
Cormey Castle (1) (Cormee Castle, Fleming's Castle) Ruins Castle - "This land which contained an old round tower castle, called Cormey Castle. The main building was in ruins - destroyed during the Cromwellian War." ???? - Lands belonging to - O'Reilly Family
1607 - Castle Built by - Gerard Fleming
c1650 - Castle Destroyed
???? - Grant given to - Colonel Thomas Cooch
1699 - Castle inherited by - Mervyn Pratt
Clankee Enniskeen, Kingscourt

Samual Lewis (1837) --
Samual Lewis (1837) --
Cabra Castle Web Site (history) --
Cor Na Greine Tourist Attractions --
Cormey Castle (2) (Cormee Castle, Cabra Castle ) Full* Castle - "… a superb baronial castellated mansion in the Norman style. of architecture 1808 - Appointed trustee of castle estate - Mr Henry Foster
???? - Cormey Castle "Rebuilt" by - Mr Henry Foster
1810 - Estate Taken over by - Mr. Augustus Foster
1813 - Castle sold to -Colonel Joseph Pratt
c1820 - Castle name changed to Cabra Castle
c1950 - Castle inherited by - Mervyn Sheppard
1964 - Castle Purchased by - Brenan Family
>1964 - Castle Renovated and Converted to a Hotel
1986 - Castle Purchased for private residence - Arab Group
1991 - Castle Purchased by - Corscadden family
>1991 - Castle Re-opened as Hotel
Clankee Enniskeen, Kingscourt
Hotel Samual Lewis (1837) -
Samual Lewis (1837) -
Cabra Castle Web Site (Picture and history) --
Coroneary Castle
Castle - "... Anne, who married James Hamilton, third son of John Hamilton of Coroneary Castle, …" ???? - Residence of - John Hamilton Knockbride Clankee Knockbride, Coroneary

Bailieborough Web site -
Croghan Castle (Castlecraig) None Castle - "It was 35 feet in height and surrounded by a wall 240 feet in circumference. ... The faint traces of both these castles are still discernible." 1610 - Grant given to - Auchmothy brothers
1610 - Land sold to - Sir James Craige
1642 - Castle falls to - O'Reilly's
Tullyhunco Kildallon, Croghan

Killeshandra History --
Carrigallan Online --
O'Reilly Family History --
History of the Hamiltons of Castl Hamilton --
Rick O'Reilly Web Site --
Crover castle Partial Tower-House - c1393 - Built by - Thomas O'Reilly Clanmahon Ballymachugh, Crover

Samuel Lewis (1837) --
O'Reilly Family History --
UK & Ireland Geneology: Ballymachugh --
Danish rath (1)
Castlerahan Castlerahan, Ballyjamesduff

Samuel Lewis (1837) --
Danish rath (2)
Castlerahan Castlerahan, Ballyjamesduff

Samuel Lewis (1837) --
Derryragh or Darragh fort ("altar of the oaks") Ruins Hill Fort -
Tullyhaw Templeport, hill of Darragh

Irish Culture and Customs --
Cavan Tourism: The Archaeology of West Cavan --
Townlands of Aughavas --
Drumlane Church Round Tower Ruins Round Tower - "The oldest building on the site is a round Tower with round-headed door way and windows. On the north face, about six feet above the ground, are much weathered carvings of birds..." C13th - Founder - St. Mogue Lower Loughtee Drumlane, Drumlane H340122 National Monument The Good Castle Guide --
Hibernia (Pictures) --
BMW Club: Photo Rally 2005 --
County Cavan - Heritage/Historical --
Al Beagan's "Genealogy Notes"--
Fort Frederick
Plantation House - "...the improvements of Fort-George the residence of the rector of the parish, and also with the plantations of Fort-Frederick…"
Castlerahan Castlerahan,

Samuel Lewis (1837) --
Anglo-Celt (1850) --
Fort George
Plantation House - "...the improvements of Fort-George the residence of the rector of the parish, and also with the plantations of Fort-Frederick…"
Castlerahan Castlerahan, Bally James Duff

Anglo-Celt (1850) --
Fort William
Rath -
Tullygarvey Drung, Drung

Samuel Lewis (1837) --
Killykeen Forest Park ( Killeshandra Rath, "Church of the Old Fort")
Church and Ring Fort - "This church was sited on an old semi-circular 'rath' or fort overlooking the lake that is now-a-days known as the Town Lake."
Tullyhunco Killeshandra/Killesandra, Killeshandra

County Cavan - Heritage/Historical --
Killishandra History -
Kilmore Castle Full Motte and Bailly - "Walter de Lacy constructed the motte and bailey in 1211 as part of a chain to control and contain the north for the Normans. Cathal O’Reilly dismantled the fort in 1224. It was rebuilt and today there remains an excellent example of a motte and bailey." C13th - Castle Built by - Walter de Lacy
1224 - Dismantled by - Cathal O’Reilly
???? - Rebuilt for Heritage
Upper Loughtee Kilmore, Kilmore H 3804
The Annales of Ulster and Loch Ce -
Cavan Towm Local Attractions --
The Good Castle Guide --
CHIPTIN.COM: Evolution of Irish Surnames --
Moneygashel Ring Fort Ruins Ring Fort - "The fort at Moneygashel consists of a circular stone wall, in places up to three metres thick. There are even two small staircases built into it."
Tullyhaw Killinagh, Moneygashel H058340
Irish Culture and Customs --
Megalithic Portal --
Cavan Tourism: The Archaeology of West Cavan --
Muff Castle (Castle-Gearroid, Garrett's Castle, Castle of Clanchye) Ruins Castle - 1608 - Grant given to - Garrett Fleming Clankee Enniskeen, Muff

Samuel Lewis (1837) --
Al Beagan's "Genealogy Notes"--
Irish Identity: The fair of Muff --
Mullach Castle None Castle - "The site of the castle on the western side of the lake is now occupied by the cottage of Mrs. Finlay" ???? - Erected by - Conor More O'Reilly
c1650 - Castle destroyed by - Cromwell
Castlerahan Mullagh, Mullagh

Samuel Lewis (1837) --
Al Beagan's "Genealogy Notes"--
Tomregan Round Tower None Round Tower - "Nothing remains of the monastery except the base of a round tower" C7th - Founded by - St Bricin Tullyhaw Tomregan, Ballyconnell

Cavan Tourism: Churches and Abbeys --
Tully Mongain Fort (Gallow's Hill, Castle Hill Fort) None Danish Fort - "there is a tradition that a castle stood within the circle of the fort. It is now called the Gallow's Hill but was anciently called Castle Hill."
Upper Loughtee Urney, Tullymongan

Al Beagan's "Genealogy Notes"--
Tullymongen castle (Tully Mongan, Tulach Mongain, Bally-Reilly Castle, "Castle of the Cavan", O'Reilly's castle) None Castle - "Aurelies (O'Reillys) castell on the hill over the Cavan." C13th - Castle built by - O'Reilly Family
1468 - Castle Burned by - English (under the Lord-Deputy Tiptoft, Earl of Worcester)
1487 - Residence of - O'Reilly Family
Upper Loughtee Cavan town

Samuel Lewis (1837) --
Cavan Tourism: Places, Village of Cavan --
Ireland for Visitors: Cavan, County of Contrasts --
The Name Tully --
Al Beagan's "Genealogy Notes"--

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