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The name de Valle is the latinized form of Dale, from which place in Pembrokeshire the family took its name. So says Owen in his Old Pembroke Families , p. 91, where an early history of the family in Wales is explored. On the division of the Earl Marshal's fees in 1247 Gilbert de Valle, the head of the house, held 1/2 knight's fee in Pembrokeshire of the share of the heirs of de Braose. In Ireland, at the same date, Gilbert held 1/2 knight's fee in Ballicarnall, co. Wexford of the Valence share, but that was a late enfeoffment, whereas cadets of the family had been enfeoffed of lands elsewhere in Ireland at least a quarter century earlier. One of these junior lines held 1 knight's fee in Ardristran, barony of Rathvilly, co. Carlow, in 1247, represented by Reginald (or Reinald) de Valle. In 1247 this branch of the family also held 1/2 fee at Inchyolaghan or Castleinch, co. Kilkenny, represented by Reimund (sic) de Valle, perhaps that same individual as Reinald above.

A series of charters of about the year 1200 show three brothers in Ireland, Gilbert, Stephen and Hay de Valle -- a dead brother Geoffrey is also mentioned -- sons of Rodbert and Joete. Of these, Gilbert was the ancestor of de Valle of Ardbristan (aka Ardristan) and Inchyolaghan; Stephen appears to have been ancestor of de Valle of Tulachany, or Grange, barony of Shillelogher, co. Kilkenny. Hay de Valle, the third brother, was enfeoffed of Rathtow, co. Carlow [Regr. St. John the Baptist, no. 418], but he apparently did not hold this fee directly of the Marshals (for it does not occur in the feodaries) but of an intermediate lord. Rodbert, the father of these three sons, may have been the head of the Welsh family. If so, he must have had an elder son from whom de Valle of Ballycarnall (co. Wexford) descended. Ballycarnall has been identified by Brooks [Knights' Fees in Counties Wexford, Carlow and Kilkenny p. 165] as probably Ballicorall of the Civil Survey, now part of Ballydarragh, parish of Kilnahue, barony of Gorey.

At the time of the 1247 feodary, one version gives Reimund de Valle [Chancery Miscellanea] as the holder of the 1/2 knight's fee, while another [Calendar Patent Rolls of 1279] gives John de Valle. From this we may conclude that Reimund died about this time and was succeeded by John. John held the lands of Inchyolaghan as feudal tenant of Richard de Clare, one of the representatives of the Marshal family [Carrigan, iii. 229]. Assuming the descent of the fee in Inchyolaghan, where a John de Valle held the fee in 1317, is the same as that of Ardristan, where a John de Valle held the fee in 1307, we find that John de Valle (mentioned in the Patent Roll of 1279) was succeeded in Ardristan by his son, another John, who in 1293 by a final concord in the court of Earl Roger Bigod, at Carlow, recognized the right of the Prior of Dublin Hospital in the advowson of Ardbrystyne [Regr. St. John the Baptist, no, 413]. About the year 1300 John de Valle was lay patron of the churches of Incholham and Balybor (Inchyolaghan and Ballbur) [Carrigan, iii. 229]. It the 1307 feodary he held the fee at Ardristan. After the death of Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Gloucester, in 1314, John's feudal service was among those assigned to the Earl's widow Matilda in Dower [Pipe Roll, 16 Ed. II.]. This was for his fee of Inchyolaghan or Castlinch; and about 1317, in the feodary, he held Cheleghan (Inchyloghan).

In 1322 Gilbert son of John de Valle knight, quitted claim to Henry son of David de Valle his consanguineus and his heirs to all his right in messuages, lands and tenements in Ardebrystyn, Cnokardath, Rosna an Baal, Arwyl and Incheholechan [Ormond Deeds, i. 559], a deed which again seems to prove that Ardristan and Inchyloaghan were held by the same line of de Valles [Brooks, p. 68].

In the feodary of July 6, 1355 [Cal. Pat. and Close Rolls, Ireland 57b.], we find Remund de Valle in possession of Inchewolghan. Rev. Carrigan cites Richard Vale as head of the family (in Inchyolaghan) in the Episcopate of David Hackett (Bishop of Ossory, 1460-78), when, as lay patron, he handed over the church of Ballybur to the Vicars Choral of St. Canice's Cathedral. John fitzWilliam of "Inchewoldham", who was probably the last of the De Valles to own Inchiologhan, was presented by the Jury of Commyners of the Towne of Kilkenny, in 1537, as one of the county magnates, who "do charge all the countrey with Coyne and Lyverye, as often as they please." During the next 20 or 30 years Inchiolaghan passed from the De Valles to the Comerfords. About 1560 Fulco Comerford of Callan is found in possession. [Carrigan, p.229-30].

The name de Valle in Ireland eventually became Vale and Wall. In 1393-4 a Sir Geoffrey de Valle was seised of Johnstown (parish of Urglin, co. Carlow) and other lands in the county [Egerton MS 75.], and Walls were the owners of Johnstown in Stuart times [Inqns., co. Carlow, no. 5 of Jas. I.].

The 1247 feodary (The de Valence Purparty) was taken from "Chancery Miscellanea", P.R.O., London (File 88/4, no. 70), collated with a list in the Calendar Patent Rolls.

The 1317 feodary (share of Hugh le Despenser and Alianora his wife) was taken from "Chancery Miscellanea", P.R.O., London (File 9/24).

Article Sources: extracts from the book Knights' Fees in Counties Wexford, Carlow and Kilkenny, Irish Manuscripts Commission, with commentary by Eric St. John Brooks, Dublin Stationery Office, 1950. Extracts from "The History and Antiquities of the Diocese of Ossory" by Rev. William Carrigan, 1905.

Extracts from the Calendar of Ormond Deeds, Vol. I & II, Curtis, 1932-33.

Raymond de Valle was witness, between 1218 and 1228, of a grant by Stephen "Archidiaconus" to the church of St. Mary and St. Columba of Inestihoc (Inistioge), and the Prior, etc., there, the church of Kilcorman (Kilcormic, parish of Donoughmore, with its chapel of Tulochbarri (Tullabarry, ancient name of the townland of Moat or Moatpark), in pure alms.

John de Valle, knight, was witness to confirmation of grants of the church of Kellistown [in Forth O'Nolan] to the Priory of Kells, dated between 1240 and 1254. [Vol. I, p.26-27]

Master Griffin de Valle was among the witnesses of a grant, before 1242, by Richard de Burgo to Theobald Walter in free marriage to Margery his daughter, the manor of Ardmail (Ardmayle), as well as his lands in Klenlacwil and Klenhinrachty and Klencachig. [Vol. I, p.43]

Gilbert de Valle was a witness of a grant, circa 1250, of Theobald Walter, Butler of Ireland, to Res son of Philip Kilrenner, from the bounds of the monks of Baltinglass... and thence to the bounds of Humurthi (Ui Muireadiagh in south Kildare, of which the O'Tolles were lords)... [Vol. I, p.48]

John de Valle and Jordan de Valle were witnesses, along with the seneschal of Carlow and others, of letters patent of Stephen de Mothyl by which he grants to the priory of Kells in Ossory the church of Mothyl so far as it belongs to him as patron. Dated circa 1257. [Vol. I, p.30]

Sir John de Valle is a witness of a grant by Edmund le Brun to Theoblad Butler of lands in Tankardstown, Palmerstown, Croseren (? Crecin, barony of Rathvilly, Carlow), and Lorgechoryn in the cantred of Offelmeth (Tullowphelim, now Rathvilly, co. Carlow). Dated before 1259. [Vol. I, p.56-57]

William son of Nicholas de Valle grants to Sir Theobald le Botiller and his heirs Roscat (in parish of Ardristan) withe the chief messuage, paying a penny yearly at Easter. Witnesses included Sire Fromund le Brun, Chancellor of Ireland, Sir John de Valle and Sir Walter de Valle. Dated between 1259-83. [Vol I. p.57]

Sir John de Valle and William de Valle were among the witnesses of a quit-claims from Fromund le Brun to Theobald Walter, Butler of Ireland, of the manor of Tankardstown, and lands in the cantred of Offelmeth. Dated between 1259-1283. [Vol. I, p.58]

Sir Walter de Valle and Gilbert de Valle were witnesses, circa 1270, of a John Farewell grant to Theobald Walter, Butler of Ireland of a half villate of land called Curagh which John had of the gift of Sir Richard de Rupella in the tenement of Achedrum (Aughrim).

John de Valle quit-claims to Sir Theobald Walter Lysmokloman with the advowson of the church, with the mill, pool, weirs, etc. which said Theobald Walter held of William de Valle, in grantor's tenement of Ardebristan (parish Ardristan), called Roskat. Dated circa 1270. Among the witnesses was Sir Walter de Valle. In dorso: "Lysmacloman besed belagh in Ofelan in tenemento de Bristin." [Vol. I, p.69]
br> Archebold de Valle quit-claims to Sir Theobald le Botiller and his heirs 20s. yearly rent of land which he held of him at Villa Durnacii (Durhamstown). Dated circa 1270. Among the witnesses included Sir John de Valle and Sir Robert de Valle. [Vol. I, p.69]

Dionisia and Roesia, daughters and heirs of Richard le Noreys, grant to Richard son of Richard de Valle and his heirs in fee eighty acres land and thirty acres in wood in the villate of Balymakynwyn, on the east side of the said vill, with lordship of eighty acres of same, which Thomas son of Richard de Sancto Albino (Tobin) claims to hold in capite of grantors... Dated circao 1270. Among the witnesses include Sir James de Valle. [Vol. I, p.70]

Margery, daughter and heir of Richard le Noreys, in her lawful viduity grants to Philip son of Sir Richard de Valle and his heirs in fee, forty acres arable, twenty acres wood and pasture in the villate of Balymakynwyn, in breath between the land formerly belonging to Dionisia and Roesia, her sisters, on the east, and the land of James son of John de Valle, on the west; in length from the wood of the vill of Balymaynwyn on the south to the river called Leskach, with lordship of all the villate of Balymakynwyn, rendering yearly a ginger root at Easter. Among the witnesses included Sir James de Valle and a number of de Sancto Albinos. [Vol. I, p.70-71]

Sir John de Valle and Sir Walter de Valle were among the witnesses, circa 1270, of a quit-claim of lands at Moicrenedyn in Offineglas (Ui fenechlais = Glendalough and Glenimaile), granted by Roesia, daughter and one of the heirs of the late Hugh le Bigod, to Sir Theobald Walter. [Vol. I, p.71]

Thomas son of Willia de Sancto Albino grants to John de Valle and Adeline his wife, and William de Valle and their heirs, thirty acres of land and ten acres of pasture in Balynnynewyn (Ballyverneedn, parish of Ballygurrin). Dated circa 1279, and among the witnesses were Richard de Valle and Peter de Valle. [Vol. I, p.91]

Archebold de Valle grants to David son of John and his heirs, all land which William de Valle his father held in Villa Yvor and in Cullayhy (Cooliagh, parish of Coolaghmore). Paying yearly four marks of silver. Dated circa 1280. [Vol. I, p.97]

Sir John de Valle and Sir Walter de Valle were among the witnesses, February 1282, of an indenture of agreement between Sir Theobald le Botiller and Philip de Rupella whereby Philip grants to Theobald his cantred of Omany, his manor of Bre (Bray), etc. And for this grant Sir Theobald grants him his manor of Turvey (co. Dublin), his lands at Rushe (Rush), etc., saving to William de Valle the extent at Rush for his life, for exchange of his land at Roscatte (Roscat, Co. Carlow)... [Vol. I, p.101-02]

Sir Walter de Valle is a witness in a number of further grants by Philip de Rupella of lands in the cantred of Omany, etc., dated between 1282-1285. [Vol. I, p.102-103]

William le Gras son of Edmund le Gras grants to Edmund Butler of Ireland, and his heirs Castrum Gras (Castle Grace) which is called Tollathynerth in Offothirith (Forth) by the service of a knight's fee, as he holds said lands of the gift of Edmund his father. Among the witnesses of this deed, dated between 1299 and 1305, include Sir John de Valle, knight, Nicholas de Valle and James de Valle. [Vol. I, p.138]

Sir Walter de Valle and Geoffrey de Valle were among the witnesses where John Bonaventure quit-claims to Edmund le Botiller of Ireland and his heirs, Monennyn in Omany. Dated circa 1300. [Vol. I, p.140]

Isoud Bulnus daughter of Philip Bulnus grants to John de Valle and his heirs 14 acres arable in the tenement of Cnockaslam. Paying a penny of silver yearly at Easter. Dated circa 1300. [Vol. I, p.144]

Cristine de la Keyne who was the wife of Archebald de Valle, quit-claims in her lawful viduity to Edmund le Botillere, all right by reason of her dower in half a mark silver rent in the vill of Durants (Durhamstown). Dated circa ?1310. [Vol. I, p.176]

Peter le Flemyng quit-claims to Sir John Broun, perpetual vicar of the vill of Carrigmacgriffyn (Carrick-on-Suir, co. Tipperary), and his heirs, a messuage built on, in said vill, in breath between the land of Philip son of James de Valle on the west and the land of Sir Adam Godal, chaplain, on the east... Dated March, 1316. [Vol. I, p.209]

Gilbert, son of John de Valle, knight, quitclaims to Henry son of David de Valle, his cousin (consanguineus) and his heirs, all his right in all messuages, lands and tenements in Ardebrytyn, Cnokardath, Rosna an Baal, Arwyl and Incheholehan, which formerly belonged to his father John. Given at Kilkenny on Monday in the feast of St. Nicholas, bishop, anno Domini MCCCXXII and in the 16th year of King Edward (December 6, 1322). [Vol. I, p.231-232]

Edmund de Valle, provost of Carrikmcgriffyn, was witness of a series of grants in the said town circa 1324. [Vol. I, p.233]

James son of Philip de Valle grants to Sir John Broun, perpetual vicar of the church of St. Nicholas of Carrygmacgriffyn, and Peter le Flemyng, burgess, and their heirs a messuage in said vill, ... Dated circa 1324. [Vol. I, p.234]

Master John de Valle and "Hayus" de Valle were among the witnesses at Donnmore citing the grant (of late) by William de Druhull, knight, to Richard son of Sir Richard de Valle twenty marks of annual rent arising from his whole manor of Donnmore and enfeoffed him thereof by his charter. Jon de Pembroke and Hayus (sic) de Valle were appointed as attorneys for placing Richard in seisin of the said rent. Dated May 9, 1324. [Vol. I, p.237]

David de Valle was among the twelve jurors at an inquisition on the rental of a third part of Tyllagh Offelmeth (Tullophelim) taken in August, 1345, who being sworn on oath say that the rents of the free tenants are worth xl. ijs. vijI. in peace, and nothing in war. [Vol. I, p.329]

Walter Ketynge, chaplain, grants to James son of Henry de Valle, knight, two parts of the manor of Ardbristyn; also a third part of the same manor which Thomas le Botiller and Katherine his wife hold in dower of the same Katherine and which after the death of Katherine ought to revert to James. To have and to hold... If the said James die without heir male of his body, then on his death the two said parts and the reversion of the third to go to Raymond, son of Peter de Valle... Similarly in order to John son of Peter de Valle, Simon son of Peter de Valle, Thomas son of Peter de Valle, John son of Thomas de Valle, David son of Thomas de Valle, Robert son of Peter de Valle, and John son of John son of Peter de Valle. Given at Kenlys in Fotherid O'Nolan (Kellistown in Forth, county Carlow) March, 1349 N.S. [Vol I, p.344]

William de Valle and Nicholas de Valle were among the witnesses of a grant by James le Botiller to Thomas le Botiller, his uncle, of the whole manor of Clonlaynan. Given at Tillafh on December 26, 1352. [Vol. II, p.8]

In an Essoins taken before Peter le Botiller, senschal of the Liberty, at Clonmel, in February 1359, Thomas son of Thomas de Valle, because he is on the King's service, against Adam de London, knight, on a pleas of Assize of Mort d'Ancestre, by John de Valle. [Vol. II, p.32]

William Onel, perpetual vicar of Carrickmagriffin, release and quit-claims for ever to Richard son of Nicholas de Valle all his right in a moiety of the arable land which formerly belonged to John Broun sometime vicar of the said town, outside the walls there. Given at Carrickmagriffin on May 7, 1364. [Vol. II, p.85]

William son of Henry Crispin grants to Richard son of Nicholas de Valle four acres within the burgage of Carrigmacgriffin. Among the witnesses, on Dece,ber 23, 1364, was Robert de Valle. [Vol. II, p.88]

Richard son of Nicholas de Valle, reeve of Carrickmcgriffyn, William, vicar there, William Crispyn, Matthew Sabyn, David Selman, John fitz Thomas, Walter de Valle, Richard son of Edmund de Valle,... Richard son of Richard de Valle, burgesses there, by unanimous consent of the communicty of the same, release and quit-claim for ever to James le Botiller, Earl of Ormond, ... all lands, messuages and tenements, etc., ... in the borough of the said town... Dated July 20, 1366. [Vol. II, p.94]

Richard de Walle, lord of Kilcasshe, was a witness, February 9, 1381 and February 13, 1381, of a grant by Thomas de Valle of Kilconyll to James, Earl of Ormond, and Elizabeth his wife all his messuages, lands, rents, etc., in Brittas and Balymakynon in Slewedyle (in the lordshhip of Kilcasshe) in county Tipperary. The February 13th grant was given at Carryk, mentions seven carucates and a half of land, and other witnesses included Nicholas de Valle of Fythglasshe, and Edmund de Valle of Cnokcaslan. [Vol. II, p.185]

Richard de Valle of Kilcasse quit-claims to James, Earl of Ormond, all his right in the lands of Bellaghdirr in county Tipperary. Dated June 12, 1387. [Vol. II, p.206]

William Laynagh de Valle quit-claims to Henry Myneter and Christiana Maydewell, his wife, and their heirs his right in all lands, tenements, woods, plains, and pasture which belonged to Adam Mynour in Mynourstown in the lordship of Kylsilane. Dated April 21, 1395. [Vol. II, p.224]

Matilda de Valle cousin and heir of Adam Mynour quit-claims to Henry Mynetor and Cristiana Maydewell his wife all her right in all lands, etc., which were Adam Mynour's in Mynourestoun, Dated July 29, 1395. [Vol. II, p.225]

Circa 1399?, Richard son of Richard de Wall,and Nicholas son of Walter de Wall, were witnesses of a grant of a half a carucate of land in Kyllocran in the tenement of Ardcholme. [Vol. II, p.238]

Information compiled and contributed by Dennis Walsh.

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