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Early References to de St. Albino (Tobin)

The first member of the Irish family on record is William de St. Albino (latinized form of St. Aubyn), who witnessed Geoffrey FitzRobert's charter c. 1204-06 to the priory of Kells in Ossory [source: Irish Monastic and Episcopal Deeds, p. 303]. He witnessed also the grant to Kells by Baldwin de Hamptonsford of the Church of Killinthy (Killiney), and the chapel of Nova Villa (Earlstown) and the grant by the same of Ofethil in Cumsy, viz., of Moydeshill (Modeshill) and Kilmenman (Kilvemnon) both in (the barony of) Slievardagh, co. Tipperary. The lands of Cumsy afterwards came to the St. Albinos: they owned Kilvemnon and were lords of Cumsy: and Adam de St. Albino, Willam's great-grandson, confirmed the grant of the churches of Moydeshill and Kilmenman to Kells [Ibid, p. 303].

William de St. Albino, who is described as Lord of Stamacharty (Stonecarthy, barony of Kells), gave that church to Kells c. 1200 [Ibid., p. 307], and also the lands of Lomoch (Lamoge near Killamery), between 1202 and 1218 [Ibid., p. 308]. He granted also land in Stonecarthy and a carucate of land in Balydunenald to the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem [Ormond Deeds, i. 311].

William's son Thomas held 1/2 knight's fee at Killamery, which no doubt was also held by William. The Register of Kells gives the following succession of the family from father to son: William, Sir Thomas, Adam, Sir Adam, David, Sir John [source: Irish Monastic and Episcopal Deeds, p. 307; the last two names are in a later hand].

Thomas was according to the Kells Register, William's son and heir. He witnessed a grant by Matthew FitzGriffin to Kells (in Ossory) circa 1228, etc. He was one of those before whom a fine was made in 1243 between John FitzGeoffrey (son of Geoffrey Fitz Robert), lord of Kells, and the burgesses [Gormanston Register., p.125 ; see Kells, no. 28]. In the 1247 feodary (de Clare purparty) he held the 1/2 knight fee in Killamery, co. Kilkenny.

Adam, son of Sir Thomas succeeded, according to the Kells Register, which states also that he married the daughter and heir of Reginald de Albamara who c. 1228/9 gave the land of Ballagh to Kells [Irish Monastic and Episcopal Deeds, p. 306]. This is Ballagh-tobin, now Ballytobin, called after the proprietors, a parish in the barony of Kells, adjoining Killamery, in county Kilkenny.

A charter of Adam, son of Adam de St. Albino of the premises of Kilamery and Ballagh(tobin) is listed in the Kells Register [Irish Monastic and Episcopal Deeds, p. 303]. Since it follows Balwin de Hamptonford's grant of Modeshill and Kilvemnon in Cumsy (co. Tipperary), and as Kilvemnon and Cumsy are later found in the possession of the de St. Albinos, there is no doubt that this charter refers to these places, where the St. Albinos must have succeeded de Hamptonsford.

Sir Adam was succeeded by his son David. Before December, 1308, the Prior of Kells had an action against David de St. Albino regarding the church of Kylmenmenan (i.e. Kilvemnan). He died about that time, for in 1308-9 John de St. Albino was lord of Cumsy [Ormond Deeds, i. 418]. In 1317 David's heir held the 1/2 knight fee in Killamery. The heir was his son Sir John, according to the Kells Register; and one version of the 1317 feodary has John, son of David de St. Albino, as holding Killamery.

In 1317, the fee of Killamery is cited as the heir of David (de St. Albino), and in another version of the feodary (probably later), it is John, son of David de St. Albino.

In 1328 John de St. Albino, lord of Cumsy, witnessed a quit-claim in co. Tipperary, of John de Bermingham, Earl of Louth, and was again a witness in 1331. He is no doubt the John le Comsy de St. Albino, whose son David had a house near Callan in 1343 [Ormond Deeds, i. 761].

John or one of the same name held the 1/2 knight's fee in Killamery (co. Kilkenny) in the feodary of 1355.

The 1247 feodary (The de Valence Purparty) was taken from "Chancery Miscellanea", P.R.O., London (File 88/4, no. 70), collated with a list in the Calendar Patent Rolls.

The 1317 feodary (share of Hugh le Despenser and Alianora his wife) was taken from "Chancery Miscellanea", P.R.O., London (File 9/24).

Source: extracts from the book Knights' Fees in Counties Wexford, Carlow and Kilkenny, Irish Manuscripts Commission, with commentary by Eric St. John Brooks, Dublin Stationery Office, 1950

The Tobins of Ballytobin

The parish of Ballytobin (co. Kilkenny), originally called Ballagh, or the Pass, was granted at the Norman Conquest to one Reginald Albemar. Like so many others of the first invaders, Albemar died without male issue; he had an only daughter, however, who married Adam Tobin (son of Thomas, son of William), and by him had a son and heir, Adam Tobin, Knight. Thus Ballagh passed to the Tobin family, and from them came to be called Ballagh-Tobin.
[At the time of the Cromellian confiscations] In 1653, Ballaghtobin and Croghtabegg, the property of David Tobin, were granted to Ralph Hall and William Baker; and on the same occasion, Caherlesk, which also belonged to David Tobin, was granted to Sir Henry Pierce.
[source: Rev. William Carrigan]

The Tobins of Lyrath

The original townland of Lyrath, lay entirely within the parish of Blackrath (co. Kilkenny); so that it comprised but the western half of the modern townland of Lyrath, the eastern half being portion of Rathardmore. It belonged to the Tobin family, who held it at a certain rent of chiefry, from the Shortalls of Rathardmore. John Tobin, Rector of Callan, who died 1541-42, belonged to this family. Robert Tobin's lands (of Lyrath), in the Barony of Gowran, were estimated at 5 pounds, about 1560. Thomas Tobin of Lyrath, was Constable of the Barony of Gowran, in 1608; he was still living in 1616. In 1653, Thomas Tobin forfeited Lyrath, containing 116 ac. and "a castle in repair." Richard Tobin, of Lyrath, and 12 others, had certificates of Transplantation to Connaught signed for them in March 1653-54. Father James Tobin of Lyrath, founded the Poor House in Walkin Street, in 1682. By his last will, made at Lyrath, Oct. 29th, 1699, (with codicil of 10th of following month), and proved December 5th, 1700, he bequeaths his body to the earth, to be interred in his ancestors' monument in St. John Evangelist's Monastery in Kilkenny.
[source: Rev. William Carrigan]

St. Albino references in the early Calendar of Ormond Deeds

1201 - William de Albineg' (? de Sancto Albino) witnesses the de Braosa grant to Theobald Walter of large amounts of territory in Killaloe, Ely O'Carroll (King's county), Eliogarty (co. Tipperary), Euermun (Ormond, co. Tipperary), Ara and Owney (co. Tipperary), and Owney Beg (co. Limerick). [Vol. I, 26, p.12]

Circa 1228 - Matthew son of Griffin, grants to the priory of St. Mary of Kells in Ossory all the ecclesiastical benefices of his land of Fotherid [Forth] in Leinster, namely, the church of Kenelesna [Kellistown] in free and perpetual alms, free of all secular service with its sanctuary, lands and chapels, namely the chapels of Finnoure, Mothel, Villa Lautencii, Boscher and Ballybeyl. Witnessed by, among others, Thomas de Sancto Albino. [Vol I. 53, p.26]

Between 1246-1254 - a grant by Raymond son of Griffin to the Priory of St. Mary's at Kells in Ossory, of the church of Kellesten [Kellistown in Forth], to have and to hold in free and perpetual alms with the chapels of Fynnoure (etc., as above) as it was granted to them by charter of my brother Matthew fitz Griffin. A primary witness of this grant was Lord Thomas de Sancto Albino. [Vol. I, 62, p.29]

Between 1259-1283 - Maurice de Sancto Albano was witness, among others, to a grant from Robert Talebot to Theobald Walter, Butler of Ireland, land at Locheryn and le Crenach (Crannagh, parish of Monsea, barony of Lower Ormond, north Co. Tipperary), which he had of the donation of the said Theobald. Consideration, all the land which was William's, son of Philip, in the cantred of Offelmeth (Tullowphelim, now the barony of Rathvilly, county Carlow), which he had of the donation of Fromund le Brun. [Vol. I, 128, pp.57-58]

Circa 1270 - Maurice de Sancto Albano, among others, witnesses a grant from Robert Thalebot to Theobald Butler all the land at Loch Capell (Loghapple, barony of Middlethird, co. Tipperary). [Vol I, 157, pp.68-69]

Circa 1270 - Sir Adam de Sancto Albino was primary witness, in company with Thomas son of Richard de Sancto Albino and William de Sancto Albino, of a grant from the heirs of Richard le Noreys to the Richard son of Richard de Valle of land in the villate of Balymakynwyn, with lordship of eighty acres of same which Thomas son of Richard de Sancto Albino claims to hold in capite of grantors. About the same time Sir Adam de Sancto Albino, Thomas son of Richard de Sancto Albino, and John de Sancto Albino witnesses a similar le Noreys grant at Balymakynwyn to Philip son of Sir Richard de Valle. (Vol. I, 163-164, p.70-71]

Circa 1279 - Thomas son of William de Sancto Albino grants to John de Valle and Adeline his wife, and William de Valle and their heirs, thirty acres of land and ten acres of pasture in Balynnyewyn (Ballyvereen, parish of Ballygurrin). Note by editor: Ballygurrin in 1314 was held by the de Sancto Albino family. [Vol. I, 226, p.91]

September 8, 1282 - [John] son of John de Sancto Albino grants to Richard de [Sancto Albino], his son, and Anstace his wife, and their heirs half a carucate of land and meadow in le Rothan, in the tenement of Tyrcull with common pasture in Sceskynmor with housebote, haybote and firebot of Sceskynmor and license of turbary in Red mor [Red Bog, parish of Kilmocahill, co. Kilkenny]. [Vol. I, 262, p.104]

November, 1282 - Acknowledgement by Geoffrey de Roilly to John de Sancto Albano that he has released to his lord Sir Theobald le Botiller, 10s. yearly rent out of Clondaeach in Odiere (? O'Dwyer's country). Given at Nenagh (co. Tipperary). [Vol. 1, 264, p.104]

Between 1293-1296 - Brother David de Castell, Prior of the Hospital of Jerusalem in Ireland, grants to Hamund son of John and his heirs, a carucate in Corbally (identical with Hamondsboly now Cotterellsboly, parish of Ennisnag, co. Kilkenny) which the Hospital has of the gift of lord William Marshal, Earl of Pembroke,... Also a carucate of land in Stamacarthy (Stonecarthy, co. Kilkenny), near the said land, which the Hospital has of the gift of William de Sancto Albino, lying in length from the next fosse of Taxo up to the next fosse of Rathstacy... [Vol I, 311, p.124]

Sometime before 1299 - John Tobyn was among the witnesses of a grant of land in the tenement of the burgagers of Rosponte (New Ross, co. Wexford). [Vol. I, 338, pp.137-8]

Circa 1300 (?) - Adam de Sancto Albino gives and grants to Edmund de Sancto Albino, his son amd his heirs, -- as contained in the charter which he had from him (grantor) of the enfeoffment of Kilsethith, -- common pasture of all his land of Rosnen, in moors and marshes, in mountains and in all his arable lands, and in meadows at open time in all kinds of arable land of as mcuh and whatever kind they may be in the tenement of Kilsethith as above. Also the said Edmund and his heirs may have "husbote heybote and firbote" and all other easements in all his (grantors') woods of Rosnen and of Comsy and the right to cut turf in all his turf-bogs, also that said Edmund and his heirs should have free passage through all his (grantor's) lands, excepting where corn is growing, for all his animals and returning to the said pasture... [Vol. I, 856, pp.361-62]

Circa 1305 - Ismay de Sancto Albino quit-claims to William Leneyd all right in Balymdouyl, Laynayhtiston, and Adlommoch (my note: apparently in or near the parish of Killamery and Tullahought, co. Kilkenny). [Vol. 1, 385, p.151]

1308-09 - In the Rental of the Barony of Kyltewnan (or Kiltevenan, aka Kiltinan in south co. Tipperary) made by extent in the King's court in the second year of the reign of Edward son of King Edward is listed: John de Sancto Albino, knight, holds the manor of Comsy by service of xls. of royal service when scutage runs and does suit at the court (of Kyltewnan every fortnight. [Vol I, 418, p.163]

May 9, 1324 - Richard son of John de Sancto Albino, among many others, witnessed a confirmation of a grant from William de Druhull to Richard son of Richard de Valle of twenty marks of annual rent arising from his whole manor of Donnmore and enfeoffed him thereof by his charter, and placed Richard in seisin of the said rent.

June 15, 1325 - John de Sancto Albino, Thomas de Sancto Albino, and Richard de Sancto Albino were among the witnesses of a grant by William son of Thomas de Caunteton to Richard fitz Oliver of four and a half carucates of land, arable, pasture, mountain and heath, in the tenement of BalyhymcDowyl and Laynachiston (my note: aparently in or near Killamery and Tullahought, co. Kilkenny) with all lordships and rents, due to him at any time, as measured and assigned. Given at Callan. [Vol I, 580, p.250]

May, 1335 - John de Dursteyn, chaplain, grants in tail to William, son of John de Sancto Albino, a messuage, twenty-four acres arable, three acres meadow, twenty-four acres of wood in Kylberry (Kilburry east, parish of Clooneen, barony of Slieveardagh, and Kilburry west, same parish, barony of Middlethird, co. Tipperary) in the tenement of Clonyns; a messuage and sixty acres arable in Ballikerdin (Cardington); in the same tenement, to hold to him and the heirs male of his body. Should William die without heirs male, remainder to Richard de Sancto Albino, their brother; failing whom to James de Sancto Albino, their brother; failing whom to John son of Philip de Sancto Albino and the right heirs of said John for ever. Given at Fethard. [Vol. I, 674, p.283]

June 1333 - A similar grant as above (674, p.283) where remainder goes (initially) to Richard de Sancto Albino (brother of said William, son of John), then to Robert de Sancto Albino (brother of said William and Richard), then to James de Sancto Albino (another bother), then to John son of Philip de Sancto Albino. Given at Fethard. [Vol. I, 675, pp.283-284]

October, 1336 - Grant in tail by Richard son of Adam de Sancto Albino. He grants to Anastacia, daughter of William Maylard, two carucates of arable land and two of wood and pasture in Moycleuiv as measured and assigned, to have and to hold for her life of Richard and his heirs. After her death it is to remain to William son of Richard de Sancto Albino and his heirs male. If he die without male heir, then to Alice daughter of Richard de Sancto Albino and her heirs male. If she die similarly, then to Richard son of Adam de Sancto Albino and his heirs for ever. Given at Moycleuiv. Vol. I, 685, p.291]

April 25, 1343 - Adam Talur to Hamo Donipas one messuage in Somertone near Callan (co. Kilkenny), between the messuage of David son of John le Comsy de Sancto Albino on one hand and the messuage of David Abram on the other. Adam Comsy was among the witnesses. [Vol. I, 761, pp.322-3]

January, 1358 - A plea of assize, taken at Clonmel, to determine whether Thomas son of William de Sancto Albino and John Norragh unlawfully disseised William Candelan of his free tenement in 'the Nywetoun' Olynnan after the first "crossing of King Henry, son of King John, to Gascony." Thomas and John found in mercy of disseisin, paying two marks, and William to recover seisin. [Vol. II, 49, p.37]

February 7, 1364 - Bernard de S. Albino releases and quit-claims forever to Nicholas Knaygh, chaplain, and William Crispyn of Carrig, and their heirs and assigns all his right in the manor of Drumdeweny (in Odaygh, or Odogh). Given at Callan. Note: this was an interim deed ultimately transferring said manor to James le Botiller, Earl of Ormond. A third part of the manor of Drumdoweny was held in dower (in Alexander Bascot's heritage) at this time by Alicia, who was the wife of William de S. Albino. [Vol. II. 95 (6), p.83]

March 31, 1370 - William, son of Walter de Sancto Albino, gives and grants to Richard, son of David de Sancto Albino, one carucate of land, forty acres of wood and twenty of moor in the tenement of 'le Oldquoillagh' in the field called 'le Boldresfeld.' To have and to hold to him and hisheirs of the chief lords of the fee etc. Given at Ballagh (? Ballagh-tobin). Winesses included Peter de Sancto Albino and Richard Wykyen de Sancto Albino. [Vol. II, 155, p.115]

June 6, 1372 - David O'Thothyll gives and grants to Richard son of David de Sancto Albino one messuage in 'le Old Colaygh' which lies between John Higton's tenement on one hand and said Richard's on the other. Given at 'le Old Colaygh. [Vol. II, 182, p.126]

November 10, 1375 - William Tobyn was among the witnesses of a grant by John, son of Henry Veytoun to James le Botiler, Earl of Ormond, and Elizabeth his wife a messuage and eighty acres of arable land in Huggoneston, Coldrissagh and Graguekeyth in the parish of Aghbyllyr (Aghaviller, Co. Kilkenny), in the tenement of Carmerdynestoun,... [Vol. II, 209, pp.145-6]

March 4, 1377 - Adam son of John de Sancto Albino gives and grants to Richard, son of David de Sancto Albino, twelve acres in 'le Nywecoillagh' lying in 'le Bodynleyes', near a field called 'le Rosse'. [Vol. II, 218, p.150]

February 10, 1381 - David son of John Tobyn, among many others, was called before the seneschal of the Liberty of Tipperary. [Vol. II, 251, p.187]

February 2, 1384 - Walter son of Thomas de Sancto Albino gives and grants to Robert de la Freigne, knight, two parts of the manor of 'le Chalagh' (?Coyllagh) both in lordships and demesnes, together with reversion of the third part of the same manor which Matilda (in text: Matildis) Botiller, formerly wife of William de S. Albino, holds in dower when it shall happen. [Vol. II, 270, pp.201-02]

June 30, 1384 - Robert de la Freigne, knight, grants to Adam son of Laurence Oge Tobyn a messuage and a carucate of land in 'le Irahssboly' near 'le Olde Collath.' [Vol. II, 273, p.203]

January 4, 1387 - William son of Richard de Sancto Albino grants to James, Earl of Ormond, one messuage and two carucates and twenty acres of arable land in Moyclere in the barony of Erley (co. Kilkenny) with the lordship and service of Walter Candelan for his land and tenements there. Quit-claim of the above was given on January 6th, 1387. [Vol. II, 278, p.204]

May 20, 1397 - William son of Thomas de Sancto Albino gives and grants to Richard son of David de Sancto Albino two messuages, thirty-eight acres of land called 'le Herleslonde' and two acres of meadow in 'le Oldecoyllagh.' [Vol. II, 322, p.230]

April 5, 1398 - Richard son of David de Sancto Albino quit-claims to Thomas Delahyde, cleric, his right in all lands and tenements in Thomasfynysheiis and Nova Coyllagh which said cleric has there. [Vol. II, 329, p.235]

November 28, 1401 - Thomas de Sancto Albino, and David Tobyn, are listed among the tenants in the borough of Callan. [Vol. II, 359, pp.255-56

March, 1402 - Ellena Colle gives and grants to Geoffrey Coterell of Grana (or Graua) and his heirs forever all her lands, etc, in Grana and in Shorthallestoun together with the reversion of twenty acres of land which Anastasia Tobyn hold by reason of dower for the term of her life in the barony of Kells. [Vol. II, 365, pp.264-5]

January 12, 1410 - Sir William ... grants to Richard son of David Tobyn three messuages and twenty-nine acres formerly belonging to Isabella and Prunella Broun in the tenement of (old?) Coylagh, which the grantor has of the gift and enfeoffment of said Richard... After the death of Richard the said messuages, etc., to remain to John son of Thomas Tobyn... If he die... then to John son of said Richard... If he die... then to remain to Johanna daughter of Richard Tobyn, wife of said Richard, for the term of her life. If the above die without male heir, then to remain to the right heirs of Richard son of David Tobyn, holding of the chief lords of the fee by services due and accustomed. Witnesses to this grant included Walter Tobyn, cleric, Henry Tobyn, Thomas son of Walter Tobyn, and Walter Burgeys. [Vol. II, 404, pp.288-89]

May 12, 1415 - William Barret and Margaret Hayllisberry quit-claim for themselves and their heirs for ever to John son of Richard son of David de Sancto Albino all the rights in eleven acres of land in the tenement of Old Coillagh. Among the witnesses was Adam fitzLaurence Tobin. [Vol. III, 12, p.9] Note: Adam fitzLaurence Tobyn was also a witness on July 23, 1418 of a grant of land in the tenement of Oldcoyllagh, given at Oldcoyllagh. [Vol. III, 31, p.19]

July 20, 1419 - Nicholas Durry grants to John son of Richard son of David Tobyne all his messuages, lands and tenements in the borough of Kylamery in county Kilkenny, to have and to hold to him and his heirs for ever. [Vol. III, 33, p.21]

Information compiled and contributed by Dennis Walsh.

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