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15th Century Royal Service in County Kilkenny

This record of lands is recorded in the Calendar of Ormond Deeds, Volume III, and relates to a time period of about 1423. The value of royal service, given as knights' fees, is indicated in brackets [ ] following the name of the fee. Interpretation of placenames is given by the author of this page, and in many cases are meant as rough guesses. Families traditionally associated with each fee are given in CAPITAL letters.

Royal service belonging to the Earl of Ormond [Butler] in county Kilkenny
The lorship of Roche of Rower [1/2] - the area about the Rower civil parish [DE RUPE]
Lesterlyng [1/2] - an area about Listerlin and Dysartmoon civil parishes (part of Overk) [DE LE FREYNE?]
Balnagurin [1/2] - an area about Ballygurrim civil parish (part of Overk)
Purparty of Erchedekyn in Odaa [1/4+]
Purparty of Roche in Odaa [1/4+]
Purparty of Bronfedyr in Odaa [1/4+]
Purparty of le Botiller in Drumdowny in Odaa [1/4+]
Kilcroyn [1 1/2] - an area about Greenville?, Dunkitt civil parish? (part of Overk)
Dunkyt [1 1/2] - an area about Dunkitt and Gaulskill civil parishes (part of Overk)
Oraynayn, alias Dunbrin (& Granny) [1/2] - an area about south Kilmacow civil parish, Iverk (part of Overk) [ARCHDEACON. LE BOTILLER]
Kilmaboigh [1/2] - an area about Kilmacow civil parish, Iverk (part of Overk) [DE LE FREYNE?]
Kilreske [1] - an area about Kilkeasy??? civil parish (part of Overk)
Carrykmoclagh [1/2] - an area about Muckalee??? civil parish (part of Overk) (alias Carricknemokelagh)
Balt... [1/8] - an area about Ballytarsny civil parish (part of Overk) (perhaps Ballytarsna, Mooncoin parish)
Ballyhar... possibly Ballyheyn [part of the 1/2 below?] - , an area about Arderra? civil parish (part of Overk) [LE POER]
Loghren, Killagh and Rossenan [1/2] - an area about Killahy and Rossinan civil parishes [GRAUNT, HOWEL?]
Deyrnynch [1/4] - an area about Derrynahinch civil parish, Knocktopher
Kiltorcane [1/4] - an area about Kiltorkin, a defunct civil parish in or near Derrynahinch civil parish, Knocktopher
Aghbillir [1/4] - an area about Aghavillar civil parish, Knocktopher
Kilgheryll [1/4] - an area about Kilkeril, a defunct civil parish near Knocktopher, Knocktopher
Balligeragh [<1/4]- an area about Ballygarda and Sheepstown, Knocktopher civil parish, Knocktopher
Giblotesland [1/4] - an area about xxx civil parish, Knocktopher (alias Gibboteslond in the lordship of Knocktopher)
Newtown of Jerpoint [1 3/4] - an area about Jerpointchurch civil parish, Knocktopher (1 3/4 fee includes Knocktopher)
Kilamery [1/2] - an area about Killamery civil parish, Kells [ST. ALBINO, or TOBIN]
Archerston [1/4 or 1/8] - an area about St. Patrick's civil parish, Shillelogher [ARCHER, FLEMING]
Ballyfynan [1/4] - an area about Lisdowney???, Aharney parish, Galmoy (alias Ballifennon, Losdomethi, Losdounthy or Lesdonnethy) [DE EXTER]
Kilferagh [1/4] - an area about Kilferagh civil parish, Shillelogher [AVENALL]
Newtown of Erley and Coillagh [3/4] - an area about Earlstown and Coolaghmore civil parishes, Shillelogher [DE ERLEY]
Rathgulby [1/4] - an area about Rathculbin, parish of Earlstown, Shillelogher [KENFEG, CHEEVER]
Mailardeston [1/4] - an area about Mallardstown civil parish, Kells [MAILLARD, CHEEVER]
Barnchurch [1/2] - an area about Burnchurch civil parish, Shillelogher [FITZGERALD, BARRON]
Ramynduff [1/4] - an area about Stonecarthy? civil parish, Kells (alias Renynduffe)
Inchwolaghane [1/2] - an area about Inchiolaghan or Castleinch civil parish, Shillelogher [DE VALLE]

Royal service belonging to the Earl of Stafford [Bourchier] in county Kilkenny
Barony of Ballygaverane [4] - an area about the barony of Gowran [LE BOTILLER]
Cowylcasshyn [1, 1/2, 1/3] - an area about Coolcashin civil parish, Galmoy [SMITH]
Slevyn [1/4] - an area about Sheffin civil parish, Crannagh and Galmoy [ROCHEFORD]
Laghartate and Carryk [1/4 & 1/8]- an area about Killaree and Carrigeen, Odagh civil parish, Crannagh [ROCHEFORD]
Ballifank [1/10] - an area about Ballyfrunk? and Damma? in Ballycallan civil parish?, Crannagh
Cowylbaly [1/10] - an area about Coolbally?, parish of Aghaboe, barony of Clarmallagh, co. Leix [MAHLHERBE]
Barony of Kells [1 1/2] - an area about the barony of Kells (e.g. Kells and Dunnamaggan civil parishes) [VARIOUS]
Dungarvane [1] - an area about Dungarvan civil parish, Gowran [DE CAREW]
Aghteyr [2] - an area about Aharney and Donaghmore civil parishes, Galmoy and Fassadinin [DE EXETER]
Disert Oloscane [1] - an area about Dysart civil parish, Fassadinin [DUMER, DAMER]
Aymcart [1/2] - an area about Aghmacart civil parish , barony of Clarmallagh, co. Leix [BIGOD]
Gortyngrasse [1/2] - an area about ?Gorteen, Aghmacart civil parish , barony of Clarmallagh, co. Leix [GRACE]

Royal service belonging to the Earl of March [Mortimer] in county Kilkenny
Killeryn [1/10] - an area about Killarney civil parish, Gowran [ARCHDEACON]
Parceners of Thomas Antoyn in Ogenty [1 1/4] - an area about Thomastown, Gowran [heirs of FITZANTHONY]
Rathele [1/4] - an area about ?Rathealy, Tullaroan civil parish, Crannagh [BLUET, DE WESTON]
Aghnefeagh and Tyrmysky [1/2] - an area about Kilmanagh civil parish, Crannagh [DE ARDERN, DE DROHULL]
Glascroo [1/8]- an area about Clashacrow civil parish, Crannagh
Aghnyrl [1/4] - an area about Urlingford, Galmoy [PURCELL]
Balygeuenane [1/4] - an area about Ballygeehin?, or Ballygowden, Aghaboe civil parish, Clarmallagh, co. Leix [PURCELL]
Tybbritayne [3/4] - an area about Tubbridbritain civil parish, Crannagh [DE DROHULL, DE LA FREYNE]
Rathdowny [2] - the area of the baronies of Clandonagh and Clarmallagh, co. Leix [DE HEREFORD, LE BOTILLER]
Cloynmocorkane and Rabeagh [1 3/4]- an area about Rathbeagh civil parish, Galmoy and Fassadinin [DE LA FREYNE]
Aghmacart and Gortseny [1/20] - an area about Aghmacart, co. Leix??? [CANTWELL] (? - see Aymcart and Gortyngrasse)
Ballydowyll [1/12] - an area about ?Ballydowel, Ballinamara civil parish, Crannagh [SHORTALL]
Tillaghbroge [1/2] - an area about Tullaghanbrogue civil parish, Crannagh and Shillelogher [ST. LEGER]
Rosconyll [1/2] - an area about Rosconnell civil parish, Fassadinin, and also in co. Leix [ST. LEGER]
Clonmantagh [1/2] - an area about Clomantagh civil parish, Crannagh [FANNING]
Tillaghrothan [1/4] - an area about Tullaroan civil parish, Crannagh [GRACE]
Tireskeff and Tirescollane [1/2 or 1/4]- an area about Offerlane civil parish, Upperwoods, co. Leix [GRACE]
Drumdelgyn and Ballorcane [1/2] - an area about St. Canice and Ballylarkin civil parishes, Crannagh [TROY, SHORTALL]
Kilmekerr and Balmoclagh [1/2 and 1/4] - an area about Kilmacar civil parish, Fassadinin [ROCHEFORD]
Dunmore [1] - an area about Dunmore and Killahy civil parishes, Fassadinin [DE DROHULL, DE LA FREYNE]
Mothyll [1] - an area about Mothel civil parish, Fassadinin [DE DROHULL, ROCHEFORD]

Missing Knight's Fees (from this list)
Achetyr (part) [1/8] - an area about Lisdowney, parish of Aharney, Galmoy [DE EXETER] (part of the fee of Achetyr?, Brooks p.266)
Ercekerrach or Glessar [1 1/2 or 1] - an area about Glashare civil parish, Galmoy [SYWARD, FITZGERALD]
Moiset in Moyharf [1/2] - Magh Sedna and Magh Airbh, now part of the barony of Galmoy [LE POER]
Gavelmoy [2 1/2] - an area about the Barony of Galmoy [ARCHDEACON]
Cumesethy [1/2] - perhaps Foulkrath, parish of Coolcraheen, Fassadinin [DE LA FREYNE]
Kilmenan [1/4] - an area about Kilmenan, Fassadinin [DE LA FREYNE]

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