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Barony of Galmoy

The present name, Galmoy, is perhaps a phonetic translation of Gabhal Magh, the plain of the Gabhal, the branching river which flows south-westwards from Co. Laois through the middle of this barony.

The northern section of the cantred of Galmoy was occupied by the Ua Caellaighe (O'Kealy or O'Kelly) in the middle of the 12th century, a section that extended in modern Co. Laois. The central section of Galmoy held the Ua Broithe (O'Brophy) sept at this time. The Ua Caibhdheanaigh (Coveney, Keveney, Gaffney?) of Magh Airbh and Clar Coill are noted in the southern section of Galmoy (modern barony of Crannagh) at the time of the Cambro-Norman invasion.

Following the Anglo-Norman invasion, William Marshall is noted to have made land grants in the late 12th century and early 13th century when Galmoy was divided among the bishop of Ossory and the families of Bigod, Drohull, Fanyn (Fanning), Syward, Archdeacon (Cody) , and Smith. As noted by Canon Empey the manor of Aghour (Freshford) was held by the bishop of Ossory. The manor of Aghmacart (in modern Co. Leix) was held by Bigod, as represented by John Bigod in 1286 and Ralph Bigot in 1317. The manor of Tubbridbritain (modern barony of Crannagh) with Killahy was held by Drohull, as represented about 1247 by Hugh, son of David Drohull. The manor of Glothementhau (Clomantagh, modern barony of Crannagh) was held by Thomas, son of Richard Fanyn in 1247. The manor of Ercekerrach (Glashare with Fertagh) was held by Thomas Syward in 1247, and by 1316 it passed to the family of the Earls of Kildare. The manor of Culcassyn (Coolcashin) was held by Gilbert Smyth in 1247 and by another Gilbert in 1317. The manor of Gauleme (Galmoy) was held by the Archdeacons.

From their patronymic ancestor, Odo l'Ercedekne, the Norman family of Archdeacon of Co. Kilkenny early adopted the Gaelic patronymic Mac Oda, later anglicized Cody. Odo may have been the Archdeacon (Archidiaconus) who originally received grants in the barony of Galmoy. He was a witness to early 13th century charters in the Kilkenny area of both Geoffrey FitzRobert and William Marshal I. In the feodary of 1247 we find Stephen Archidekne holding 2 1/2 knights' fees in the land of Gauleme, which is spelled Ganelomey in the feodary in the Calendar of Patent Rolls. In the 1324 feodary Raymond le Ercedekne, son of Richard, held the lands of Gavelmoy, in the barony of Galmoy.

In 1247 recorded names of those holding knights fees in the barony of Galmoy included:
Gilbert Smyth, 1 1/2 and 1/3 fees in Culcassyn [Coolcashin].
John de Ebroicis (Devereux), 2 knights' fees, part in Acheteyr [Achad Togarta, including Aharney].
William de Cromhall, or Hugh Purcell, 1/4 fee in Achenirke [Urlingford].
Roger de Penbroc, 1/8 fee in Lisdumery [Lisdowney, parish of Aharney].
Thomas Syward, 1 1/4 fee at Ercekerrach [Glashare].
William le Poer, 1/2 fee in the land of moiset in Moyharf [Magh-Sedna in Magh Airbh].
Stephen Archid[ekne] or Archdeacon, 2 1/2 knights' fees in the land of Gauleme [ barony of Galmoy]. Raymund le Erchedekne held these in 1324.

In 1317 recorded names of those holding knights fees in the barony of Galmoy included:
Gilbert Smythe, 1 1/2 and 1/3 fees in Coultassyn & elsewhere [Coolcashin].
Stephen de Oxon, or de Excestr (de Exeter), 2 knights' fees in Aghtayr [Achad Togarta, including Aharney].
Philip Purcell, 1/4 fee in Aghuryl [Urlingford].
heir of Philip son of Fulk, or Fulk son of Walter (de la Freyne?), 1 3/4 fee, partly in Rathbetagh [Rathbeagh].
Roger Pembroke, 1/8 fee in Lisdomtchy [Lisdowney, parish of Aharney].

In 1324 recorded names of those holding knights fees in the barony of Galmoy included:
Thomas, son of John, Earl of Kildare, 1 knights fee at Glessar [Glashare].
Roger son of John Pouer of Kyllyn, 1/2 fee in an unspecified location.
Raymund le Erchedekne. 2 1/2 fees at Gavelmoy [Galmoy].

In 1355 recorded names of those holding knights fees in the barony of Galmoy included:
Jordany de Exethr', 1/8 fee in Lysdowy [Lisdowney].

The Bryan family later held territory here. The Mountgarret Butlers and the Purcells had castles in this barony.

The distribution of lands in the barony of Galmoy circa 1640 shows the major landowners to be the Butlers, Lord Mountgarret [Butler], the Bryans, Archdeacons, Shees, Shortalls and others.

The principal Irish names and their number in the 1659 census, Barony of Galmoy, included: Boe and O Boe, 009 ; Birne, 05 ; Brohy, 017 ; Butler, 012 ; Bergin, 019 ; Currin, 009 ; Cody, 021 ; Clony, 006 ; Caroll, 006 ; Costigin, 006 ; Dullard, 010 ; Dulany, 030 ; Dowly & Dooly, 007 ; Hicky, 006 ; Hologhane, 008 ; Kelly, 017 ; Kevanagh, 007 ; Kenedy, 05 ; Lawler, 006 ; Mullany, 05 ; Mogher, 023 ; Phelan, 022 ; Purcell, 011 ; Fitzpatrick, 006 ; Quiddihy, 007 ; Ryan, 010 ; Shee & Shea, 007 ; Tenane & Tinane, 012 ; Welsh & Walsh, 013. The total number of Irish in the barony included 1,446 ; the total number of English in the barony included 128.

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