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The Dobbins of Lisnatawna

Rev. Carrigan in his "History of the Diocese of Ossoary," published in 1905, describes the Dobbins of Lisnatawna on pages 116-117 of Volume IV.

Previous to Cromwell's confiscations (circa 1653), the Dobbins were proprietors of a large district in Inistioge parish, formerly known as Lisnatawna, and comprising the present townlands of Cappagh, Kilkieran, Fiddawn, Ballygallon, Rathleen, and Rossroe; they held, besides, the townland of Kilcullen, two parts of Thomastown and Inistioge. They were located here at least before the end of the 14th century; for, on the 16th July, 1391, King Richard II, committed to Thomas, Abbot of Jerpoint, custody of the lands lately belonging to Robert fitz John Dobyn in "le Moretoun juxta Killeryn," that is, Kilkeryn, or Kilkieran, as appears from a Patent Roll, of March 12th, 1390.

Gilbert Dobyn was one of the "Gentlemen of the Shyre of Kilkenny," in 1537. As "Gylbard Dobbyn of Dobeynswodde," he attaches his signature to an address to the King from Co. Kilkenny and Co. Tipperary, June 26th, 1543 [MSS. of Marquis of Ormond]. Thomas Doben of Keppaghe, gent., was pardoned, Jan. 26th, 1558-59; about the same time his "landes houlden" of the Manor of Gowran, were valued at 4 pounds; as "Thomas Dobbene of Lysnetany, gent.," he was pardoned, for a fine of 4 pounds, on the 2nd Jan., 157-72. Edmund Doben "of Lesnetan, gent.," was pardoned Dec. 28th, 1571.

Nicholas Dobbin, probably son of Edmund, and grandson of Thomas, died Nov. 16th, 1595. By inquisition of October 17th, 1631, it was found that the said
"Nichoas Dobben was seised of the town and lands of Lisnetaney and Kilkeran 40 acres arable and 40 acres wood and pasture, Ballygollan, Knocklan and Rathlin 40 acres arable and pasture and 40 acres wood and pasture, Fiddanerahe and Rossore 20 acres arable and 20 acres wood and pasture, and of the rent and reversion of the town and lands of Cappagh, which several towns and lands are parcels of Lisnetaney, and lie from the water of 'le Nore' to Rathdulfane-mole and from Rathdulfane-mole to Rahrilegh and from Rahrilegh to Duisker to the land of the Priory of Inesteoge; and are held of the heir of Thomas Fitz-Anthonie, as of the manor of Grenan; [he was also seised of] 2 parts of Columkille otherwise Kilgriffen containing 25 acres arable, 60 acres pasture, 20 acres wood and 2 acres meadow, which are held of the heir of the aforesaid Thomas; of the manor, town and lands of Kilcollan (Kilcullen), Butlersboly and Bolynarry, containing 10 acres arable and 2 acres wood, which are held of the heir of Walter Mauncell; of 3 messuages, 1 castle and 4 gardens, in the town of Inistioge, which are held of Viscount Thurles and Elizabeth his wife; and of a yearly rent of 5 [ ] issuing out of the town of Thomastowne. The aforesaid Nicholas Dobben being so seised of the premises, died Nov. 16th, 1595. Edward Dobben is his son and heir and was then 6 months old. Ellen Walsh, widow of Nicholas, still lives."
[Inquis. Lageniae]

In the Catholic Uprising of 1641 and following years, Edward, or Edmund, Dobben, and his son and heir, Nicholas, are represented as taking a very active part. For this they forfeited their hereditary estates in 1653. Edmund appears to have died before 1661, in which year his son, "Nicholas Dobbin of Lisnatawny," is mentioned as the chief representative of the family. A Father Nicholas Dobbin was P.P. of Thomastown, and Vicar Forane, in August, 1669. Edmund Dobbin was appointed a burgess of Inistioge by King James the Second's charter, in 1688; he is presumable identical with Edward Dobbin, gent., of Ballynerry (now Boolianarra, Kilcullen), outlawed and attainted by the Williamites, in 1691.

The present representative of this family is Thomas Dobbin, of Thomastown, a respectable young man, but in humble circumstances.

Extracts from the Calendar of Ormond Deeds, Vol. I, II & III, Curtis, 1932-35.

In November, 1346, Walter Dobyn is among the witnesses of a grant given at Woweyneston (Owenstown). In December of the same year he witnessed a quit-claim, given at Kells, of land in Hamoundesboly in the tenement of the House of St. John of Jerusalem, near Insnak (Ennisnag). [Vol. I, p.337]

In January, 1348 (N.S.), Adam Dobin witnessed a grant of lands given at Knocktopher. [Vol. I, p.339]

John son of Thomas Blaunchevill was among the witnesses, on October 20, 1375, of a notarial, to the effect that in the church of the B.V.M. at Kilkenny, in the presence of the notary and witnesses subscribed, ... [torn] daughter of David Dobyn, wife of Thomas Halseley, appearing in person of her own free will etc., took corporal oath on the Holy Gospels that she never challenged, nor did anyone in her name, any right in a moiety of forty acres of arable land, three of meadow, two of moor, four of gardens, one of orchard, as also a messuage in the tenement of Killerne (Kilkieran) in county Kilkenny, but did give all her right and claim in the same to Thomas Payne, chaplain, and others... [Vol II. p.145].

In 1408-1409, Gilbert Dobyn and Isabella Balyimor his wife give and grant to Meryk Walsch and David Walsch one messuage in the tenement of Instyok (Inistioge). Among the witnesses was John Dobyn. [Vol. II, p.283]

On July 7, 1409, Gilbert and Adam Dobyn are among the witnesses of a grant to Meryk Walcsh and David Walsch, given at Inistioge. [Vol. II, p.288]

Henry Dobbyn was among the jurors at an inquisition, taken at Corbaliesford, on November 29, 1419, about parcels of royal service divided between the Barony of Knocktopher and the Newtown of Jerpoint. [Vol. III, p.23]

Kaight Brenan quit-claims to John Dobyn, senior, burgess of Kilkenny, all her right in all gardens and tenements which John has in Flemyngeston, as in a charter made to John is more fully contained, and elsewhere in the county and Cross of Tipperary both within liberties and without. Dated January 23, 1420. [Vol. III, p.26]

At an inquisition taken at Inistioge, in 1501, among the jurors included David Dobbyn of Thomastown, Nicholas Dobbyn of Inystiok, and Nicholas Dobbyn of Dobbyn Wodde, gentleman. [Vol. III, p.290]

Information compiled and contributed by Dennis Walsh.

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