WWI Officers from Kerry
County Kerry

WWI Officers from Co Kerry

Officers from Co Kerry Ireland who served in WWI (The Great War)
list by John MacGillycuddy, Annascaul 25 Jul 1917
(Nash's Collection of Newspaper Cuttings)
LDS Film 0477616
Thanks to Bridget Smith for this donation!

Rank, Name, Corps


Lieutenant Baily, D J R M F
Captain Bland, F C A Staff
Major Blennerhassett, A Remounts
Lieutenant Brennan, C R A M C
Lieutenant Browne, Hon Dermot Irish Guards
Lieutenant Browne, Hon Gerald Irish Guards
Surgeon Barrett, J R N


Lieutenant Casey, L A R M F
Captain Carey, E P R A M C
--- Casey, Father Chaplain
Lieutenant Castlerosse, Viscount Irish Guards
Lieutenant-Colonel Chute, P T, D S O R M F
Captain Chute, R A B Manchester Regiment
2nd Lieutenant Chute, C R M F
2nd Lieutenant Clery, J C L R F A
Captain Clements-Finnerty, H 17th Lancers
Captain Collis-Sands, M J C R Fusiliers
2nd Lieutenant Counihan, - ---
Lieutenant-Colonel Crane, C P, D S O Yorks & Lancs Regt
Major Crosbie W M C, D S O R M F
Lieutenant-Colonel Crosbie, J D, D S O Lancs Fusiliers
Lieutenant Crosbie, D R N
2nd Lieutenant Cullen, J S T R Irish Fusiliers
Surgeon Connell, R R N
Lieutenant Connell, E R A M C


Colonel Day, J G R E
Lieutenant Downing, F G 2nd Middlesex
Captain Downing, H Leinster Regiment
Lieutenant de Moleyns R N V R
Lieutenant Dodd, J R M F
Captain Duffy, --- R M F


Captain Eagar, W R M F
Lieutenant Eagar, R C B R Irish Fulsliers
Major Ennismore, Viscount R M F
Lieutenant Evans, E Leinsters
Lieutenant Eagar, F M R I Fusiliers


2nd Lieutenant Fishbourne, D H J R G A
--- Fitzgerald, Sir Jn, Knight of Kerry Royal Horse Guards
Lieutenant-Colonel Fitzgerald, Brinsley,C B Staff
Captain Fitzgerald, A H B Irish Guards
Lieutenant-Col Fitzgerald, P F, D S O Shropshire L I
Captain Fitzgerald, R B, M C Intelligence Corps
Lieutenant Fitzgerald, J 4th Dragoons Guards
Lieutenant Fitzgerald, M Irish Guards
Midshipman Fitzgerald, P J R N
Lieutenant-Colonel Fitzmaurice, Sir Maurice CMG R E & R S Corps
Lieutenant-Colonel Fitzmaurice, R R F A
Lieutenant Fitzmaurice, J G R M F
Captain Fitzmaurice, Lord Charles Irish Guards
Captain Foley, P Trant R M F
Lieutenant Foley, A M R Irish Regiment
Lieutenant Foley, T W Leinster Regiment
Captain Foley, G Royal Irish Regiment
Surgeon Fitzgerald, G R A M C


Lieutenant Goodwin, W A D York & Lancaster
2nd Lieutenant Girvin, H W R Irish Fusiliers
Lieutenant Greenslade, - --
Lieutenant Greenslade,- --
Captain Graham, W Durham L I


Major Hannafin, P --
Captain Hannifin, J --
2nd Lieutenant Harrington, M J Oxford & L-eks L I
Lieutenant-Colonel Hartley, -- R Irish Rifles
2nd Lieutenant Hartley, C W A S C
Lieutenant Hartnett, M C R M F
Assistant P M Hawksworth, A R N
Lieutenant Hewson, C L R E
Captain Hewson, F B York and Lancs
Brigadier-General Hickson, S A E, D S O --
Lieutenant Hickson, H D R E
Lieutenant Hewson, R C E Yorks Regiment
Major Hood, - K R Rifles
2nd Lieutenant Hussey, H S Staffordshire
Captain Hewson, L R M F
Captain Hewson, H A S C
Captain Hayes, W B R A M C


Lieutenant Keane, E R M F
Captain Kelly, -- R A M C
Colonel-in-Chief Kenmare, The Earl of, C V O R M F
Lieutenant-Colonel Kerry, The Earl of, D S O Irish Guards
--- King, Rev S Chaplain


Lieutenant-Colonel Leahy, H G R G A
Captain Leahy, P E York and Lancaster
Major Leeson-Marshall, M R R M F
--- Leo, Father Chaplain
Lieutenant Leonard, D G Liverpool Regiment
Major Leslie, C R R M F
Lieutenant Leslie, W A S C
Captain Long, W R M F
Major Low, -- ---


Lieutenant-Colonel McCarthy,-- R A M C
Lieutenant McElligott, G L R M F
Major MacGillycuddy, J R M F
Lieutenant MacGillycuddy, A J R M F
Major MacGillycuddy, R K, D S O 4th RID Guards
Captain MacGillycuddy,H M C R A M C
Captain MacGillycuddy, D de C Irish Fusiliers
Captain Magill, H P Loyal N Lancs
Lieutenant Magill, W D S Lancs Regiment
Lieutenant Madden, J --
Lieutenant Martin, Pierce R M F
Captain Maginn, P A C London Regiment
Captain Meridith, W R M F
Lieutenant Moore, J J N Z Permanent Staff
Captain Morris, A --
Lieutenant Moriarty, O L R M F
Lieutenant Mo--gh, Bernard, F A R M F
Lieutenant Murphy, C J R M F
Cadet McGowan, E L Cadet Corps
Lieutenant Murphy, J R M F
-- Mc----, Canon Chaplin
Lieutenant Murphy, A A S C
Lieutenant Murphy, E --


Captain Nash, E ---Lancers
Captain Nash, C K R R Corps
Captain Nagle, G, M C Sussex R


Lieutenant-Colonel O'Connell, - Shropshire L -
Lieutenant O'Connell, M J A R Fusiliers
2nd Lieutenant O'Connell, B R N
Lieutenant O'Connell, D R N
Captain O'Driscoll, -- R A M C
-- O'Sullivan, -- R A M C


Lieutenant-Colonel Palmer, R 46th Punjabis
2nd Lieutenant Powor, R F R N
Surgeon Power, T D R E
Captain Perrott, W G R E
Lieutenant Perrott, R R E
Lieutenant Perrott, O R R G A
Lieutenant Parkes, A Canadians


Lieutenant-Colonel Quill, B C York & Lancs
-- Quinnell, A --
Captain Quinnell, A V R F C
Major Quinnell, J R F C


Lieutenant Raymond, Geo A N R E
Lieutenant Revington, J H Devonshire Regt
Captain Roche, F A V C
Lieutenant Roche, C R M F
Lieutenant Roche, A W R M F
Captain Roche, C R A M C
Lieutenant Roche, W R A M C
Captain Roche, C R A V C


Lieutenant Shea, J F R M F
Lieutenant Shea, J - ---
Captain Sherrard, J O Denbighshire Yeoy.
Lieutenant Slattery, E B R M F
Captain Slattery, R R A M C
2nd Lieutenant Stack, -- --
Captain Stoker, T Mac G R M F
-- Stokes, G ---
Lieutenant Sheehan, -- ---


Captain Talbot, Crosbie, M R F A


2nd Lieutenant Wade, Rowland Enniskillen D Gds
Major Walker, F R A M C
Captain Jerome Walsh - Disembarked 24 Sep. 1919 - Theatre of War, France - Catholic Chaplain. Ref. Public Record Office (WO 374/71550). He served in the British Army for 4 years, 3 months. He was born Timothy Walsh in 1878 at Coolaclarig, Listowel, County Kerry, Ireland. His parents were Thomas Walsh & Hanorah Buckley. He was in the Franciscan Order of priests and Jerome was his religious given name. (source: Martin Kennelly, nephew)
Lieutenant-Colonel Warden, C W W Yorks
Surgeon Whelan, J R N
Lieutenant Watson, S R N


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