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Townlands of County Kerry

"The townland is the smallest and most ancient of Irish land divisions, and is the goal of all family researchers in identifying the origin of their ancestors. The townland was named at an early period and they usually referred to a very identifiable landmark in the local area such as a mountain, a bog, an oak forest, a village, a fort or a chruch. The townland became standardised as a basic divison in the 17th century surveys by people with little knowledge of the Irish language. As a consequence many place names were either lost or had their meaning or construction altered. The townland spellings are those used by the Ordnance Survey from the 1830's onwards. This means the townland spelling in records collected before this time, such as the tithe books, are very varied.
To 1898 the civil parish was the major administrative division. The two great surveys of the 19th century - the Tithe assessment and the Griffiths valuation - were compiled on a civil parish basis with head of household only listed by thier townland "address". (unless it was a larger Town, rather than the smaller Townland,there were no streets or street numbers in what you would think of as an 'address')" Inner City Trust 1989

A word about Towns vs Townlands -

"One of the confusing things about Irish government is that the "towns" for the most part really had no legal status. That is, no government function. They were just built-up areas. Therefore, you can't really look for "Ballylongford Town" on the Griffiths Valuation and find anything. It might be as many as a half dozen townlands which contain the areas which comprise the "Town of Ballylongford" or Castleisland or whatever.
Note: After 1898 the principle administrative division for Irish records became the Poor Law Union/ Registration Districts." Ray Marshall

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When the first words in the Townland column are capitalized,
they are Towns, the rest are Townlands. Islands are in italics.
DNA in reference to Towns & acres means Does Not Apply.

Townland Acres Barony Parish PLU
ABBEYDORNEY T. DNA Clanmaurice O'Dorney Tralee
Abbey Island 83 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Abbeylands 171 Trughanacmy Kilcolman Killarney
Acres 77 Magunihy Aglish Killarney
Acres 818 Corkaguiny Ballinvoher Dingle
Acres 467 Iraghticonnor Kilconly Listowel
Addergown 454 Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Adraval 206 Trughanacmy Ballincuslane Tralee
Affouley 140 Iraghticonnor Galey Listowel
Aghabeg East 704 Clanmaurice Kiltomy Listowel
Aghabeg Middle 337 Clanmaurice Kiltomy Listowel
Aghabeg West 319 Clanmaurice Kiltomy Lstowel
Aghacarrible 146 Corkaguiny Kinard Dingle
Aghacoora 260 Clanmaurice Kiltomy Listowel
Aghacurreen 412 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Aghagadda 195 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Aghalee Beg 71 Magunihy Aglish Killarney
Aghalee More 185 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Aghamore North 406 Clanmaurice Killahan Tralee
Aghamore South 563 Clanmaurice Killahan Tralee
Aghanacrinna 215 Clanmaurice Killahan Tralee
Aghanagran Lower 491 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Aghanagran Middle 741 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Aghanagran Upper 322 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Aghanboy 148 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Aghatubrid 992 Iveragh Caher Cahersiveen
Aghort 536 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Aglish 187 Corkaguiny Minard Dingle
Aglish 201 Magunihy Aglish Killarney
AHAFONA T. DNA Iraghticonnor Killehenny Listowel
Ahalahana 809 Iraghticonnor Murher Listowel
Ahane 404 Dunkerron North Knockane Cahersiveen
Ahane 638 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Ahane 187 Magunihy Kilbonane Killarney
Ahane 178 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Ahaneboy 1,545 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Ahascra 207 Iraghticonnor Ballyconry Listowel
Ahaun 848 Trughanacmy Brosna Tralee
Ahimma 105 Iraghticonnor Killehenny Listowel
Allaghee Beg (North) 25 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Allaghee Beg (South) 10 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Allaghee More 487 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Alohart 807 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Anablaha 293 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
ANASCAUL T. DNA Corkaguiny     Ballynacourty Dingle
Anglont 321 Magunihy Killorglin Killarney
Anglore 64 Trughanacmy Castleisland Tralee
Ankail 657 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Anna Beg 169 Trughanacmy Killeentierna Killarney
Anna More 495 Trughanacmy Killeentierna Killarney
Annadale 188 Dunkerron North Killorglin Killarney
Annagap 328 Corkaguiny Ballynacourty Dingle
Annagh 276 Trughanacmy Kiltallagh Tralee
Annagh 1,178 Trughanacmy Annagh Tralee
Annagh Beg 1,345 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Annagh Beg 729 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Annagh Island 32 Trughanacmy Annagh Tralee
Annagh More 869 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Annaghily More 1,107 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney


Arabela 154 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Ardabaun 83 Trughanacmy Kilgarrylander Tralee
Ardacluckeen 320 Dunkerron North Killorglin Killarney
Ardagh 145 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Ardagh 199 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Ardagh 889 Clanmaurice Killury Listowel
Ardamore 128 Corkaguiny Kilmalkedar Dingle
Ardamore 447 Corkaguiny Kinard Dingle
Ardaneanig 232 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Ardatedaun 192 Trughanacmy Kiltallagh Tralee
Ardbeg 150 Corkaguiny Stradbally Dingle
Ardcanaght 1,118 Trughanacmy Kilgarrylander Tralee
Ardconnell 233 Clanmaurice Kilmoyly Tralee
Ardcost 955 Iveragh Killemlagh Cahersiveen
Ardcrone 231 Trughanacmy Currans Killarney
Ardcullen 198 Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Ardcullen-Marshes 168 Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel
Ardea 608 Glanarought Tuosist Kenmare
Ardeen 604 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Ardfert 370 Clanmaurice Ardfert Tralee
Ardfert Oughter 105 Clanmaurice Ardfert Tralee
Ardkearagh 362 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Cahersiveen
Ardlaghas 368 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Ardmeelode 349 Magunihy Kilcolman Killarney
Ardmoneel 261 Trughanacmy Killorglin Killarney
Ardmore 289 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Ardnamweely 45 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Ardoughter 864 Clanmaurice Killury Listowel
Ardrahan 488 Clanmaurice Killahan Tralee
Ardrahan 97 Clanmaurice Kilmoyly Tralee
Ardraw 197 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Ardrinane 301 Corkaguiny Ballynacourty Dingle
Ardroe 436 Corkaguiny Ballinvoher Dingle
Ards 211 Magunihy Aghadoe Killarney
Ards 92 Dunkerron North Knockane Killarney
Ardshanavooly 104 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Ardsheelane East 410 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Ardsheelane West 276 Dunkerron South Kilcrohane Kenmare
Ardteegalvan 480 Magunihy Killaha Killarney
Ardtully 505 Glanarought Kilgarvan Kenmare
Ardydonagan 490 Clanmaurice Duagh Listowel
Ardywanig 484 Magunihy Kilnanare Killarney
Arraglen 1,086 Corkaguiny Cloghane Dingle
Arraglen 877 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Ash-hill 345 Trughanacmy Ballymacelligott Tralee
Astee East 607 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Astee West 697 Iraghticonnor Aghavallen Listowel
Aughacasla North 260 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Aughacasla South 111 Corkaguiny Killiney Dingle
Aughanna 88 Corkaguiny Stradbally Dingle
Aughils 581 Corkaguiny Ballinvoher Dingle
Aughrim 1,349 Iraghticonnor Murher Glin
Aulanebane 217 Clanmaurice Killahan Tralee
Aulaneduff 162 Clanmaurice Killahan Tralee
Avenue 67 Magunihy Killarney Killarney
Awnaskirtaun 1,060 Magunihy Kilcummin Killarney
Ayle 57 Clanmaurice Rattoo Listowel


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